Friday, July 15, 2011

DISNEYLAND: Sunday and Monday

The first week of June we got to go on an amazing vacation to California with my wonderful family; Yes ALL of us!  In all, there was 30 of us, 18 of which were kiddos with an age range of 13 to 1!  We made some great memories throughout the week at Disneyland, California Adventure, Seaworld, and Huntington Beach.  I decided there is no way this should just be one blog post, so I am going to blog about each amazing day we had!  

Sunday:  We had built up some sky miles, and definitely didn't want to drive for 20 hours with our two boys and spend more on gas than it would cost for plane tickets. so we flew out of the Denver airport and arrived to Anaheim Sunday night. Jack did great flying.  Zander had a few rough patches.  I decided for sure that one of the last places I would ever want to be is stuck on an airplane up in the sky with Zander in pterodactyl mode! :)  
 With the Worldmark membership that my mom and dad and Rick and Stacy have, we were able to stay in some awesome condos.  They had lots of beds, a washer and dryer, and a kitchen so it was very convenient!  That first night when everyone got there, we were able to catch up a bit with everyone and had a nice little barbeque by the pool at our condos.  It was especially great to see my sister, Holly, and
 her kids that I haven't seen in two years!  We also got to meet Raegan for the first time.  She was born the same day as Zander!      
Here is a fun picture that Lisa took of 11 of the 18 grandkids!  
Another pic of the crazy kiddos hanging out by the pool!   

Monday:  We got to the park super early on Monday to make sure we got a jumpstart on hitting all of the rides that we wanted to get to.  There was no line for the Matterhorn, so we decided that was as good a place as any to start!  

We then had fun getting in lots of other rides!  

It was fun to see some characters around too!  (Jack really wanted to see Tigger and waited in line right by him, but Tigger took a break right before Jack got to him!  But he still got to see Pooh and Eeyore!)
This random character (I think he is from Jungle Book or something) came and grabbed Zander's stroller and started pushing him away!
Just hanging out in the "happiest place on Earth!"  So fun to experience it with my boys (including Dusitn).  It was their first time there!

By early afternoon, everyone else was still going strong, but we decided to take the boys back to the condos for a break, some food, and a nap!  
We headed back to the park right around the time everyone else in our fam were headed back to the condos for the night.  They had been in the parks all day without a break.  We had a second wind and had fun staying at the park until after the fireworks!   
Jack really wanted to drive the cars so we headed over to Autopia!  He had a great time driving first with Dad, and then again with mom right after!  (Gotta love those stroller passes!)  
Excitedly waiting in line with Dad!  
Dustin and his boys in the park!   
Jack and Zander both loved Dumbo and King Arthur's Carousel!  
We saw a cool show by It's a Small World, then found a great spot to watch the fireworks.  We could even see Tinkerbell and Dumbo flying around on the zip line thing.  

Then we made one last stop to get a picture by the castle, and took our two tired boys home to bed!  
 This picture definitely shows how Zander enjoyed a lot of his time at the park!  :)

Tuesday:  SEAWORLD!