Monday, October 27, 2008

A visit from my parents!

Last week my parents came up for a visit. They love us. They love Montana. We love to have them come visit. It is a win-win situation for all! It was so great to have them here for 4 days, but it went way too fast! We had fun visiting, chatting, going to the Museum of the Rockies, and going to the MSU football game. Dustin even got to sit in the stands with us instead of be on the sideline, so that was a special treat! My dad also got in a good day fishing, so that was good for him. My parents found good deals at our Ross, and they bought Jack a toy that he absolutely loves. It is a little penguin that plays music, counts, and does the A,B,C's. Jack likes to dance to the music. I also had good times doing a couple work out videos with my mom. I am pretty sure I was way more sore than she was after them. My mom and I also went to Rocky Creek farms with some ladies from church. My camera was of course dead upon arrival, but my mom got some darling pictures that I am waiting to get sent. Jack absolutely loves his grandparents, and he made my dad's day when he kept saying, "Papa!" (Jack's version of Grandpa) while they were here. We loved having them visit. Anyone is welcome to visit any time! We love visitors! Thanks mom and dad for using your vacation time to come up and spend time with us. It was a great time and it meant a lot to us! We love you! Here are some highlights from their stay:

Jack and Grandma at the football game!

Jack and his Daddy in the stands together for once at the football game! Jack's cute shirt says, "I've got an AWESOME dad!" Why, yes he does!

Grandma, Grandpa, Jack, and BIG MIKE at the Museum of the Rockies

Here is all of us at the "Laser Horrors" show at the Museum. Now I don't know how people manage to fall asleep during a loud, bright, spooky laser show but Jack and my dad both managed to do it. I let Jack sleep, but I elbowed my dad when the snoring became a distraction from the show.

Jack and me by Big Mike's foot!

Jack and his sweet, beautiful, wonderful, amazing Grandma!

Jack with his Grandma and Grandpa! He sure does love you guys!

Jack showing off his walking skills with Grandma!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conference Weekend in Utah

For General Conference weekend we headed down to Utah to spend a little time with family. It was kind of one last hurrah trip before Dustin starts basketball season. (It starts on Friday...oh the lonely nights are a'comin!) We didn't get to see my mom much...she was off on a girls weekend with her mom and sisters, but my bros Rick and Kirk and their families came up to Logan as well for the weekend, and Lisa and Brycie live there already, and my daddio was home, so we were able to get in some quality time with family and listen to the prophet and leaders of our church speak. It was a fantastic weekend getaway. Jack absolutely loved playing with and getting attention from his cousins. He also got an early present from Aunt Stacy, Uncle Rick, Riley, Conner, Aubrey, and Wesley. The kids were very excited to help him open it.

What is it....very excited to be opening a present and getting SO much attention!

A ball popper! Yay! These are seriously such a fun and entertaining toy. Jack loves it. He and the other kids pretty much played with it constantly all weekend. Here is Jack playing with it and having a grand old time:

All the kids got to have a big slumber party downstairs (except for babies who were in with parentals). Doesn't it look fun? Those were the days! Cousins are the best!

It rained most of the weekend. (Plans for fall family pics had to be cancelled) but Sunday it was finally nice enough for the Cabin Fever ridden children to go outside. Here is Uncle Bryce with Drew, Aubrey, Wesley, and Jack

Jack also got to see Great Aunt Pat and Great Grandma Belnap for a minute on this viist:

We had so much fun playing games one night! We were all laughing so hard and stayed up probably a little too late, but it was good times. We were laughing constantly as we played Outburst and Catch Phrase, then things go kind of intense during Scattergories....bed time! But it was a great time! I sure do love my family. Never a dull moment when we all get together! Good times, good food, good company. It was a fun little weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

So on Monday, September 29th, I turned the big 26! I know, I am getting old right!? Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday weekend. My sweet sister, Lisa, and her hubby, Bryce came up Friday for my birthday and stayed until Tuesday morning. It was so very nice of them to come up to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time playing games, eating Santa Fe salads and all you can eat shrimp, ribs and chicken fingers at Applebee's, watching movies, shopping, and going to the MSU football game. Here I am with my sweet birthday visitors:

Other random pictures:

Jack sure did love having his aunt Lisa and uncle Bryce here!

I sure do love my crazy sister! Thanks so much for the visit, for the presents, for making me laugh SO hard, for keeping a secret, for cleaning up my house, and for babysitting Jack. I sure do love you Lisa! Here is a couple of pics of my crazy sis and me from her visit:

On Saturday we went to the MSU football game. For those who care, MSU won. For those that don't, here are some fun pictures from the game:

Lisa, Jack, and me baking in the hot, hot sun!

Jack showing off his MSU colors, his toy, his smile, and his mohawk! :)

Lisa, Bryce, and Jack at the game!

On Sunday we went over to some of our friend's house and hung out with a bunch of our friends. Good food, good times. Monday was pretty uneventful except for a couple of my students at school made me cupcakes and cute middle school girl type of homemade gifts- painted stones, braided jewelery, and a butterfly made of plastic. It was very sweet of them. :) Then I got to take a nap when I got home. (Only as you get older does a nap on your birthday make the highlight reel!) Then we went shopping. OH and my sister made me a delicious peach dessert. I have been enjoying it all week. Thank you for that! When I got home and was awaiting my yummy, fattening Dominoes Pizza to arrive, all the sudden friends started showing up....Oh my sneaky wonderful sweet husband....So we had a bit of a surprise party and delicious chocolate cake! Mmmm.

Dustin and me with my delicious chocolate cake!

IT'S TRADITION! For some reason, in my family, we ALWAYS have to get a shot of the person actually blowing (all puff faced and all) their candles! I now enforce this rule with Dustin, I will do it to Jack, and SO, here I am looking lovely. keeping the tradition alive :)
After everyone left I enjoyed my pizza and watched "Baby Mama" (very funny!). I opened my presents as well. "Juno" from Dustin (Also, extremely funny!). clothes from Lisa, Children's songbook and CDs, a watch, and a gift card from my parents, and moolah from others. Later, Dustin gave me one of the Willow Tree figurines - a mother with her little son. I love these and this one was SO sweet! I loved my presents! :) Here I am with my stash:

Jack, me, and my "Children's Touch" Willow Tree thing!
Overall it was wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it great. And yes, I am one year old and wiser too....hopefully! :)