Wednesday, April 24, 2013

March - Almost caught up! :)

Here are a few fun things we did to pass the cold month of March!  To entertain my kids - built a fort for them to lay in and watch cartoons.  And then attempted to do bubble art.  It didn't really work, but they had fun blowing into the mix and making lots of bubbles!  
My silly boys!  
Zander will love me one day for these pictures!  What a skinny dude showing off his muscles! :)  
Some other highlights of March - I got to go to Vegas with Dustin for the Mountain West tournament.  I got to see Wyoming play two games because they were in the play in game, and was able to stay in much warmer Las Vegas from Sunday to Thursday....without kids!   It was a nice break and fun to spend some time with Dustin and even more nice to spend time reading by the fake beach at the Hard Rock Hotel in the 80 degree weather! :) Sorry no pics!   

The week after Vegas was Spring Break.  Dustin had to stay behind to finish the basketball season as his team got invited to play in the CBI post season tournament.  So the boys and I headed to Utah for some fun with family and a couple of fun events!  The first was that my mom decided that weekend to do the annual Easter hunt for her Grandkids that weekend, so my boys got to participate for the first time!  It wasn't very warm and had been snowy and rainy, so we had to do it inside.  Here are some highlights from the little kids hunt!  
The cute littles: Mylee, Jack, Zander, Wesley, and Lily.
 Then the crazy big kids got to go:  Dillon, Britney, Riley, Madison, Drew, Ryan, Aubrey, and Conner.
A few more highlights from the festivities:  Lisa & Lily, the big kids starting down the stairs, Dillon found the golden egg with $5 in it, eating, the madness of picking prizes (Mom goes all out!), and Zander wacking Rick with his new prize plastic bat!   
All the Grandkids that were there!  (Just missing Holly's 5 kids!)
 The 2nd exciting event we were able to be in Utah for was Lisa's fiancee, Matt, getting baptized!  We are very excited for him, and for him and Lisa to get married in May!  He is a great guy!  

The kids at the baptism!  
Some more pics after the baptism and highlights of our stay at Rick and Stacy's house!   
Just a few days after we got home from Utah we headed, with Dustin this time, to Kansas for Easter!   Phew! Lots of travels! :)  
We had fun spending time with family, doing an Easter egg hunt at the park, and going to eat a delicious Easter dinner at Great Grandmas!  
Jack, Gillian, Zander, and Audrie before starting their hunt!  
 Easter Egg Hunt! I love the look of pure excitement on Jack's face!!

After the hunt!

Coloring Easter eggs!

Shawn and Melissa brought Gillian's T-ball set and it was fun watching the kids play! Jack is quite the hitter! :) As you can see in the pics, he connected quite nicely!

Easter morning!  The boys discovering their baskets!

Our family on Easter!
 These pics just make me laugh! I love Zander's facial expressions and looks he gives Jack!  

After church, we headed over to Great Grandma's for a delicious dinner!  We snapped some family pictures before we ate!
 With Great Grandma this time!
After dinner, we did an Easter egg hunt for the kids in Grandma's backyard.  The eggs were empty, but the kids just were having fun searching and running around! Grandma gave them some treats after!  
This picture of Audrie is awesome! Love the look on her face and her hair blowing in the wind as she runs! :)  
 A few last highlights:  1 & 2: the kids all getting their present from Grandma - a dog that you can walk, that shakes its bum, and plays the song "Tequila!"  3: Everyone hanging out after looking for eggs.  4: Me and Z-man, 5: Gillian 6: Me and Dustin 7: Audrie 8: Zander

It was a great Easter and an exciting, travel filled month of March!   It was nice to stay home for a few weeks after all that traveling, but it was wonderful to spend so much time with familly!  


Look at me getting caught up! Soon I will be! One month to go! Any, February was a good month. I spend a lot of time with this crazy kid, indoors, cuz it is freezing and windy outside!  I had to post this picture to show one of his favorite outfits to wear. He would wear this, or something like it, every day if I would let him!  
 We babysat a cute little baby girl one day.  Z was so cute with her! He read to her, shared toys, laid out blankets, talked to her in a sweet voice, and even asked if we could keep her.  I think he is finally ready for a baby sibling!  Now if I could just get pregant...
 Me and my silly sidekick! :)
 Oh and of course there was snow! :)  Ugh! Winter end already!
 Cute Z modeling a hat!
 More pics of my boys being silly:  Tattoos on bellies, dressing up like Fireman Sam and Mario, being goobers with goggles and sunglasses, etc! :)
 Valentines was fun!  Here are some highlights: The Valentine's Dinner I did with their Valentine's treats from us!  Me with my Valentine's gift from Dustin - flowers and Reeses.  My husband knows me and loves me! :)
 My boys worked hard on Valentines for Gillian, Audrie, Grandma Hansen, Grandma Enslinger, and Great Grandma Enslinger. I think they turned out so cute!  
 Also in February we got to go to a Super Hero birthday party for our friend Emma!  Here is Jack doing the obstacle course to test his Super human powers!

The cute cake my friend Larin made and my happy boys after a pinata and with their new masks!
 More fun in their masks!  (I love how blue Jack's eyes look in his!  Seriously, aren't they cute little Super Heros!  
 We also did swimming lessons!  Zander and I started in a Parent & Child class because they didn't have any other classes for 2 year olds, but it quickly became evident that Z was WAY more advanced than the babies in the classs, so I asked if he could join the Preschool/Toddler class for 3-4 year olds.  They let him and he loved it, though he got in trouble quite a bit for not listening and being too crazy!  This kid is fearless and LOVES the water. My little fish dives right in!   He totally enjoyed his first experience with swimming lessons!
 He especially loved diving for rings!  I love him showing his swimming pose!
 Jack also took lessons at the same time. He didn't pass this new level, but he sure had fun too!  He especially, obvious from the pics, loved wearing his new goggles for lessons!

And just like that we are on to March!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

January Craziness!

 January really didn't have anything too exciting, but we had fun being crazy at our house trying to pass the long cold month!  Here are some of our craziness!
The boys loved playing in all the snow at Grandma and Grandpa's in Logan before we headed back to Laramie!  They still played on the swing set, played with icicles, and just being cute! :)

Here are me, my bos, and Grandma sledding at some REAL sledding hills up by her house!
More fun!  
It was all fun and games until Jack decided he wanted to go over a jump and his chin came down adn hit either his sled, the snow, who knows?  Anyway, the result was this beaut on his chin!
Then it was back home to Daddy!!  
Jack had a Preschool Winter Program about Snowflakes.  Here is his class singing their song and him in his little scarf and gloves!  :)
My boys being crazy and gangster? after church one day!   
 Our family!
 My cute Zanderman and me playing with my new camera!
 Boys in the lockers at the rec center after swimming!
 More crazy after church pictures!  Especially great picture of Z with Ray Lewis! :)  
 Oh the madness of their game! Jumping off the couches, diving onto piles of blankets, pillows, stuffed animals....THEY LOVE IT! It makes me nervous but they do some cool tricks, my little daredevils!  
 Especially love the one of Z in this bunch jumping! :)
 Running wild!
 My silly boys showing off their pajamas, robes, drawing, cheeses, and attacking the camera! :)

I just wanted to make sure I document this so I don't forget.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know an amazing lady in my ward.  Her name is Lucy Thompson,  but to most she is known as "Grandma Thompson."  The senior missionaries found out about my history in English and asked if I would be interested in writing an article on this woman, who I didn't know at the time.  I have had the chance to visit with her, feel of her spirit and testimony, and learn of her story.  The piece I wrote was submitted to the Ensign and Church News, and who knows for sure if it will be published or not, but it has been my honor to get to know her and I will treasure the piece I wrote about her and the things I learned from her forever!  What a truly amazing woman she is!