Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Dustin!

We celebrated Dustin's 29th birthday on August 19th! We went out to eat at Applebee's. The servers sang to Dustin and brought him this dessert. Jack was hilarious. He was very excited about the dessert and was eating it super fast, but between bites he kept happily saying, "Happy Birthday, Dad!" then continued wolfing down Dustin's dessert!
Dustin and his boys opening presents. We got him a pink awesome shirt, an iTunes card, and some snacks for his desk at work. Jack also colored him a card and we listed all the reasons Jack and Zander love daddy! Jack's # 1 answer was, "cuz I do!" :) He also got money, cards, treats, and clothes from our families!
Blowing out the crazy candles Jack picked for him on his Chocolate Dessert.
Birthday boy and his boys in the Transformer party hats Jack picked out.
The next pics I just thought were classic and fun. Jack's face is awesome in each one!

Zander was clearly not digging the party hat!
Then this is how Dustin spent the rest of his birthday night. He was going to lay by Jack for "just a minute" and ended up falling asleep at 8:30. I just let him sleep. Hey if that is how he wants to spend his birthday...

Happy Birthday Dustin! You are the best! We sure do love you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Settling in Laramie!

We have now been in Laramie for almost two whole months! We are still working on getting settled into our new house and hanging stuff on the walls, we have been exploring the town and parks, and Dustin is really enjoying his job and the people he works with. Here he is sporting the brown and gold! :)
I am enjoying being home with my two boys! I am actually surprised how time can go by so fast each day and how I am just totally losing track of the days. I can't believe how fast Zander is growing! Just yesterday he rolled over from his tummy to his back on my bed! Pretty crazy! And I certainly can't get enough of his big smile!
And isn't he handsome in this outfit I got for $6?! (In Logan of course....there is NOWHERE to shop in Larmie!)

Jack and I are battling it out about naps lately. He usually wins and doesn't take one but plays and reads books in his room instead. Lots of times he comes out during nap time to tell me "I have my Magic Guy stuff on!" I usually can't help but smile. How cute is that?
Dustin has been working a lot but we enjoy when he comes home and try to do things as a family. Here is Dustin with the boys getting ready to go on a family walk.
This picture cracks me up: Dustin is cheesing, Jack is being a goof, and Zander is screaming!
Playing T-Ball in the park. Or as Jack would say, his "hitter thing."
Zander and me hanging out at the park. (I love Z's smile in this pic too!)
More T-ball! Jack can really smack the ball!
This is Jack showing me his Happy Face!
Zander checking out the world from his exersaucer.
Jack showing his Mad Face.
Look at Zander's cute little legs!
I took Jack to the story time at the library. Here he is intently coloring his picture. It was a good day to go. It was all about balloons!
Another day we went to the library's "Picnic and a Movie." Here is Jack enjoying his "picnic" of blueberries in the library gardens.
He can be a stinker, but I sure love my cute Jackie Bean!
We have had fun visiting Dustin at work a few times. Here is Jack's handiwork in wrapping up his daddy!
Just another cute pic of Z.
A little smirk!
Here is Jack wearing the same shirt....anyone still think they look alike? I don't!

Jack is at such an entertaining and imaginative stage right now. He likes to dress up, make up stories, sing songs, "read" books to us, play pretend with his toys, give Zander loves and kisses, etc. He also throws lots of screaming fits.... But overall this stage is so fun!
Here is Zander man in some cute overalls that Dustin's cousin, Kelsey, gave him.
My boys!
Jack loves doing anything with his Daddy. Some of his favorite things to do with him are play cars/trains, play marble tower or Legos, shoot hoops, do Tball, read books, wrestle, watch "funny videos", and snuggle on the couch watching cartoons.

More of Zander's awesome smile!
Seriously I can't get enough....
He melts my heart! :)
Jack painting.
Zander and me. I love Zander's cheeks in this pic!
Chewie getting comfortable on Zander's mat.
Shooting hoops in our living room. (We do what we can without a yard!)
More cute Zander Man!

School and football season are in full swing now! Here is Jack down on the field with Daddy after a football scrimmage.
My boys in their football/Wyoming Cowboy colors after the scrimmage!

Me and the "Magic Guy"
Dustin and Jack swimming on our "deck" aka cement slab in our "back yard" aka weed infested mud hole. I got in the pool too. We probably looked awesome for all the world to see splashing around in our pool! :)
Jack playing on dirt hill behind our house.
Here is where Jack chose to sleep one night. He doesn't like to stay in his bed, but he isn't allowed in ours. So for awhile he would come in and sleep on our floor. We have now resorted to putting the baby gate up in his doorway so he can't get out at night... :)
Scary Jack!
I made Jack eat lunch like this one day because we were going somewhere and I didn't want his cute outfit to get dirty. This kid gets messy!
My handsome boy ready for church. We are making some friends at church. There are several little kids Jack's age, so that is good.
I signed up for a membership at the rec center. I have went to exercise there a few times, will be starting some sort of fitness class, and have taken my boys swimming a couple of times there. Here is Jack and me after our Mommy/Son date of swimming and an ice cream treat after.
These boys keep me busy! I sure do love them!
And one more parting shot of cute little Zander!