Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jack's Mad Skills!!

So Jack and I are going on the road trip with Dustin this week. We will go to Pocatello, and then on down to Ogden. So in Utah I will get to see my family. Well, yesterday I was talking to my sister, Lisa, on the phone. I guess she is deciding if it will be worth making time to see Jack (how dare she even have to act like it is a decision :)!!) Anyway, she asks, "Well, does he even do anything yet? Is he fun yet?" Hello! Of course he is!! So I sat back and thought of my sons many gifts and talents and decided to actually let Lisa (and everyone else) know and see what an amazing little guy I have. Now I know we have already established from previous blogs that Jack can have chats with his dad, poop, drool, and smile, but here I will introduce you to even more of my little man's talents! Enjoy and ladies watch out, cuz Jack is bringing some MAD SKILLS!

1) He can smile! And if I do say so myself, I think it is the most beautiful, brightest smile in the world! He isn't stingy about handing these out left and right to people I guess there is another talent.....he is giving and knows how to share already! Wow! What a guy!

2) He can fit his ENTIRE fist in his mouth! Not impressed? Well you try it! It is quite a feat! Not only can he stick it in there, but he can then suck vigorously, all while keeping his eyes glued to the TV!

3) He can now play with toys! He loves his toys lately! As you can see, he holds and shakes his rattle like a champ! He also can hold a toy really well in his mouth....well I thought that was impressive!

4) He is excellent at posing while he sleeps. I have never seen a baby so relaxed as he can get!

5) He helps with laundry! (Or at least behaves himself nicely while his mom puts him in awkward places while SHE does the laundry!

6) He eats really well and quite a bit! Also, notice that when he does eat he does it ever so politely and daintily (notice the pinkie!)

7) He can sit up all by himself in the middle of the couch! (And he can do it even longer when he gets entranced by something on the TV!)

8) He likes to go for walks and can even sleep through some of the snow packed rough terrain that we encounter!

9) He can do tummy time! Look at that head lifted up so high!!

Yes even without the pillow helping!!

10) Oh and yes he can cry with the best of them! In fact, he can cry louder and harder than most! And what is even more amazing is how he can turn it on SO quick! He goes from 0 to AAAAH quicker than you know what to do about it! He's got some good strong lungs. Maybe this means he will be an amazingly gifted singer one day.....

So everyone (Aunt Lisa) as you can see I have an extremely talented, gifted, beautiful 3 month old! How dare Lisa ask "Does he do anything?" Lisa, are you impressed yet!? :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandma's Little Valentine!

Grandma Enslinger sent Jack this cute little Valentine's outfit! He wore it today and looked absolutely darling! We even got a smile out of him! So Grandma, these pictures are for you of your little Valentine! We sure do love you and can't wait for you to come visit in a few weeks! Grandpa also made him a very cute wooden truck bank. We will show a picture of that later. We love you Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My sweet blue-eyed boy!

I love this picture of Jack's bright, big blue eyes!!

So our little man has developed a bit of a drooling problem lately, as you can see. He really is starting to remind me of his Aunt Lisa :). (Except he isn't as good at sucking his drool back up, although he can. It is reallly funny when he does!)

We have been putting Jack in his Exersaucer lately. He really likes it, even though his feet can barely touch! :) He does spin around and likes to play. Plus it is a bonus for me because I think it is strengthening his back and not flattening his head....I am really overly paranoid about his perfect round head getting flat!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Like Father Like Son.....

Jack and I miss Dustin! So, since we are missing daddy right now, as he is 4 days into his 5 day road trip, I decided to post some of my favorite pictures of Jack and Dustin! I have to say, I can't help but think it has to be a little sad and very confusing for little Jack to have that fun, sweet daddy here one day and gone for the next 5. He really loves his daddy! This becomes very evident when Dustin calls and I put the phone on speaker phone so Dustin can talk to Jack...Jack gets so excited to here his dad's voice! He gets a huge smile on his face and becomes very attentive to that voice on the phone! It is very fun for me to see! Enjoy the pics of daddy and son!

Here is daddy and son having a heart to heart! (They have many of these...ya know, Dustin laying down the rules! :)

Here they are taking a nap...They also do this often. I am pretty sure that is Jack's FAVORITE place to take a nap!

Father and son on Jack's special blessing day!

Wahoo for our sweater vests! You know you love it Grandma Enslinger! :)

As wife and mother to these two boys, I must say, I am a very, very lucky woman to have such wonderful, sweet, handsome men in my life!!