Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April - Wow April was highly uneventful! :)

Looking back at pictures, it is evident that April was pretty boring.  We didn't do much. Granted I don't have my phone pictures on here, which evidence a little more excitement, but here is April!  
April saw us getting to say goodbye to this beastly beard! :)  
 These are pics of the boys being crazy in my room - diving and jumping off my bed into a pile of blankets and pillows.  As you can tell from the blurs, this is BEFORE I started figuring out how to adjust the shutter speed and such on my fancy new camera!
 Probably the highlight of the month was this little guy getting potty trained!  (And just a few weeks before he turned 3!)
 Here are all my boys being crazy! Wrestling on the floor, pretending to be asleep, being monkeys, and tickling!
 This night I made my boys jump off chairs and couches so I could test out my camera skills.  I am still working on it, so we have a billion jumping pics. Some are pretty awesome though! :)  Plus the boys were in heaven getting permission for once to jump off furniture!
 Just a few pics of my handsome boys....on the rare occasions when they let me pick their clothes...something other than basketball pants and T-shirts!
 More jumping and fast running pics of Jackie Bean!  I love his crazy face as he was running towards me!  :)
 Zander Man's jumps! :)  And silly faces.
 My cute Jack!
  Zander being a monkey!
I built a fort for them while I mopped the kitchen floor.

And one last parting shot of my crazy boys!

Well looks like April can be summarized by shaving, potty training, being crazy, boys jumping, and mom working on her camera skills!   Oh and did I mention it snowed.....a lot in April.  Maybe that lent to some of the craziness in our house!   Awesome. What a month! :)