Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jack's 1st Birthday!!

Our baby, our amazing Jack turned 1 on November 10th! We cannot believe it! This year has just flown by, and it definitely went too fast! Because Dustin had a basketball game the night of Jack's birthday, we did a party for him on the 9th. We had 20+ people over and it was lots of fun. Jack loved all of the madness, noise, and attention. He opened some presents, played with other kids, and dug into a basketball chocolate cake that Mommy made. I thought most 1 year olds didn't get the idea of unwrapping presents, but Jack loved pulling the paper off! Here are some highlights from his 2-day birthday festivities!

Jack loved the balloons we blew up for his party!

Here is my attempt at being creative and domestic - ball cakes for Jack!

Opening presents with Mommy at the party!

At first Jack just used his finger to get some frosting off the cake and ate that. Then I broke open the cake and he started grabbing handfuls. Here he is just starting to get into it!

Mommy, Jack, Daddy, and the massacred cake.

"Hey dad, you gotta try this stuff"

Definitely enjoying his chocolate cake. I am sure Jack was thinking, "Seriously, you are letting me eat this much chocolate and make this big of a mess....AWESOME!"

Check Please! (Bath time!!)

Jack with a couple of his buddies, Abe and Thomas. (Jack is gonna have lots of guy friends thanks to lots of our friends who have had or are having boys! Yay for sons!!)

Opening presents with Daddy after party.

Wahoo! A cell phone of Jack's very own that talks and lights up! (It even says things like, "Call Mommy," "Call Daddy," and"Call Grandma." Now we can practice! :)

By the end of opening presents on the second day, Jack was a serious pro!

Jack in his super cute camo hoodie (and chewing on the stick to his xylophone.

Here is Jack, Daddy, and Jack's loot! He got some wonderful, fun things for his birthday! Thank you so much to everyone who spoiled him so greatly!! He got a xylophone, clothes, books, balls, flashlights, a cell phone, a toy to hit and it bobbles back up, lots of bath toys, a Tonka truck, cars, bowties, and a Jack-in-the-box! He has so many and they are everywhere, so he just goes back and forth from toy to toy all day!!

It was a great birthday. Jack is clearly very loved. He is such a wonderful blessing and a great joy in our lives! We love you Jackie Bean!! Happy 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Cutest Monkey on the Block

Here is the cutest monkey on the block.

I cannot believe that Jack just experienced his first Halloween, and he will be 1 year old in less than a week! Last year at this time of year I was waddling around looking like a big, fat pumpkin! Well, Jack was a monkey for Halloween, and he looked so stinkin cute!! He had quite the day! We woke up Friday morning and mommy and Jack got decked out in their $1 Halloween shirts.

Jack had a very tiring and eventful day. He was off to spend the morning with Cami, Jacob, and Hannah. Then Daddy picked him up and brought him to Mommy's work. Jack got to show off his monkey costume for some of the teachers and the Headmaster. The Headmaster took this cute picture of us:

From there we headed over to Daddy's work to show off Jack and do a little trick-or-treating up in the front offices. Jack enjoyed his first sucker of the day there. Then Jack and Mommy went and did some trick-or-treating on main street. Here is Jack with some of his friends in the ward that we ran into.

2 suckers, a tootsie roll, and an attempt at sucking through the wrapper to get to some bubble gum later, Jack was getting tired and a little tipsy from the sugar. Here is a picture of him in his sugar daze....

Then he got a little hyper and delirious with the sugar running through his system. Here he is excitedly showing off the Fire Department where they gave him a heaping hand full of candy.

Here is Jack posing by some cute decorations outside one of the buildings downtown.

Then this happened like the instant we got in the car....

About one hour later (not nearly a long enough time for Jack's nap) I had to wake him up to go to the ward Trunk-or-Treat. He wasn't very happy there, but he sure looked cute. We then came home and had some friends over for a little Trunk-or-Treat after party. Jack kind of got his second wind and had some fun with some of his friends. Overall it was a great Halloween, but a very tiring day for everybody. Here is a few more pictures of my cute little monkey.

Daddy and his little monkey!

Playing in the leaves!

Posing in the leaves (Chewie is trying to get a taste of part of a tootsie roll that Jack got stuck in the armpit of his costume!) :)