Friday, March 25, 2011

Utah Trip Part 2

A few last things to finish our postings about our adventures in Utah. For once, Utah actually had more snow than Laramie, and I was able to take Jack on a mommy-son date sledding while Zander napped at home with Grandma. We had lots of fun!

Making snow angels!
Jack's finished product!
We sure enjoyed our time with Grandma, even if we did make her life a little too crazy for her liking! :)
It is always a good time when we get to spend time at Grandma's house and with Lisa and Lily!

And here are just a few more fun pics of Lily, Lisa, and the boys! :)
Be sure and notice the following in the pictures: Zander perfecting his standing stiff trick in Lisa's hand, Lily with her Lucifer hairdo horns, the picture of Lisa being looking like a creeper, cute pics of Lisa and Lil, Jack's crazy tongue, cute Lils, and Jack looking like Hugh Hefner in his robe (as Lisa said!)
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Utah Trip Part 1

The first week of March the boys and I headed to Utah once again. Dustin's team was going to be playing BYU so we made plans to go to the game then stay in Utah while Dustin was at the Mountain West tournament in Vegas the next week. We had a fun visit! We were able to go to the game, have fun with a few cousins, go sledding, eat out, shop, get my hair done, and just relax.
Here are some highlights from the game. Wyoming played them alright in the first half, then got clobbered in the second. My mom and dad were also able to come down! It was nice to have some extra hands to corral my kiddos. It did stink though that we only got to see Dustin for just a minute after the game.
It was actually pretty cool to be in that amazing basketball atmosphere. It was like the Spectrum but really amplified because The Marriot Center holds so many more people.
Although Z was still able to get in a good little nap despite the noise!
And it was good fun to get to hang out with these cool guys - Rick, Riley, and Conner!

And who woulda thunk it? Jesus showed up to the big game! Looks like he was reminding these folks about the Ten Commandments! Ha! Ha! I kid! :)
It was a sold out crowd, very loud, fun, and it was neat to get to see BYU celebrate being conference champs and cut down the nets. Plus it was kind of humorous to watch Jimmer get followed around by the "paparazzi" while the rest of his team meandered around together, receiving very little attention.
On to the rest of our visit....
Jack and Lily got to do a lot of playing because we kept Lily with us at the house with us while Lisa went to school and work. Jack was little nicer this time, but Lils still put up with a lot of crap from him. But they loved each other anyway!
Don't these two always look like they have a naughty/mischievous look on their face? :)
Eating noodles
Bustin' into my wallet....
The three little hoodlums!
I had the wonderful chance to go do a temple session with my mom! That is always a highlight of my trips to Utah! After I had fun playing "Ring Around the Rosie" with some kiddos!
Some fun with the camera after church one day!
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