Monday, December 14, 2009

Picture overload of winter fun!

We have been trying to stay warm up here in good old Bozeman. We have had some extremely freezing temperatures, but we are staying busy and trying really hard to get ready for Christmas! Life has been pretty crazy with teaching, sicknesses, helping plan a ward Christmas party, lots of basketball games, and other fun adventures! Here are a bunch of pictures showing what we have been up to lately!
Here is Jack and Chewie cuddling on the couch! :)
Here is Jackie Bean, probably telling a great story. This kid talks non stop and loves to sing and give play by plays of his day!
Here is our handsome dude showing off the sweet sweater vest that Aunt Stacy got him for his birthday!
Yeah, so some nights we have popcorn for dinner...Is that bad? :)
Here is Dustin pulling Jack around a few times in the back yard in the snow!
He also built Jack a sweet little snow hill! :)
We have been to lots of basketball games. Jack thinks Champ is his best friend and that he must ALWAYS be giving him fives, or dancing if Champ is dancing, or going to follow Champ around. At the last game, I was very embarrassed when I had to chase Jack out onto the court during a time out because Jack was sprinting out there to go dance with Champ. Yeah, I am pretty sure the whole gym saw!
Here is Jack playing some weird version of "Lean Back" with Daddy....or just trying to get his feet warm! :)
Jack is the wildest sleeper ever. Usually he flops around like a fish. This night we found him curled up in a ball! Notice his little monkey peeking out from under him!
Getting a horsy ride from Daddy, and Jack is saying, "No hands!"
Helping Dad put up the Christmas tree.
Eating the chocolate out of our candy advent calendar.
When Jack goes to work and sees his daddy taping a bunch of ankles, he always says, "Me too. I'm next." So one day Dustin did tape his ankles!
Here is Jack posing by our tiny 4 foot tree!
Jack always poses with Daddy so cute!
Our little family! I love this picture!
Jack and Daddy again!
The best picture I could get of Jack and me....I think it is me though that ruined this picture with my head up so high! Oh well, I have a cute kid! :)
I bought a collection of classic Christmas movies, Rudolf, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty, etc, over Thanksgiving. Jack, who usually will not sit still to watch TV or movies, has loved watching them over and over. It is pretty fun to snuggle up with him and watch these movies from MY childhood! Here he is snuggled up all by himself enjoying a good Christmas movie!

Here are a few pictures of our house decorated for Christmas since none of our family will be able to see it in person.
I love my Willow Tree nativity scene. It is getting closer and closer to being complete. This year my mom got us the three wise men!
Yes, we only have a little tree. One day, when we actually spend the holidays in our own house, we will get a better tree!

And our stockings hung so creatively on the wall....We have no mantle, so this is the spot for them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!!

For Thanksgiving this year, Jack and I headed south to Logan, and poor Dustin headed to San Franciso on a road trip for basketball. We had a great time in Logan spending time with family, eating delicious food, Christmas shopping, and spending time with baby Lily! Here is Jack enjoying one last bit of time with his daddy before we were separated for 5 days for the Thanksgiving break!
Jack and Chewie were both amazing travelers. We only stopped one time during the 6 hour drive, but Jack was certainly happy to enjoy a cheese burger! :)
My parent's were in the middle of a remodel, so their house was a bit chaotic when we first got there. Jack enjoyed following Grandpa around and "helping" him with anything he was working on.
While we were in Logan, we went and got Jack's 2 year pictures taken. They turned out really cute, and he was quite the cute looking dude! We will post those later! But here is a little preview of how cute he looked!
Jack hanging out with Lisa, Lily, Chewie, and Grandma!

Jack really enjoyed helping Grandma make some pies! He lucked out and got to lick the yummy stuff off everything!
For Thanksgiving dinner we met at a church with the Belnap side. The food was amazing, and it was really fun to see some aunts, uncles, and cousins that I haven't seen in awhile! Here is Lisa and me with our cousin, Jay Bird!
And here I am with my cousin Nat! These girls are some of my favorite cousins! :) And Jack liked their cute kids!
Jack made friends will any and all kids around his age. Here they are having lots of fun up on the stage in the church!
Here is Jack doing his version of the limbo! I even tried the limbo once, and so did my mom! She fell, but she was AWESOME! :)
The kids also really enjoyed doing the Hokey Pokey with Grandma Belnap!
It was nice to have my sis, Lisa, up at my mom's the whole week too! She is a pretty good time, plus watched Jack and let me go shopping for a few hours kid free! (Oh and I got to go and get a hair cut too....kind of ug in this pic, but I really like it!)
Here is Jack and me with my amazing Grandma and Grandpa Belnap!
Here is Lisa and cutie pie, Lily!
Jack loved being around Uncle Bryce, Aunt Lisa, and especially baby Lily!

We had a great time in Logan! We are so thankful for our wonderful families, friends, and for all of the many blessings we enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow fun!

A couple weeks ago we got a HUGE snow storm. It dumped around 2 feet on us! Jack was excited about it, but really he could barely move in it because it went up to his thighs. He had fun though playing in it while I did not have fun shoveling it!

Here is Chewie and Jack getting ready to go play out in the snow!
Jack stuck in the snow!
I took this picture from my garage to show how much snow was in our driveway! Even after I took this picture we probably got at least 8 more inches that day!
Jack had fun sliding down the snow banks after I piled the snow up so hight! I love his face in this picture!
Rolling around in the snow!
Poor Chewie with his snow ball legs! When he tried to run through the snow it was like a fish jumping around in water!
After awhile, Jack wanted a break, so I got out his lawn chair so he could watch me finish shoveling the driveway!

I tried to put a video on, but it wasn't working. Jack was also rolling around in the snow singing the "Once there was a snow man" song. It was super cute! We have a fun winter ahead of lots of fun snow days!