Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures BB: (Before Basketball) AKA FALL FUN!

We have now lost Dustin to basketball season. He works 7 to 7:30 (at least) every day. Here are some pics of what we have been doing around the house this fall.
Here is Zander hanging out....eating his hand like normal.
Practicing sitting up
Jack stuffing all his trains down his shirt....and some Desitin...
Chewie and Z playing
Dustin and all his boys.
Finishing off the coffee table that was a casualty of our move. (I had a lot of fun karate kicking it to break off pieces!) Dustin liked sawing...
Zander hanging out on his blanket at the park on one of our beautiful fall days!
Jack playing in the sand at the park.
The boys in the bike trailer...we have enjoyed a few little fun bike rides!
Zander strengthening those chicken legs in his Exersaucer.
Love that smile....(Hate his cry....)
Jack licking off the silverware after I made some goody. I have probably been enjoying trying out new goodies a little too much this fall....
Jack being a baby...
Another bike ride
Happy baby!
Jack's line of trains...possible OCD inherited from me....
So some days I consider it an accomplishment if the boys are at least out of their pjs by the time Dustin comes home for lunch at 12. Most mornings we hang out in the all morning..
Jack and his tool backpack.
Tummy time!
Jack bugging Z during tummy time!
Love em!
Our little cowboy! (He was riding my stuffed animal cow saying, "I'm a cowboy!")
Sporting their K-State (Daddy's alma mater) clothes! I love the look Zander is giving his crazy brother!
Willie the Wildcat, Jack, and Z
Trying out a teething biscuit..
Playing trains with Daddy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Walk at the Wyoming Territorial Prison

The Saturday before we lost Dustin to basketball season, we heard about a Pumpkin Walk at the Wyoming Territorial Prison. So we decided to go check it out. It ended up being pretty fun! Jack dressed up like a pirate!
Scary teeth, sword, eye patch, and all...The wearing of all the accesories didn't make it past the car ride over! :)
Zander and I proudly wore our Halloween colors!
When we got there, Jack got to pick a pumkin and paint it!
Dustin carried Zander around!
Helping Jack paint
We got to go on a little horse hay ride.
Zander taking a nap!
Jack got to go around to the different cool, little buildings on the grounds and either get a treat or do a little activity! Here he is bowling!
Enjoying some witch's brew....Root Beer!
Posing by the stained glass window in the old church.
Trick or treating!
In a jail cell. Jack LOVED going in the jail cells!
And one last time before we could leave this building!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Big 2-8!

So on September 29th I turned the big 2-8! I seriously can't believe I am that old. I also decided birthdays are pretty lame these days. Don't my boys know they should not cry and poop so much on MY special day! :) Anyway, Jack and I woke up and made some Monster Pancakes. Then it was a normal morning.
We went to Chili's for lunch with Dustin. Here is Zander and Dustin.
Both boys were sitting by Dustin, so I sat on my side of the booth by myself and enjoyed my delicious strawberry lemonade.
Oh sure they all look happy. Moments later Jack had a meltdown over ranch and Dustin had to take him outside for half the time we were there....Zander also was quite fussy and wouldn't sit nicely in his chair. Dustin and I took turns holding him while attempting to eat. Not quite the most enjoyable of birthday lunches.....
Dustin made the day a little better when he got home from work. He brought me flowers, a sweet card, a picture from Jack, "The Wizard of Oz," and the Wii game, "Just Dance." Dustin and I had a lot of fun playing that after the kiddos went to bed!!
I did make myself a delicious Reese's cake for my birthday. This is actually Jack's portion - but he said we had to do candles and sing- so I got a turn then he got a turn.
Dustin nicely captured the blowing out the candles picture.
Me and two of my boys that sang Happy Birthday to me so nicely!
Here I am nerdily showing off two of my gifts - some sweet work out pants from my mom and "Just Dance!"

Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Some REAL food! :)

Last week we started feeding Zander some cereal! He was SO ready. He opened his mouth like a champ and was so excited to eat food! He opens his mouth to try anything, though I am not a fan of some of the stuff Dustin lets him try....
Look at that excited boy!
Jack of course wants to help feed him!
Loving it!
He does like to tongue thrust it out occasionally...
Opening wide!
Cute boy chowing down!

And on a VERY happy note: We finally moved Zander out of our room to sleep. First night: Only woke up once at 2:30. Last night: Hallelujah! He slept straight from 8:45 to 5:00! Over 8 hours straight! Wahoo!