Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas came again...

Since we have been home from Christmas, we have received 2 more Christmas packages in the mail. Mostly stuff for Jack. The first was a package from Jack's great aunt and uncle, Kathy and John, in Colorado. Here he is opening his present:

And here Jack is playing with the sweet baseball stand he got.

Then we got a package from Dustin's sister. Jack got very spoiled and so did Dustin and I. I got the Lost Season 3 set and Dustin got the two newest Batman movies. Jack got a ball popper push toy and a talking lawn mower. Very fun toys! I think though that Dustin and his sister are in a competition to see who can buy who's kid the more loud or annoying toy....I think right now it is a tie.
Here is Jack opening up one of his presents!

And here is Jack playing with a toy he got from Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger. Here he is actually playing with it right. Now he just likes to bang the blocks together, throw them, or put him in his mouth and crawl around! :)

This kid has so many toys and I don't think Dustin and I have hardly bought him any of them. What a loved, spoiled kid Jack is!

Cat/Griz Getaway

At the beginning of January, Jack and I got to go on a short road trip with Dustin up to Missoula for the Cat/Griz game. We rode on the bus and got to stay in a nice hotel. It was a nice little trip and Jack got to go swimming, which was the best part. The first thing Jack found was the closet and had fun hiding and playing in there.

Dustin stole some stuff from his breakfast and brought it to us. Jack and I enjoyed a little breakfast in bed.

Jack was so excited to get in the pool. He hasn't got to go swimming since our lessons this summer. He crawled right over and started to back into the pool.

Jack and Daddy playing on the pool steps.

Jack having a grand time swimming with Daddy!

Here they are warming up after swimming!

They had these sweet wood rocking chairs at the hotel lobby, and Jack looked so cute sitting, rocking, and playing in them!

Here is Jack and I waiting for the game to start. We got there with the team, so I had to try and entertain Jack for an hour and a half before the game actually started. Then for the whole game...He actually did pretty good thanks to a tub of popcorn and straws to keep him fed and entertained.
Here is Jack and Daddy in matching colors after the Cats got their bums kicked!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Goodbye old friends!

So right before Christmas break, we had some really good friends of ours move away to Colorado. We really enjoy the friendship we have with the Lukes. They are very kind and helpful, fun and entertaining, and they are always fun to play games with. Not to mention Cami cooks the most amazing bread, rolls, and cookies that I LOVE! Brent (the daddy) is a great, nice, smart guy, Hannah is a darling, smart, sweet little princess 3 year old, and Jacob is a cute chunky little guy that is only 5 weeks younger than Jack. And Cami (the mommy) has been so many things to me....a great, reliable friend, a confidant, a babysitter, feeder of lots of delicous homemade bread (No Cami, I did not use you for your bread. It was just an amazing perk!) and an honest, great advice giver. We spent a lot of time with the Luke family and they are already being GREATLY missed by us all. We sure do love you guys and miss you lots. We hope Colorado is treating you well! These pics were taken the night before they moved and the day they moved.
I obviously can't center a picture, but look how cute Hannah and Jacob are!

Dustin, Jack, Hannah, Jacob, and Brent the night before the Lukes moved. We had a cleaning party at the Luke apartment and a slumber party at our house! There were only a few tears shed that night, especially at bath time when Jack was splashing Hannah. Naughty Jack! :)

Jack and Jacob saying goodbye in their own little way! (Maybe a little too young to realize what a good, potential friend they were saying farewell to.)

Saying goodbye to my great friend Cami! It was fun being pregnant together, it was fun having baby boys together, it was fun trying to lose weight together, and it was fun just being together! :) Thanks for everything, Cami! I love you!

Saying goodbye to Hannah, my sweet little princess!

Here are just a few pictures of good times with the Lukes!

Dustin and our BIG 5 week old and Brent and his newborn when Jacob was born.

Hannah helping Jack drink his bottle!

Dustin hanging out with Jack, Jacob, and Hannah. Hannah doesn't like guys so much, but right from the beginning she has loved Dustin. They are so cute when they play and talk together!

Look at those serious, but oh so cute, faces!

Jack and Jacob hanging out. Look at that size difference. We always laugh about how they are built completely different - just like their daddies!

Jack and Hannah playing. Jack absolutely loved Hannah. He always followed her around and laughed at her, which did bug her quite a bit, but I think she still loves Jack too!

Hanging out in strollers together at the water park.

Jack trying to wrestle with Jacob. Jacob put up with a lot of stuff from Jack: getting tackled, getting crawled on and sat on, getting pushed over, and getting his face poked. When Jacob learned to crawl was a happy day so that he could now crawl away from Jack. Through it all, Jack sure enjoyed "playing" with Jacob though.

Jack and Jacob!

Jack and I at the circus with the Luke family!

Thanks for so many great times! We love you Luke family!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

And finally....Christmas and New Years!

We had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Logan. We just spent it with my parents, visiting, eating yummy food, and opening presents. It was a nice time the whole time in Logan. On Christmas Eve Dustin, Jack, my mom, and I all went to the Catholic church Christmas Eve mass. It was beautiful with beautiful music and some great messages. We then went and got our yummy, fancy dinner: Formosa!
Jack enjoying our delicious Christmas Eve dinner of Tiny Spicy Chicken, Chicken Lo Mein, Hot and Sour soup, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and rice. Mmmmm....

And Cherry Coke Zero....or at least pretending to drink it! :)

Christmas Eve night we opened some cards from Dustin's family, Jack and I opened our traditional present of pajamas, and we watched a couple Christmas movies: "It's a Wonderful Life" and the classic "A Christmas Story."
Jack and mommy showing off their new Christmas Eve pajamas. Yes Patty, they are purple and I even picked them out! :) Dustin got underwear. He does not participate in my pajama tradition! :)
Jack crawling around in his Christmas Eve pjs with a bell in his he is full of the Christmas spirit! :)

Christmas morning we got up and my mom made us an amazing breakfast and then we got to dig into all the presents from Dustin's mom and dad and grandma and grandpa! It was so fun and we got wonderful gifts!
Here is Jack ripping into his presents. He really enjoyed ripping the paper off and then really enjoyed seeing what was inside. He didn't seem to understand why he couldn't spend tons of time playing with the toy he just opened. We made him move on to the next present. He loved his presents! He got very spoiled. He got lots of toys, clothes, puzzles, books, ornaments, snow pants, mittens, and boots. Such fun presents!!

Here is Jack giving his new puppy dog a big old kiss!

Jack opening another present. Very serious business.

Dustin opening presents! Dustin got some clothes, a quilt, and money to buy himself a suit and a garment luggage bag.

Here I am with the awesome and so cute tree skirt that Dustin's grandma made. I am always so lucky to be the lucky recipient of the talents of Dustin's grandma. She has made me table runners, quilts, framed cross stitch things, etc. She is amazing. She also made Dustin the coolest blanket for Christmas this year. She took all of his old T-shirts from high school and college and made a T-shirt quilt. I can't wait to have her make one for me too! :) I also got lots of cute sweaters, jewelry, etc. and I the whole Harry Potter book set. Yay!

Dustin and I VERY happy about the awesome gifts we received. We all got very wonderfully spoiled! :)

Daddy and Jack reading Jack's new "K-State 101" book. Jack is now a pro at finding the page with Willie the Wildcat and pointing him out to us.

While we were eating lunch, Jack went into the other room and found all his books and toys and had a grand old time playing with all of them! :)
Jack modeling his new shirt and his new boots that light up and where so cool that when Jack saw them he said, "Wooooow!!"

Our little family getting ready to go on a Christmas Day drive and to see some family!

It was a wonderful Christmas and we feel truly blessed to have two wonderful families that love us so much, support us, and spoil us good! :)

For New Year's we went over to a friend's house and had some good times, good food, good laughs, and Jack enjoyed bringing in the new year from his pack-n-play in the bathroom. (The only room left without other children.) It was a nice way to bring in the new year and it was nice to finally spend a New Year's Eve and Day with my husband! :) Sorry I forgot the camera....
It has been a wonderful year and we look forward to all that 2009 will bring! Happy New Year! May we all meet the resolutions we have set! :) Me especially!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jack's First Experience with Sledding (And Dustin and I's first time sledding in a LONG time!)

I got to go sledding a couple of times while we were in Logan. The second time Dustin and Jack came too. We got to take Jack sledding and to play in the snow for really the first time. It was really fun. We went up with a bunch of the rest of the family. Jack enjoyed getting pulled around in the sled by Grandma. We gave him a couple rides down the hill and played in the snow. Dustin and I with some of the other grandkids and family had fun going over a jump that someone had built. Some of those kids were catching some serious air. Rick even laid under the jump a few times and the kids were clearing him. It was really fun. I really had forgotten how fun sledding can be! Here's some memories from the day!
Jack and Daddy sledding down the hill.

Some snow came up in Jack's face. He wasn't too sure about that, but I think he really enjoyed the speedy ride down the mountain with Dustin.
Here is "the train" of some of my nieces and nephews. I had them going down the mountain yelling, "Choo-choo!" then made them all sound off with a name check at the bottom of the mountain! Fun times! It is Conner, Ryan, Drew, Maddy, Riley, and Aubrey. Choo- choo!

Here is Grandma pulling Jack and Wesley around on the sled.

Here is Jack and Wesley enjoying their sled ride from Grandma. Grandma got quite the work out pulling these two boys all around the park. They both were loving it the whole time!

Here is Dustin after barely making it over the jump! :)

Here I am catching some sweet air off of a jump! :)

Mommy and Jack up on the hill.

Dustin hiking back up the hill!

Jack all bundled up enjoying the snow!

Daddy, Jack, and Chewie lounging in the snow before we headed home.

Oh good times! :)