Thursday, February 25, 2010

80s Going Away Party for the Bergesons!

Dustin and I have felt so blessed to have met such wonderful people up here in Bozeman and made some great friends that have turned into our family away from family! We have seen lots of friends move away, but this week, the friends we have known the longest are moving away! The good news is that they are moving to Utah, so we can see them when we are down seeing my family. But they will be missed. We decided to do an 80s going away party for them. It was fun and there was some awesome clothes going on!
Here is the reason for the party: Missy, Abe, and Luke!
Here is Jack and I all ready for the party! I love Jack's not-so-thrilled face in this picture!
Check out that beast of a belly in that picture! Dustin got sick this day, so he wasn't able to come to the shindig with us.
Jack enjoying some Cheetos in his 80s gear at the party!
The glammed up women: Me, Brooke, Kansas, Missy, Halsey, Chelsy, Jess, Missy, and Meagan.
The men folk (without my hottie hubby): David, Eric, Heber, Luke, Pete, Tyler, and John
These guys had some of the sweetest 80s costumes: Halsey and John. Their baby even had on a Blonde onesie.
Missy and me! I am SERIOUSLY gonna miss this girl!
Me, Chelsy, Halsey, and Missy!
Jack hugging my belly!
Loving the Pleather!
Yes, a bunch of us friends are prego! Cute mamas and cute bellies!
Meagan had by far the best 80s hairdo!
Jack and Abe! Jack is seriously gonna miss Abe! They have a very brotherly love-hate relationship!
Cute boys!
Jack, Abe, and Jackson!
Pete and Michael Jackson led the kids in quite the dance party!
There was one time on the video where Michael Jackson had people gathered around him and was talking really quiet.....Some of the kids stopped and folded their arms because they thought it was time for prayer!

It was a fun party, but we are all so sad to see the Bergesons go! We will miss them!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A little more Valentines!

Just a little more Valentine's Day news to share. The day after, Dustin and I got to actually go on a date because some wonderful friends watched Jack. It was nice and relaxing and fun to just talk to each other for a couple of hours over some good grub! Here is Dustin and I excited to be going on a Valentines date!
And just because some of you have requested a baby belly shot, here is one for your viewing pleasure??
Jack has been very excited to get some "presents" in the mail....Grandparents have been so good to send us/Jack mostly, some Valentine's packages. The first was from Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Enslinger. Here is Jack and Daddy opening the box. Jack is very excited about the fruit snacks!
And some new slippers!
And I am excited for the cute shirt from Great Grandparents!
Here is Jack cheesing with his cards!
Modeling the new slippers!
Then a package arrived from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen. More treats and fruit snacks....
And a cute Valentine's book! Wahoo!
So here is Jack telling all of his Grandparents THANK YOU! We feel very loved!!

Sorry it is sideways!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What have we been up to lately!?

Jack absolutely loves his Spiderman outfit I found for a good deal at Ross. He pretty much wants to wear that or a basketball or football shirt/outfit everyday. Sometimes when he has on his Spiderman outfit or his Spiderman pajamas, he also thinks he has to wear his Spiderman slippers and his Spiderman bike helmet! :)
Cheese! I love this kid! :)
Well after we got home from Christmas, a Christmas package from Dustin's sister, Melissa, came! Jack was so excited to open more presents!
Caught in the act!
Yeah, Dustin decided to grow a beard from October until he just BARELY shaved it off! He is cute either way, but I think shaving the beard shaved off a couple years from the age he looked!
Jack wearing his bowl as a hat in the tub!
Bath time fun!
Our little stud!
Jack wanted to try on my T-shirt.
This is Jack in his Christmas outfit that I bought him. I thought the comb over also added to the cuteness of our little man!
Seriously! He is so cute!
What a guy!
This is Jack in the cute Christmas outfit his Grandma Enslinger bought him! So handsome!
Jack and I have a lot of fun hanging out all day and when Daddy is gone!
Jack enjoying watching a movie, eating snacks, and lounging in his camp chair!
We have been reading A LOT of books lately! Jack loves to just sit forever and have us read stories.
Or he will sit in his room forever and just read his books. He is so smart and will tell us exact lines from his books!
We have been trying a little bit of potty training. He has peed and pooped successfully in the toilet several times, but we aren't even close to being there! :)
Yeah, we have been making lots of treats. Jack is excited when prego mommy gets a craving for cookies! :)
Jack is becoming quite the pro at shooting hoops!
He actually even has really good form!
This is Jack hanging out with his pal, Abe!
Here is Jack giving his monkey's a ride!

Life is good! Jack brings us so much joy every single day! He is so smart and sweet and crazy all at the same time! We are having fun, staying very busy lately (it will be nice when basketball season is over), and realizing that before we know it, baby # 2 is going to be here!