Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A few more random pictures...

Dustin is gone again. It seems like he has been gone a ton this basketball season. I always miss him a ton while he gone, and I know Jack does too. It is a good thing I have Jack around to keep me entertained. He is so much fun! I really am enjoying being his mom. He is at such a fun age, and it really seems like he learns a new word or something new every day. I sure do love this kid. Here are some pictures from our life lately.
This was Jack's first real walking war wound. He fell and hit the corner of the desk. It instantly became a big knot on his forehead. It was quite the bruise for awhile.

Jack enjoying some Spagettios. He is getting pretty good at feeding himself (contrary to what his face looks like in this picture!)

Our little stud walking around the bball court after a game.

This is how Jack was dressed for church on Sunday. A friend made him the bow tie and someone gave us the jacket. I think he looks so cute as our own little nutty professor! :)

Jack climbing on and wrestling with his daddy.

Another of Jack's silly facial expressions.

And here is my little stud in his sweet bball shorts.

And check out our crazy dog. He loves to lay on his back, especially like this with Dustin.

A visit from friends!

Idaho State came up and kicked MSU's behinds, but I still enjoyed it because one of my good friends, Chelsey, and her new baby came up to the game. I played ball with Chelsey at SLCC and her husband now plays for ISU. Chelsey came up to watch the Montana games and we were lucky enough to get to visit for a bit. She has a super cute baby named Colton that she had in December. After the game we got to go out to eat with the whole Stucki family. It was great to visit and Chelsey, it was great to see you and Colton. He is SO SO cute! Here are some pictures:
Me, Chelsey, and Matt's sister and mom.

A not so happy, but still WAY cute picture of Colton.

The cute little Stucki family after the game: Matt, Colton, and Chelsey

Me and Chelsey

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I just have some fun, random pictures of what we have been up to lately and what Jack has been INTO lately. Jack sure is fun right now. He laughs a ton, tickles, teases, throws balls, plays with cars, gives kisses, dances, walks around like a champ, climbs on anything he can, and plays and wrestles with us and Chewie. He is a very busy boy and a very smart boy. He can point out trees, Chewie, pictures in books, and a few body parts (especially mine and Dustin's bellies). He also can say mommy, daddy, Chewie, Grandpa, tree, cookie, no, yeah, cheese, ba-ba, I love you, right there, Willie, hi, bye, and will pretty much try to repeat anything we say. He is a sweetie and we sure do love him! Enjoy some pics and videos of our little guy! :)
Here is Jack loving bath time. He loves to splash, "swim," and push the plug back down when I pull it up and say bath time is over. In this picture he is sitting on it and guarding it so I can't pull it up again!

Climbing in his toy box.

Playing on the computer

Pulling out all of Daddy's alphabetized DVDs

Jack makes some seriously funny facial expressions! Here are some of his good wide eyed ones!

I really like this face when he got caught climbing on the kitchen table. (He is a climbing maniac!)

Jack has some great "cheese" faces. This one and the one at the top of our blog are my favorites. I especially like the broccoli on his face and in his teeth in the top picture!

Jack still loves to go into Chewie's room and play in the water and throw and eat dog food. I know it is gross, but he REALLY likes it, I guess. And now that he has learned to walk and has some new leverage or whatever, he learned to open the sliding door into Chewie's room. Not good.

Jack loves to play in the closet and pull all my shoes off the shoe rack. He goes in there and shuts the door. In fact, right after I took this picture he crawled over and shut the door in my face.

Apparently Jack said something naughty. I didn't hear it, but he took it upon himself to wash his own mouth out with soap.

Jack sure does love his daddy! He loves to wrestle with him, cuddle with him, and for some reason he says Daddy all the timme but never says mommy. Yeah, it kind of bugs.

Here is Chewie and Jack getting Dustin!

Apparently Jack has seen his daddy drink the milk out of his cereal bowl a little too much. He likes to "drink" all his food. Here he is drinking his applesauce.

Jack likes to pull all of the bags and things under the kitchen sink out and all the towels out of the drawer. Chewie likes when he does that too!

The days of speedy crawler like in this video are almost over.....

Now there is a lot more walking going on. Jack is already trying to run! Oh fun, fun! More video of Jack's walking improvements later! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Minge Family Visit!

Dustin's sister and her family came out for a visit this past weekend! It was nice of them to come visit and we loved having them. We hadn't seen them since the beginning of September. Jack's cute little cousin Gillian sure had changed a lot since then! She is now 8 months and Jack is 15 months. They are exactly 7 months apart. It was so fun to watch them play and interact. It was pretty neat seeing Gillian perfecting her her crawl and Jack perfecting his walk in the same week. When I first came home and was holding Gillian on my lap, Jack acted a little jealous and tried to climb up on my lap too. It was pretty funny! We didn't do a ton while they were here, but it was fun to wrestle, play, chat, go out to eat, go shopping, go to Museum of the Rockies, and go to the Cat/Griz basketball game. I forgot my camera for most activities. Oops. Anyway, it was a fun little visit! Here are some highlights and pictures:
Jack and Gillian enjoyed playing on the floor and "getting" Melissa and Dustin. Here is Jack and Gillian wrestling with Dustin and "getting" him!

We went to the Cat/Griz basketball game. It wasn't a very good game, but it was a fun, loud atmosphere. Gillian managed to fall asleep anyway. Here is my little stud Jack decked out in his MSU jersey and sweet Nike kicks after the Cat/Griz game.

GILLIAN! She seriously is so cute with really big eyes too!


BATH TIME! I managed to bathe two babies, put one down for a nap, take a shower, and cook some food while Dustin, Melissa, and Shawn went shopping. I tried to tell Dustin that this proves I am ready for another baby! I don't think he thought it proved anything! :)

Jack, his Daddy, and his cousin Gillian hanging out

Dustin and Gillian

Jack and Gillian

Gillian put up with a lot from Jack while she was here. She is one tough cookie, however after they bonked heads playing on the bed, she was not a happy camper.

Cute Gillian bundled up and decked out in her Nebraska gear and ready for her long day of traveling home.

Before they left, we all went to breakfast at IHOP. Here is the cute little Minge family before they said goodbye!

Right before we had to say goodbye.

I got a sub for my first class of the day so I could go to breakfast with them, but I didn't get to go see them off at the airport. Jack and Dustin did that. We had a great time even though we really didn't do that much. But it was so nice of Melissa, Shawn, and Gillian to come visit us! Thanks for the visit, and we can't wait to see you guys again!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finally Jack's 1 year pictures!

So we did have Jack's 1 year pictures taken while we were down in Utah for Thanksgiving. I am just now finally scanning a few of them to put on the ol' blog. The rest are already in frames. I think they turned out pretty good! Jack makes some funny facial expressions. The one in the sweater vest is my favorite and that was the very first picture they snapped! :)

Oh and the news! Jack finally is walking! And only at 10 days shy of 15 months old! :) He just started taking off on Sunday a few times on his own at our Super Bowl party. The ventures have steadily increased throughout the week! This video isn't very good, but it shows what he can do! He walks around with his hands in the air and it is so stinking cute! The craziness will certainly increase around the Enslinger household! Wahoo for Jackie Bean!