Monday, August 24, 2009

Super Jack and "Lean Back"

So this is Super Jack.  Yeah, in this picture he is probably telling me he wants to play with Daddy!  He always wants to play with Daddy!
So of course Dustin agrees to play with his son!  I love these pictures of Super Jack and Dustin.....This is them playing Jack's favorite game that he made up, "Lean Back."  Good times with father and son!  
Super Jack!  Oh my look what I can do! Hehehehe!! :)
Super Jack conquers Daddy!  Ta-da!
Weird rules to "Lean Back"....Step 1)  Tell the person you are playing with to lay down ("lean back")  Step 2) Lift up shirt of person you are playing with Step 3) Tackle them Step 4) Stand on them Step 5) Sit on them and bounce.  You can also bring over a chair and jump off it onto the person as well.  Yeah, its a pretty sweet game.  Good times!
Super Jack and Daddy pause their game for a little picture!  Aren't my boys cute?
Yeah, he is pretty much the man!! And he knows it!!  We sure do love you, Jackie Bean!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dustin's B-day!

We didn't do much for Dustin this year for his birthday, but Dustin said it was just great for him. He got home a little early around 7 and we grilled steaks.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner, he opened presents, ate his chocolate dessert, and we played one of his presents, Mario Kart, on the Wii.  It was a nice little birthday.  Here are some highlights:  
Jack enjoyed helping Daddy open his presents!
Dustin was very excited about his gifts: awesome golf attire and a golf ball retriever from my mom and dad, some shirts from us, nice cards, and some money!  
Jack and Daddy before the blowing out of the candles.  Yes, I sang to Dustin by myself for his birthday.  Jack did at least add, "dear daddy" and he may have said "happy" too! :)

Dustin enjoying his chocolate dessert!
Jack enjoying dessert.  Actually he just ate the whip cream off the top.  Yum!
And finally, Jack giving Daddy some birthday spankings!! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dustin!!

Today is Dustin's birthday.  He has to work from 6:30 am to at least 7:30 pm.  Wahoo for football two-a-days.  So we won't see much of him on his birthday, but I just wanted to do a post with some pictures from this summer that shows what a fun, loving, amazing, wonderful husband and father Dustin is.  We hope he has a happy birthday and knows that Jack, Chewie, and I love him VERY much!  

Jack and Daddy in twinner shades. Yes we even had to go on a walk like this! :)

Cool Dudes!
Lounging with Daddy!  Jack loves to snuggle with his Daddy.  Dustin always takes time to play with Jack when he gets home from work, no matter how tired he is!  
One day when Dustin got home from work, him and Jack went "swimming" in the pool in the backyard!  Jack had a blast!  I love this picture! They are laying the same, smiling the same, looking the same!! :)

Hello to mommy!
Pouring water on Daddy's head!
I love how Jack is just leaning on his Daddy, laughing and having a great time in this picture!

Having so much fun!
Jack loves being Daddy's little helper! Here they are putting together Jack's toy shelves!
Chewie's favorite person to snuggle with is Dustin!
Daddy helping Jack put on his socks.  Dustin's socks. Not Jacks.  Jack would rather wear Daddy's.   
Jack modeling Daddy's socks! He always wants to wear EVERTHING of Dustin', socks, belts, shirts.....
Favorite place for Jack and Chewie to be (me too actually!) Love this pic!

Happy Birthday Dustin/Daddy!  We love you so much! Thanks for all you do for us!!  You're the best!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Saturday outing...

I absolutely love the area we live in!  Big Sky country is amazing! There are so many trails to walk on or hike and so much beautiful nature around.  Here are some pictures from another outing we did this summer.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed up Hyalite Canyon and visited the resevoir and walked up to see Palisade Falls!  It was beautiful!  Jack and I have spent so much time outdoors this summer, and we have loved it! :)

Jack fell while we were eating and apparently did not like the feel of the dirt and pine needles on his hands and knees.  After he tripped, he just laid there on his belly with his hands and legs in the air.  It was pretty funny! :)

Our cute little Jackie Bean!
After our picnic we decided to try for a family turned out kind of cute! Wahoo for self-timers and me sprinting into position!  :)
Jack all ready to head up the trail!
Jack and Daddy walking up the trail!  I love how Jack just lounges back and makes himself very comfortable! :)
Chewie and me walking up the trail!  (This is Chewie post hair cut.  He looks kind of skinny!)
Hey!  It looks like the waterfall is coming down on Jack's head! :)
Cute little Chewie!  He was all tuckered out by the end of the day! 
Jack and Daddy with Palisade Falls!
Our fam!  (I should have put the pic on where Dustin was looking off into the heavens! It was awesome!  Ha! Ha!)
Jack and Mommy!
Jack and Daddy!

Our whole family (even Chewie) at Palisade Falls!  

Friday, August 14, 2009

Virginia City

Another fun Saturday outing was to Virginia City!  It is an old mining boom town that turned into a ghost town and now has been set up as a pretty sweet tourist attraction.  We had fun looking at a sweet steam engine (we missed a chance to ride it to another Ghost Town, Nevada City).  We got to see a cool museum, peeked in windows at lots of old stuff, checked out restored buildings, and read lots of interesting facts about the history of the town, what hte buildings were used for, and how vigilantes ran the town. It used to have like 10,000 residents and now has less than 150!  It was a fun and interesting little visit!   
Jack and mommy by the steam engine!
Jack staring at an old gold miner in one of the stores!
Jack and Daddy by lots of weird stuffed animals.
Me by a sweet old wagon.
Dustin doing his classic pose (which Jack also naturally always does)!  
Jack and mommy hanging out by an old newspaper building.  
A cool view of the street and a horse and carriage!  Everything looked so neat!
Jack climbing on some stairs to peek in a window.
Jack, Daddy, and a nice indian fellow!
Jack posing by a kind of creepy old building.

Jack running away from the creepy building! What a cutie!
Dustin and Jack by the steam engine.  
This is just one view of the beautiful place we live!  Gotta love Big Sky Country! :)