Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hansen Family Christmas Get Together

Jack and I spent the 20th to the 23rd in Utah without Dustin. We had fun finishing some shopping, eating at Costa Vida, and hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa. Then on the 22nd, Jack and I again jumped in the car and drove to Riverton to spend the night at Rick and Stacy's house. We had fun that night playing with the kids and chatting with Rick and Stacy. Lisa also came over. Aubrey and Wesley had fun pushing Jack around on this little ride.

The next morning we went and picked up Dustin at the airport. We drove to West Point and had lunch and visited with Alex and the kids, then took Dillon and Britney and headed back up to Logan.
We did our immediate Hansen family get together that night of the 23rd. It was lots of fun. We played games, ate good food, did the Nativity scene, had mom read us a story, opened presents, and all got totally spoiled by mom and dad/grandma and grandpa. It is always so fun to get together with my family. We did miss Holly and her cute little family though.
Jack slept through dinner and almost missed the festivities. He woke up in time for the Nativity story, but was in no condition to perform. Plus, he kind of just looked like Rambo instead of a shepherd.....

So jack ate, watched, and enjoyed the show from the sidelines with the adults. Here though, he had made it into the middle of scene with the rest of our little performers. The highlight of the show was when a shirtless Wesley climbed into the "manger" and sat on "baby doll Jesus." Yeah, our nativity show rocked!

For most of the time, Jack enjoyed the craziness of present opening from the comfort of Grandpa's lap.

Lisa was "The Enforcer/Regulator." She handed out the presents, regulated the openings, and kept the madness in check.

Jack loved my mom's Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, the noise and madness, and the basketballs that some of his cousins got.

Here is our little family that night.

The food is always great at my mom's house and when my family cooks. Here is Jack enjoying the oh so delicious mint ice cream/Oreo dessert. Yummy!

Here is Jack trying out one of the mini camping chairs that he and the other two babies got. He looked so cute when he laid back and chilled in the chair!

Thanks to my family for the fun times. Thanks to my mom for the good food. Thanks to my mom and dad for the wonderful spoiling that they did of Dustin, Jack, and me. Jack got a camp chair, a clock, clothes, and books. Dustin and I got gloves, a ShopVac, a gift card to Applebees, an iTunes giftcard, the game Apples to Apples, treats, clothes, cute crafty things from my sis-in-laws, lotions, and I got a purse. Yes, very spoiled and lucky! Fam, thanks for always making the holidays such a beautiful, happy time. We sure do love our families!! It was a great get together! Thanks for the gifts and the fun memories!

Hansen Family Christmas Party!

On December 20th, Jack and I drove down to Utah. When we got to my parent's house, we were there long enough to unload, change clothes, and then we were back in the car with my dad for an almost 2 hour drive in a snow storm, a drive that usually takes 50 minutes, down to Roy for the Hansen Family Christmas Party! My parents were in charge of it this year, and my mom made it a super fun Mexican Fiesta. We ate tacos, broke pinatas, and Santa came! It was really fun! I haven't been able to go to any of the family Christmas parties for a couple of years so it was nice to be there.
Jack got to try taking a swing at a pinata for the first time! Too bad the bat was bigger than he was! :)

Jack had a grand old time sitting on the floor with all of his cousins and second cousins, checking out Santa from a safe distance away! :)

Once again, when Jack's bum touched Santa's lap, he tried to escape. He warmed up a little and we actually kind of got a cute picture of him and Jolly Old Saint Nick! :)

Here is Jack and I posing after Jack got his treat bag from Santa. Do we both look a little tired after our day of traveling?

Here is an awesome picture: Jack with his great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and his great aunt Pauline at the party. (And yes he is trying to eat Grandma's cane!)

Ward Christmas Party

On December 19th, Jack and I went to our ward Christmas party. (Dustin was out of town.) Little story: I am on the Ward Activities Committee, so earlier in the day we had to help set up. Well, Jack decided to climb some stairs and then fell off the stage. I saw it happen from across the room. It was like it was happening in slow motion as I tried to sprint across the gym screaming Jack's name. (The other setter uppers probably thought I was PSYCHO, but it was so scary to me!) I felt so helpless watching my baby fall and I just couldn't get there in time. Jack and I both cried for a few minutes, and then we both recovered fine.
Anyway, that night we went to the party and enjoyed some good food, good entertainment, and good company. Jack especially enjoyed ringing his bells as people sang!

Here is Jack and I with our friends: Julie and Kate and Missy and Abe.

Jack really wasn't too sure about Santa. I sat him down on his lap and he immediately tried to escape. :) He took one look and didn't want to look at scary Santa again.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We were in Utah for Christmas, but are home now enjoying are 12 + inches of snow here in Bozeman! We definitely had a white Christmas in Utah as well. More details of our wonderful Christmas later, but for now here is our Christmas card. To all of our friends and family, we love you and hope you are enjoying your holiday season!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The last couple of weeks...

Well we have been busy the last couple of weeks at the Enslinger home. It just seems like December and the holidays have come upon us so quickly! Dustin has been going on lots of road trips with the basketball team, and Jack and I are trying to get ready for Christmas. Decorations up, shopping done, etc. We aren't done yet either. We also have been sick around here! I have been sick since Thanksgiving, Dustin had a three day sickness, and Jack had a double ear infection. He would wake up screaming in the night in pain, he didn't have an appetite, and the Amoxicillin that he was on did crazy things to his poop. One night he even threw up like 3 times. Each time was on me. We went through a lot of clothes that night. Sorry for the gross picture with vomit chunks and all, but isn't he a trooper? Look how happy he looks, vomit and all!!

Here is a few other things we have been up to lately. We tried the mohawk out on Jackie Bean....I think he likes it! :)

Dustin has been on the road every weekend for like the last 3 weeks, so Jack and I hang out and go on Mommy/Son dates. A couple weeks ago we went to the Christmas Stroll downtown to see the lights. Here is Jack and I, very excited about our date!

Mommy and Jack at the Christmas Stroll downtown. Jack got to see Christmas lights, lots of people, Alpacas, and we shared a sugar cinnamon scone. Nice date night! (This was all before the -20 weather that we have been having here the last few days. That night was a quite pleasant 40 degrees.)

We got our awesomely lame 4 foot fake tree set up. Jack and Chewie have done remarkably well with it, after the first day and a few tears and scoldings. :)

Hanging out with Mommy on one of our lonely nights. Jack is sporting some super cute pajama pants that his aunt Holly made him for his birthday!

Jack has been crawling up onto everything lately: The coffee table, the couch, chairs, boxes, whatever he can! (And he occasionally falls back down. Maybe he will learn sometime about the law of physics....)

We decided to take pictures ourselves and make a Christmas card. So here is Jack and Daddy taking pictures in the snow in their darling twinner sweaters!

And took Christmas pictures with Mommy by the midget tree...

And took family pictures to put on our Christmas card. This one and the one at the top of our blog were the best results. That's what you get when you just work with your own backdrop and a self-timer! :) Pretty cute family, if I may say so! :)

Life is going pretty good for us. I can't wait for Christmas break from school, and I am excited to go down and spend 6 days in Logan for Christmas. Dustin will even get to join us for 3 days after a road trip! This will also be the first year in several years that Dustin and I will spend New Year's Eve together! I love this time of year, but for some reason this year I am having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit....I am working on it, and the snow storm we got helps (I love snow!), even though it is negative degrees outside. But I am so thankful for this time of year of beauty, love, service, and for the opportunity we have to celebrate our Savior's birth! I WILL get in the festive spirit!! You just wait! :) My guess it will happen Friday, December 19th when I am done with work and get a 16 day break! :) Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful time of year!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving in Utah

Jack and I headed down to Utah for Thanksgiving. Dustin was already gone on a road trip when we left, so we went a week without seeing him. It was not fun and both Jack and I were very ready to get home to Dustin. But we did have a great time down in Logan. We spent the week at my mom's house. We ate great food, went for walks, played at the park, ate at the OG, and helped Grandma with laundry....sort of...

Jack also enjoyed playing Grandma's piano.

My mom's cooking is amazing and the Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! Jack feasted pretty darn good on his first Thanksgiving dinner. He especially loved the pie, rolls, and the cranberry jelly that Grandpa let him taste. Good for him, when I tried that cranberry crap I dry heaved and nearly puked. Here is Jack content and full after his dinner.

My mom, sister in law, and I even got up on Black Friday and went shopping. I accomplished very little in the morning as I was tired and on my second day of being sick. (Yes, I got sick while down there, had a sore throat, no voice, and it was not fun.) However, I redeemed myself when I went shopping later in the day and accomplished quite a bit of my Christmas shopping.

Jack absolutely loves his cousins, and they love him. Jack had so much fun watching them, playing with them, and receiving lots of attention from them all! Here he is with Drew and Ryan.

Aubrey loved carrying Jack around. Doesn't Jack look comfy!? :)

Playing with Grandma, cousins, and dogs. Jack and the kids loved the dogs. Mylee was even reading the dog stories.

Watching a movie with cousins. This didn't last long....Ryan brought Jack up a few minutes later and said Jack was being too "wild and crazy." :)

Bryce is such a fun uncle. Here is Wesley, Aubrey, and Conner getting a nice little ride.

My family always has some good, competitive times playing games. Only in my family can things get a little heated during a game of pictionary! :)

They put on The Nutcracker every year in Logan. Growing up, we never went. My mom feels bad about that, so she decided to take Lisa and me, my two sister-in-laws and some of my nieces to it. It was great and we had a pretty fun time. We also went and got ice cream after and shared our favorite parts of the ballet. A lot of us caught a case of the giggles, and I was especially interested to find out my sis-in-laws favorite part was the white tight pants the Sugar Plum King wore which showed off his.....assets. :) Here is the group that went!
Thanks Mom for helping Lisa and I rekindle our youth! :) P.S. Give us a break on our ballet form. We were basketball players, not dancers! :)

Saying goodbye to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bryce

As I was on my way back in through the kitchen as I was loading my car up, I accidentally opened the door right into Jack, and I think I squished his fingers. He was super sad, but his awesome grandpa that he loves so much took him out to swing on the swings and cheered him right up.

Here is Jack getting ready to say goodbye to his Grandma!

Thanks to my family for some good times, good food, and good memories! I love you all! See you at Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our 1 Year Old Jackie Bean!

So I thought I would tell some of Jack's favorite things to do and some of his skills. At his year appointment we discovered that our big boy isn't so big anymore. He had only gained 4 ounces since his 9 month appointment. I attribute this to the fact that since he turned 9 months old he hasn't stopped moving and he has become quite the picky eater. He weighed 21 pounds 11 ounces and was almost 31 inches long. Here is a few fun facts about Jack:
*He is crawling like crazy. He has graduated from his army crawl to crawling on his knees. He also turns on the turbo booster and crawls really fast. It is pretty funny to see.
*He talks a ton, though most is incoherent. He does however clearly say: mama, dada, papa, Chewie, Hi, Bye, ball, yeah, and no. I kind of think he says no in a mocking way to us after we tell him no. Pretty sassy already.
*Chewie is his best pal and they play really well together. Chewie does steal Jack's snacks out of his hand and Jack sometimes hits Chewie in his exitement, but they get along pretty well.
*Jack loves to eat dog food. I know it is disgusting, and I try to keep the door to Chewie's room closed, but if Jack sees the door open, he takes off at turbo pace and shoves a handful of dog food into his mouth. I think he really likes the taste. I wish he ate his own food so well.
*I don't know where Jack got this, but he loves to head-butt things -the couch, his Daddy, Chewie, and most recently my mom. I am not a fan of this move.
*He is a very picky eater, but it is cute when he tries to help blow on his food and recently he takes the fork from us and feeds himself.
*He gives kisses. They are open mouthed and a little slobbery, but they are the best. He leans in with mouth open wide and even makes a smacking sound sometimes after the kiss! :)
*His two favorite toys: balls and stairs. He loves balls and says the word all the time. He is a champ at shooting hoops. And he loves going up stairs. We don't have any stairs in our house, but anytime we are anywhere with stairs, all he wants to do is crawl up them over and over again.
*He loves to make messes and pull things down off of shelves, desks, beds, and couches. He pulls down papers by the computer, folded laundry on the couch, and anything on the coffee table. Here are some pictures that show how much stuff he gets into. If you notice, most of these pictures he is in the same outfit because that was all in one pretty typical day for me -Cleaning up mess after mess that he makes.
Pulling all of the toilet paper off the roll. He also enjoys playing in the toilet water if the seat gets left up. I know, totally gross. But he loves playing in water.

Pulling DVDs and everything else off the shelves.

Playing in the kitchen cupboard.

Getting in the bathroom cupboard. "Mom, Do you need some mousse?"

Here are a few pictures of him doing or with his favorite things. He is so busy and has such a fun little personality. He is also one curious, funny little guy!

He loves bath time. He will kick, splash, and shoot hoops on his bath basketball hoop. He also loves to stick his face in the water and eat bubbles. He likes to stand up in the tub and throw his toys out as well. He loves being naked and WILL NOT hold still to get a diaper or clothes on. I feel like it is a wrestling match every time I get him dressed. It is quite the battle! :)

He fights sleep so hard, and I think he finally just is so tired he falls asleep. So, lately we have been finding him asleep in some pretty weird positions. I think it is hilarious. He will be sitting up and finally just fall asleep and bend in half! :)

He loves his Willy the Wildcat stuffed animal. He always gives it loves and hugs, points at him, and the other day when I handed Willy to him, Jack gave him a big old kiss. It was so cute!

He loves chocolate and suckers. Oops! He takes after his parents with sweet tooths! :)

He also loves his bottle. He still has it, but at least he is drinking whole milk instead of formula. I thought you were supposed to take away the bottle at a year, but because Jack hasn't gained very much, the doctor said to give him one more bottle a day than I have been. Interesting. Also, notice his legs crossed. He still does that all the time, and we think it is hilariouis!

He loves his Daddy so much! They play, wrestle, and Jack gets even more crazy when his daddy is around. He loves to crawl on Dustin while he lays on the floor. Tonight Jack was riding around on Dustin's back laughing his head off. So fun!

He loves to "help" mommy with the dishes!

He loves trying to brush his own teeth and moves his arm like he really is brushing away!

He gives us this cheesy grin, and it just cracks us up. He also does this really high pitched, crazy, fast hahahaha cackle-like laugh! It is so funny!! He does it at random times too, as if he is just cracking himself up! :)

And he is super handsome! We sure do love our sweet, handsome, funny, busy little guy. He brings us so much joy and defininitely keeps us moving. I am sure that the craziness and fun will continue this next year! We love you Jack!!