Monday, January 24, 2011

Another trip to Utah....

The boys and I headed out west again a couple of weeks ago. I decided to head to Utah so that I could attend the Alumni weekend at my old stomping grounds, good old Salt Lake Community College. (I will blog about the good times there in my next post.) We were able to spend lots of time with Grandma, Lisa, and Lily, do some shopping, eat at some yummy places, and see some other friends and family. I must say, Dustin is probably thankful for the lack of shopping and good restraunts in Laramie, cuz when I go to Utah, I get a little....well spendy/shopping crazy!! :)
One of the first days there, my Grandma and Grandpa Hansen came up and took us to lunch. It was great to get to see them and visit with them!
The night of my alumni game, we stayed at Rick and Stacy's house. Jack had fun with his cousins, and Zander was well taken care of by his cousin Aubrey. Here he is wearing some of Aubrey's socks to keep his string bean legs warm!
Jack after sliding down the stairs! He had SO much fun with his "friend"/cousin Wesley!
Wesley sliding down the stairs on a sleeping bag!
Sweet Aubs Kabobs pushing Z around in a baby stroller! He was loving it! :)
The next day, before we went for more alumni fun, we were able to go to lunch with some great friends from Bozeman -Missy and her little boy Abe! When Jack and Abe saw each other, they ran and gave each other the biggest, sweetest hug ever! Here they are being goofs for the camera!
Seriously aren't they cute? They played so good together and didn't want to say goodbye!
After all the alumni festivities, we stopped and stayed the night with more family at Kirk and Amy's house. Here is Jack and Mylee having lots of fun playing together! :)
My cute, crazy nephews Ryan and Drew. (Drew was practically begging for us to stay the night, so we did!)
We watched "Despicable Me" (funny movie) and chatted. Here is Lisa, Lily, and Madison posing like goofballs!
We of course had to read lots of books at Grandma's!
Me being a dork with a bug face in Lisa's huge sunglasses.
Me and Lisa being dorks while shopping.
Jack in the ugly bug glasses too! Ha!
Lily woke up one night and was being a silly, crazy kid! Here she is giving her "Chuckie" face as my brothers so lovingly deemed it.
Now a sweet face! :) Lily sure is a character!
This picture of the kids actually turned out pretty cute, other than Z crying. BUT the next few actually show how things were during the visit.....
Here is Lily attacking Zander and poking his eye. (She wouldn't leave him alone, especially driving in the car down and back to Salt Lake!)
Here is Lily getting shoved by Jack. (The stinker, he would not leave her alone. Pushing, tripping, shoving, stealing toys, yelling at her, etc. They had a bit of a love-hate relationship!)
Once again Lily bopping Z's head...
My beautiful mom with Zander and Jack. (My mom thought Z hated her cuz he always cried with her...but it turns out he got an ear infection while we were don't worry, mom. Come visit us and he will LOVE you (when he is healthy!)
Mom and the boys. (Seriously why is Z so little....oh wait he is exactly like Dustin and I as babies. The poor little man weighed in at 15'11" fully clothed at the doctor's and he is almost 9 months old!) But this is a very cute pic of my mommy and my boys!
Me and my wonderful mother with my boys. She was so great to let me go exercise and shop while the boys stayed at home. I was supposed to be helping her a little because she had just had surgery, but she of course ended up helping me way more! She is amazing!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to Life....

I have been a blogging maniac trying to document the I just want to post some pics of everyday life.

Here is my cute Zander scooting around like a mad man, playing with a box and a balloon. My little man shows us a big bottom toothy grin all the time!
Just wanted to post this pic of Jack in some new pajamas that Grandma Enslinger gave him. His shirt does say, "Brother For Sale."
With the new year comes a big step for Jack - He is now a Sunbeam! Here is the crazy man after church with his crown!
Isn't he handsome? It is so funny to hear him talk about how big he is now cuz he goes to primary! :)
Zander is getting pretty fast at his army crawl/inchworm. He is already getting into stuff he shouldn't like cords, Chewie's food, etc...
My other little handsome man in one of his new Christmas outfits.
Jack is trying us in a lot of ways right now, but he is also making us laugh on a regular when he does this....
Or this.....he is full of all kinds of crazy "tricks." He is constantly saying, "Hey look at this cool trick" and proceeds to do some weird move with a silly look on his face. It cracks us up. (It reminds me of Stuart from Mad TV.)
I sure love snuggle time with my boys!
But usually Dustin gets the best snuggle time when he gets home from work. Everybody misses him all day....even Chewie! :)
Just a picture of my smiley boy! Can you spot his two new teeth?
My handsome, happy boys!
I absolutely love this picture of Z! So fun! And yes, his shirt says, "Being cute is my full time job!"
Silly boys!
Jack will arrange his toys in a pile or a line and then yell, "Mom! Hurry come take a picture of this!" Usually he just wants me to take a (useless) picture of just the toys, but I tell him I will only take one if he is in it!
Z man motoring around!
Bedtime is nightmare lately with Jack, but it is rather entertaining some nights to go in and see what weird position he will be in each night. Here is one.

New Years with a visit from Leathal!

So I didn't take many pictures, but my sis came to visit to bring in the New Year's with us (without her cute little Lily. Boo.) Here we are at about 3 in the afternoon...we realized it was getting late and we were still in our pjs and hadn't showered. Yeah. We are cool.
Me and my sis as we were preparing goodies for New Year's Eve.
Dustin entertaining the kiddos!
Jack (very excited about the blowers and party hats) with his Aunt Lisa.
So we really did have people over....a few friends and their families....don't know why we didn't bust out the camera while we were playing games, cleaning up one child's puke, or playing "Just Dance". Silly. But anyway, after everyone left, Lisa, Dustin, and I busted out the Martinelli's Sparkling Cider, made some toasts, goals, whatev...and proceeded to pretend to be drinkers (which we are not!) Here I am being a goof...
Ugliness (and my huge nostrils and Lisa's creepishly long, pointy tongue)
Toasting the new year!

For Family Home Evening after New Year's we made some goals/resolutions for Jack, Dustin, and me, some couple goals and some family goals. Here's to meeting those goals, becoming better people, growing closer as a couple and family, and having a Happy New Year! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Part 4: Christmas Day in Lafayette, CO

Our final post on Christmas! Phew! After our lazy, fun morning at home, we headed down to Lafayette, CO to spend Christmas Day with Dustin's family again. Jack got to ride down with Grandma and Grandpa. When we got there, this is what we found....Dustin's cousin, Kelsey, had got out her old Legos and was playing on the floor with Jack. He was in heaven!
Zander with his Grandpa and Great-Grandpa!
Dustin showing off the table cloth - such a neat tradition! Everyone that is present on Christmas each year signs this tablecloth with the year. Then Great Grandma Enslinger stitches over each name. It goes back over 10 years!
My boys with their Great Grandparents!
We busted out Jack's Monster Trucks he got from his Great Aunt and Uncle. He recruited several people to play with him!
The babies hanging out on the floor.
We had another delicious dinner, visited, played with the kiddos, and played games. I obviously only took pictures at the beginning and end of the night. But the whole night was fun! Here is Zander man in his second pair of Christmas pjs before he went to bed!
Jack had a blast playing with Kelsey and Josh. They are his new best friends! Hopefully that means he will perform well at their wedding; they asked him to be their ring bearer at their wedding this summer! :)
Jack with Great Grandma and Grandpa before bed.
Jack with his best buddy Josh.

We stayed at at Dustin's aunt and unlce's house that night. (We had driven enough!) We left in the morning so Dustin could get back to work and the boys and I could get ready and go to church. Here is Jack showing off the cute new outfit that Grandma Enslinger gave him for Christmas!
He is such a cheeser! :)
We had a wonderful Christmas break! It has been so nice to have Dustin home more, to be able to celebrate with his family for the first time in 3 years, and to just be so blessed with all we received and were able to give! How lucky we are to have been able to celebrate the birth of our Savior as well! I must admit it was a little weird not getting to see my family at all, but we still had a wonderful holiday season full of good times, good food, and good company! I will leave my last Christmas post with a copy of our Christmas card! I think it turned out pretty cute! We hope everyone else had some Happy Holidays too!