Monday, April 26, 2010

Some fun visitors!

A couple weeks ago my mom, Lisa, and Lily came up to visit us. It was my mom's Spring Break, and Lisa and Lily came too! It was so fun to have them here for a few days, and of course, the visit went by way too fast! We played, went on walks, my mom and Lisa got sick, went out to eat, and shopped. My mom spoiled Jack and baby boy! :) It was so fun to have them up for a visit! They sure are lots of fun, and it was nice to have them here for company while Dustin went away for a football scrimmage thing for a couple of days!

Here is Lisa and Jack building a sweet marble tower.
Jack and Lily on our walk!
Me and Leathal and our kiddos!
Grandma and Jack throwing rocks in the pond!
Jack REALLY enjoyed throwing rocks in....
Jack and his wonderful Grandma!
Me and my little man!
My cute sis and me!
Lily was zoning during our walk!
Jack swinging at the park!
This was Jack's first time doing this!
I was impressed by his balance and focus!
Jack by the dino!
Jack insisted on pushing Lily!
We took some fun pictures after church. Here is cute little Lily Lynn in her Easter dress!
Lily and Lisa
I think this picture is funny. It looks like Jack is saying, "What's up?"
Our family!
A close up, but you can still see the big belly beast!
My handsome boys!
Me and my amazing mommy!
My sweetie!
Jack with his Grandma! He always wants to go to Grandma's house!
Lily getting out some wiggles before they left!
Me and Lisa!
Jack making a crazy face and practically strangling Lily!
A little better of a pic...Lily was a good sport to put up with Jack! Jack was not quite sure what to think of Lily crawling over and touching his toys.....he will have to learn pretty soon to deal with that! :)

Thanks for the visit! We loved having you here!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Fun!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Jack of course got spoiled by both sets of Grandparents and his mom and dad. We enjoyed spending the weekend together as a family and watching General Conference as well.
Here is Jack quite happily opening his Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen. He was very excited to open a couple of eggs and get a dollar and some "monies". :)
We got lots of snow the weekend of Easter, but that didn't stop us from taking Jack to an Easter egg hunt. Here is Jack with the Easter Bunny!
Jack posing before the hunt began.
Posing with some "Frosty Bunnies."
Playing on toys to entertain until the hunt began.
Then of course he had to throw snowballs at Mommy while we waited. (Two years olds do not understand patience!)
Jack picking up the Easter eggs.
He was a speedy and was cramming egg after egg into his basket. He was awesome!
Jack with a stick and his loot. I hope other parents weren't mad at me cuz my son rocked the hunt! :)

Jack and his overflowing Easter basket.
Opening a present Easter morning!
Jack was very excited to get a little set of gold clubs. Here is Daddy showing him proper form!
Jack and his chocolate bunny, Hopper.
A big Easter egg of Lifesaver yumminess!
Obviously very excited about his Easter basket full of eggs and candy!

Jack also got a sweet new baseball mitt and ball.
Daddy and Jack enjoying their Easter breakfast of cinnamon rolls and juice.
Here is Jack opening his Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger. He really liked his ball eggs and his Spiderman bucket!
Both Grandma's got Jack the fun, muscial book Peter Cottontail! (I just think they wanted to drive me and Dustin crazy! :) HA!)
It was a fun Easter, and it was great spending the weekend together as a family! We are still enjoying lots of candy and Easter eggs around our house.