Monday, November 23, 2009

Random stuff...

I sure do love my little Jack Jack! He makes me laugh every day. Here are some of the random, crazy things he has been up to lately!

This is what happens when I try to do school work while at home....Jack is supposed to be coloring nicely while I write a test, and I come out to find that he colored on his paper, the chair, the table, every tissue in a box of Kleenex, and his pants. Awesome.
He loves stuffed animals and likes to gallop around with his horsie.
I came into the living room one day to find Jack lounging on the couch with some fishies that he had helped himself to. :) (Notice the crossed feet!)
Maybe Jack is a little anal and OCD like his mommy...Here he is lining up his Halloween candy in a perfect little row! :)
What a goofball trying on my glasses!
Jack has been fighting naps lately, but when it is time to wake him up he does not want to! I swear it is like trying to force a teenager out of bed!
Jack and Chewie get so stinkin excited whenever Dustin gets home from work!
Jack being crazy getting into his toy boxes!
Sometimes Jack gets obsessed with dressing and undressing himself! Here he is starting to take his pants off! (Also notice the sweet mohawk Dustin shaved his head into!)
Here is another picture of Jack being a goofball with his bike helmet on and his galoshes on over his pajamas!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jack's 2nd Birthday!!

Our baby, our amazing Jack turned 2 on November 10th! I cannot believe we have a two year old! He brings us so much entertainment and joy! We love him so much! Here are some highlights from his birthday!

After Jack went to bed the night before his birthday, Dustin and I blew up lots of balloons. He was SO excited when he woke up to have tons of balloons to play with and run through. I spent most of the morning putting all the balloons back in the middle, at Jack's request, so that he could run through them over and over again!

I didn't go all out on a cake for Jack this year. Too tired and too crazy of a life right now, but he seemed to love this Rainbow Chip cake with Rainbow Chip frosting just fine! :)

Jack was very excited to see his cake when he woke up from his nap! He was also excited to test out the chocolate cake batter of another cake I was making, as you can see on his face! :)

Jack getting caught testing out his cake and putting candles into his cake before his party! :)

We had a couple friends over for hamburgers and hot dogs. Here is Jack enjoying his birthday meal with his friends Jackson and Abe!

Later on we had lots of Jack's favorite people over for cake and ice cream. Here are Jack's little friends that came: Jacob, Ethan and fam, Sophie and Kenna, Tal, Kiyah and Jarick and fam, Abe, Jackson, and of course the parents and older siblings of these guys too!

Jack very excited about his Caterpillar tractor from his buddy, Jacob, and fam!

Unwrapping a fire truck from two of his favorite girls, McKenna and Sophie!

Looking around as people sing him Happy Birthday!

Blowing out his birthday candles! We let him do it a couple of times! :)

Enjoying his birthday cake!

Jack being king of his birthday festivities!

Unwrapping presents from family after all our guests left! He got cute Adidas pants and a book from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen, a sweater vest from Aunt Stacy and fam, books from Aunt Lisa and Lily, and pjs and a zebra from Great Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger.

Grandma and Grandma Enslinger sent the money for us to get Jack a bike! He was SO excited when Dustin rolled it in! He wanted up on it right away and Dustin and I pushed him around the living room!

Dustin and I got him a Spiderman helmet and pads for bike safety. Here he is trying to climb onto his bike!

Daddy with Jack wearing his Spiderman helmet and pads and playing with some new cars!

Goodnight to our sleepy head birthday boy! (He had to go to bed with his zebra from Great Grandma!)

Now for a little about our crazy, busy 2 year old:
*His 2 year stats: 35 and 3/4 inches tall (almost 3 feet) which is about 80th percentile and he weights 28 lbs which is about 50th percentile. (Tall and skinny like his daddy!) He also has a very large head!
*He talks like crazy and not just a few words. He speaks in long sentences and paragraphs and never stops. He gives us a play by play of everything he does throughout the day.
*He loves his cars and trucks right now and also loves stuffed animals. He asks to sleep with at least 3 different ones every night. His favorites: rabbit, monkeys, Willie, and his horse.
* He is obsessed with Champ, the MSU mascot (He constantly tells me at games that he needs to go high five Champ or follow him around). He loves watching sports on TV, especially football. He surprised us the other day by chanting "Defense" while basketball was on.
*He loves his school, his friends (mostly girls), and church/Nursery. He asks on several weekdays if we can go to church.
*He is rebelling against naps, but definitely still needs them.
*He loves cookies, cake, and candy. Not good.
*He loves walking in and playing in the snow. Good thing we live in Bozeman and are looking forward to a long winter.
*He loves going to work with Dustin and constantly tells Dustin, "I wanna work too!" Everything is him "too!"
*He loves Chewie and babies right now.

Anyway, I could go on forever about our amazing Jack! He truly is the light and life of our life right now! Happy Birthday, Jack! We love you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a nice little Halloween. We had a very eventful day the day before Halloween. Jack got to go to his daycare/preschool Halloween party! Here is our cute little cow saying, "Moo!" instead of cheese! :)

Jack having fun with friends and balloons at his preschool Halloween party!
Then he got to come and show off his costume at Mommy and Daddy's work. Here he is at Mommy's work.
After those stops, and an attempt at a nap, Jack and I went to Old Navy and bought some Halloween clothes on clearance, then we headed down town to do a little trick or treating on main street at the local businesses. That night we got to go up to a Meet and Treat with the MSU athletes, and then in between volleyball games, Jack was in a costume parade with Champ, the mascot, around the gym. I am so sad I forgot the camera because he looked so cute out there in his cow costume happily chasing and following Champ!
On Halloween day we prepared for the ward Trunk or Treat and to have a few friends over after. Jack loved the Trunk or Treat! Here is Jack and one of his best buds, Batman aka Jacob.

Jack shooting at Halloween targets.

Jack and Daddy enjoying some hot dogs and chips!

Jack going around Trunk or Treating...He did a very good job at saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you."

Jack, Daddy, and Jack's balloons. Jack's favorite things he got for Halloween: a balloon at preschool and a balloon at the trunk or treat... :)

Mommy and Jack!
After the Trunk or Treat we had some of our good friends over for some visiting and more healthy food. It is crazy how good veggies taste after eating too much candy and cup cakes!
Here is Jack the next day enjoying some left over olives! :)

Jack had so much fun having friends over Halloween night and enjoyed a little too much candy and cookies, but the kid still couldn't get enough. Check out that innocent look he has as he tries to sneak another cookie before bedtime!

So he just decided to help himself to one. Since Halloween, we have caught him in the act of pushing a chair towards candy or cookies many, many times.... :)

All in all it was a pretty fun Halloween. Here is one last wish for a Happy Halloween from our cute little cow!