Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catching Up: October (Warning: Super long post!)

October was a fun month!  Even though I was recovering from knee surgery, we were still able to do some fun things with the boys and as a family!  

Here we are at the UW Homecoming Parade.  

The boys after the parade! I absolutely love this picture of them!   

The boys enjoying some Daddy time!  (Ya know they have to do that before basketball season starts and they don't see their daddy nearly as much!)
The weather in October is crazy.  One day we got a TON of snow. It was probably one of the biggest storms of the entire winter!  The boys loved going out and playing in the snow. Making snow angels, throwing snowballs, eating snow, etc.  This was really one of Z's first times really being old enough, big enough to play in the snow!  
We then, of course, had to go inside for some hot chocolate!  
Another fun weekend we had amazing weather! So we took the boys and our rakes and went to a park. We (meaning Dustin because I was still gimpy) raked up leaves there and let the boys jump in the leaves!  They had a blast!   
Here is our family in the leaves!  
A few more shots of our fun at the park!  
We were so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Hansen come out for a visit!  We went down to the Denver Zoo for a crazy free day! There were tons of people, but we were still able to have fun and see everything.  I gimped around on crutches and a giant brace, but it was still fun to see the zoo, and even better, experience it with Grandma and Grandpa!  
We loved seeing all the animals, the statues, and going on the train ride around the zoo!  

So much fun with Grandma and Grandpa at the big zoo!  
By the dinosaur statues on the way to our parking garage.

Another highlight for Jack was getting his early birthday present from Grandpa - a fishing pole!  Here is  a picture of the prepping of the pole.
Once we had the worms and got the pole ready we headed to the park to fish in the pond!  Check out how Jack caught a fish!  
A he did catch a fish!  In fact I think he ended up catching like 5 fish! When he caught his first he was so, so excited until he went to touch it and it started flopping.  Then he was terrified.  If you can't tell, in the top left picture he is both crying and smiling!  
A few more pics from our fishing adventure!  

Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa! It was such a fun visit!  took the boys to do lots of fun Halloween activities. I love Halloween.  I love dressing them up. I love candy.  The decorations.  (I love being scared!)  I just think it is a fun holiday.  I am trying to pass on the excitement of it to my boys, cuz Dustin hates the holiday!  So we made sure to decorate the house cute, carve and paint pumpkins, wear fun Halloween clothes, and go to lots of Halloween activities! 

The outside of our house.   

Grandma and Grandpa brought the boys some little pumpkins and some  big ones that we could carve. Here are the boys painting their pumpkins while Grandma and Grandpa were here.  

Carving Pumpkins as a family.  The boys were both disgusted and fascinated by the goop inside of hte pumpkins!  

Cute Halloween pajamas and shirts!     
Here are the boys Trick or Treating at the Children's Clinic.

  Here I am making them pose by our decorations before Trick or Treating fun!  
Me with my handsome doctor and cute little monkey!  
Visiting Daddy at work after Trick or Treating at the Clinic.

 I think Jack thinks he has to have multiple costumes each year, because for the last couple of years he has had more than one.  he wears a different one for each event.  Here he is as a doctor (with his monkey of course!)

We also went to the Downtown Trick or Treating at local businesses!  Here Jack is Spiderman!  They got to play some fun games and do some fun activities while picking up loads of candy! :)

 Then we went to the Stake Trunk or Treat on Halloween night.  A cute older couple always brings this fun little set up for people to get pictures by, so here is our family on Halloween!
 Jack and his best buddy, Phoenix, were both sporting their Spiderman looks! :)  
Our family!  
 Yes.  The boys and I sure enjoy Halloween!

And as if this post hasn't already been long enough, here are few parting photos of my cute, crazy guys!  

I love Jack and his fun personality!  He can be crazy but so, so sweet too! :)  
My handsome boys before church one day! :)
Sorry for the duplicate pictures, but gotta show our crazy Zanderman some more!