Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bit of fall fun!

Here is a few fall pictures. Jack is being a cow for Halloween. Pictures of the cutest cow you have ever seen will be coming soon!

Jack always has to wear a hat and his boots! :)
I'm sure he is telling me something really important here! :)
Helping Daddy rake up leaves!
And now the fun part: getting to jump in the leaves!
Leaf fight with Daddy! Here is Jack getting ready to unload a pile of leaves on Daddy!

Take that Daddy!
Definitely enjoying throwing leaves all over Daddy!

Playing with rocks in the backyard, but he has to wear his shades because it is too bright. ;)
Jack at an MSU football game with Mommy!

This is Jack saying, "I'm a dude!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall/Early Winter! :)

I just wanted to post some random pics from this fall/early winter time here in Bozeman! :)

One day after church we took some random family pics...I think they turned out pretty cute. So here is our little family.
Jack and Mommy!
Jack and Daddy! (I love this pic of my boys!)
Dustin and me!
Here is Jack all ready for his first day of "school."

Me on my first day of school/work.

Jack and Mommy on my first day of work.
Early in September Dustin was figuring out the sprinklers, so while he was doing it, Jack and he ran through the sprinklers!

Jack snuggling with his blankie on the couch!

Putting on Daddy's shoes!
One weekend poor Jack got sick. We spent an entire Saturday lounging on the couch, in and out of sleep, and eating nothing! Poor guy was wasted! You can definitely tell when this non-stop boy gets sick.
By that night, Jack was feeling better and ate practically an entire package of Ramen noodles by himself. (He hadn't really eaten much for a few days!)

We sure do love our crazy, cute kid! :)

Jack being crazy playing with his mower on the couch.
I celebrated my birthday at home with my boys. They got me a cute card and some books! After Jack went to bed, Dustin and I enjoyed some chocolate cake!

Jack beating up his penguin.

Jack enjoying General Conference and listening to the prophet.

Jack cracked us up one night because he kept posing like this for pictures, turning his bum towards the camera. It was absolutely hilarious when he pulled the pose in the bath tub too!

I am so thankful that Jack has a dadd,y, who even after a long day of work, gets down on the floor with him and plays every night! :)

We got some snow one week recently and Jack asked every day if he could go out and walk in th snow or play in the snow. Most days I just bundled him up and sent him and Chewie out to play. I don't like the cold. Here is Jack all bundled up and ready to play in the snow! That day I did go out with him, and we built mini snowmen and let Jack go around and kick them over. :)
Walking in the snow!

More playing in the snow....He keeps asking now where the snow is or saying that he wants to go play in the snow...

Here is Jack and I warming up with a big mug of hot chocolate after playing in the snow!

"Go Cats!" Jack insists on watching football if it is on. I am completely outnumbered by boys and football junkies in my house! :)

One day I decided to deck Jack out in his Kansas State clothes he has been given by Grandma Enslinger. He looked pretty darn cute in it! :)
I love his smile in this one!
Seriously, what a dude!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Visitors!!

Last weekend, Dustin's grandparents and aunt and uncle made the long trek out from Kansas and Colorado to come see us for a weekend. They didn't get here until Friday night and ended up leaving Sunday morning because of weather. It was a VERY short trip, but we definitely had fun showing them our house, around town, eating at some yummy places, showing them Dustin's work, going to the mall, and going to the Museum of the Rockies! We are so glad they made the long drive out for a short trip to come and see us! Thanks for the visit!

When our visitors arrived at our house, I was in pajamas and Jack was naked! They forgave us and let us get ready, and then Grandma and Grandpa busted out their gifts they had brought for Jack: puzzles and trucks. Aunt Kathy also gave Jack a cute Jackolantern bucket filled with goodies, a pumpkin flashlight, and a truck that Jack hasn't stopped playing with ever since! Here is Jack work with his Great Gparents on a puzzle they brought him!

Jack with his Dustin's Aunt Kathie and Uncle John!

Jack with his Great Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger

Everyone getting a tour of the area where Dustin works!

Jack scaring everyone with his dinosaur puppet at the Museum of the Rockies!

Jack with all of our visitors!

Our little fam at the museum!

Jack was so excited to get a little money (from everyone) to put into his car bank!

Getting more change from Great Grandpa to put in his bank!

Here are a few more highlights from the trip that aunt Kathy took...(I stole them from Facebook....I don't know why they are so small....
Jack and Uncle John by the bear at Mackenzie River Pizza, Jack with Great Grandma Enslinger, and Jack and Daddy touching the basketball hoop at Daddy's work.

Thanks again for such a short, but fun visit! We feel loved! :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Logan, Lily, and good times!

I know I have been slacker blogger of the month, but I am trying to redeem myself! We have quite a bit to catch up on! At the end of September we got to head to Utah for a few fun events! We got to meet the newest member of the family, Lily Lynn Marshall! Dustin and I got to do a couple's getaway to Bear Lake! And we celebrated my birthday! Here are some highlights from our trip.
One day Jack and I went and visited Grandma at her work, ate lunch with her, and then took a walk to one of my favorite park's from my younger years - Merlin Olsen Park. Here is Jack posing by one of the big, old trees at the park!

Jack loved throwing rocks in the creek that I used to catch skeeter bugs in! :)

Jack absolutely loved meeting Lily! He always wanted to "hold" her. Here is Uncle Bryce, Jack, and Lily Lynn!

Here is Jack and I holding Lily! Jack was so cute with her. He would tell her how cute she was, and if she cried he would say, "No crying!"

Classic pic: 4 Generations! Baby Lily, Mama Lisa, Grandma Shauna, and Great Grandma Belnap!

I love this picture of Jack and his Great Grandpa Belnap!

Great Grandma Belnap with Lily and Jackie Bean!

Me and Lily!

The proud mama and her little cutie!


Dustin meeting Lily!

Jack and Lily! (Jack LOVED holding Lily!)

Celebrating my birthday with some cute kids, a delicious dinner, good company, and one of my favorites - Peach Dessert!

Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa!

Also while we were up we took a little trip to Bear Lake and hung out at a friend's cabin one night and for a day. It was just adults, with no kids, and we had a pretty fun time. Here is a picture of the group that played!