Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Belnap Family Reunion

Over Father's Day weekend we headed to Midway for the Belnap Family Reunion.  We had a great time!  We played lots of fun games around the camp grounds, ate yummy food, and it was wonderful to see my favorite cousins and their kids.  It was so great to chat with them, and I am sad we didn't get any pictures with them!  We also got to ride 4 wheelers and go to Jordanelle and tube on Stacy's boat.  We had a great time, did lots of fun things, but the best part really was just seeing and visiting with family!  It was especially great to listen to my Grandma and Grandpa talk and see the joy they have in their posterity!  Here are some highlights from the reunion:
Right after we got there and were setting up, I lost track of Jack.  Turns out that he was getting a 4 wheeler ride from his great-uncle Robert.  

Jack and Daddy going for a ride.  I really think Dustin wants to get a 4 wheeler one day!  He loves them, and so did Jack!

Jack and mommy taking a 4 wheeler ride!  (Still looking okay...this was Day 1!!)
Here is Jack getting ready for bed the first night.  This is how we camped....sleeping in a tent but living out of the back of our Highlander.  
Here was the sleeping conditions in Lisa's tent.  She slept on one side with her mattress, Jack in the middle, and Dustin and I on our mattress on the other side.  Jack was not digging the cold nights in the pack n play by himself.  He ended up snuggling with us in our sleeping bag each night!
Friday morning they had lots of fun games and things to do.  I am sad I missed Dustin doing a sack race...apparently he ate it.  Wish I would have caught that on film.  
Here is Jack playing with the T-ball stand.  He sure loves hitting balls with bats. 

Friday during the day we went boating at Jordanelle.  Here is Lisa all ready and excited to go even though preggers didn't get to tube....  

Here is Jackie Bean and mommy on the boat!

Jack hanging out on the boat!

Ryan, Aubrey, and Drew on the boat.  Drew was one brave kid.  I went on a pretty fast, bumpy fun ride with him and Braden!

Jack being the flag boy on the boat!

Here's our little family all ready to go tubing behind the boat!  It was so much fun!  

I love this picture. Click on it and make it bigger so you can see Jack's face.  It is pure joy!  He had so much fun!
Mamacita and Leathal on the banks! 

The area at Jordanelle that we went to also had a little playground.  Jack had fun playing in water puddles, going down the slide, 

and throwing rocks around.   I sat and watched him play for too long and got my legs FRIED!

The place where we camped had a building that had a kitchen, a big open area, and bathrooms.  So we decided to give Jack a bath in the kitchen sing.  He seemed to enjoy it, and I was jealous!
After the above picture was taken Friday night, we lost our camera.  We could not find it all day Saturday so we missed out on some fun times playing games, kids dressing up, and getting to see my great friend, Tana!

This picture was taken after the joyous moment when I found our camera Sunday morning!

Here are a bunch of the great-grandkids singing, "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home."  Jack isn't singing, but we let him go up with the other kids.  He just kind of clapped and danced.  

Grandma and Grandpa Belnap.  They are truly amazing people.  Both of them got up on Father's Day morning and spoke to the family.  It was wonderful to listen to them and their sweet words they had to share with us.  

Yeah yeah, I know I look rough, I was on my third day without a shower, but I LOVE this picture.  These two are the reason we all gathered.  They are AMAZING!

While we were getting ready to go, we couldn't find Jack.  This is where we found him: Hanging out with Mylee in their mini van.  

Here is Jack enjoying eating Cheetos on the drive home.  This is the before shot....

And this is the after.  Jack had so much fun all week and was so tuckered out that he fell asleep with his hand in the Cheetos bag.  The funny thing is like an hour later he wakes himself up by crinkling the bag, gets all wide eyed, then continues where he left off eating Cheetos!

We had a great time at the Belnap Reunion!  We are so blessed to have such amazing families and a wonderful heritage!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

While we were down in Utah, we had the amazing and spiritual experience of going through the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house.  We went through with a lot of my family, and it was wonderful.  What a neat experience to be sitting in the gorgeous sealing room looking at Jack, me, and Dustin in the mirrors and knowing one day we will be sealed together as a family.  It was a great experience.  

 Kind of a crazy side note:  A few days before we went to the open house, the angel Moroni on top of the temple was struck by lightning, so when we were there, we could see how the arm and trumpet were all black.  
Our family in front of the fountain.  (Yes it was a little windy!)

All of the family that went to the open house.  

Jack and I overlooking the nice place where this temple sits.  It is so close to the Jordan River temple.  If you look closely, you can see the other temple in the background.  

Jack helping Daddy push his stroller around the beautiful grounds! 

Jack and Daddy!  I sure do love these boys more than anything!

Me and my sweet, beautiful mother!  

Jack and Dustin again!

Here is the whole group of my family that went sitting in front of this beautiful temple!  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Reunion Time!!

We recently got back from 10 days in Utah.  The first of our adventures down there was our family reunion.  We all met up at the Wolf Creek condos up Ogden canyon and had lots of fun . There are 29 of us right now in the family, and here are the two that started it all.  We sure do love them!  What a fun posterity they have!
We had a lot of fun swimming at the pool, playing raquetball, playing golf, going for walks, playing games, chatting, eating yummy food, etc.  It was a fun family reunion and great to see everyone, especially Holly's family who I haven't seen since last summer.  Here are some of the highlights of the reunion:  
The first day we went the pool it was really nice.  Here is Jack and I all ready to get in the water.  
Jack and Daddy!

Jack wading in the kiddie pool.  A second later he slipped and went under.  I had to jump in and save him, with my camera in hand.  Kinda scary.

Jack and Daddy in the pool!  Jack sure loves his floaty tube.  

Jack warming up!

The fam hanging out pool side during a break.

Alex and her kiddos!

Stacy and her kids!

Holly and Jackie Bean

One of the nights of madness in the condos!   Jack is either tackling Conner or getting a piggy back.  Probably tackling.  Conner seemed to always be his target.  

Jack and Uncle Rick

Our little family!

A family reunion would not be complete without ghost stories from Brad. It is always a highlight for the kids and adults. He didn't disappoint this year with stories about the bloody finger, the indian jaw, and Swift Goofus.  

Jack obviously had a good time.  You can tell by his CHEESE!

Here are some fun pool pics of the kids on the cold Day 2 at the pool!
Cute little Carly and Lu!

Britney showing off her muscles!

Goofy Ryan

The countdown before being able to jump back in the water after it got checked.  They seriously stood there for at least a full minute saying, "Ready, Set... Ready, Set...."  Dillon, Ryan, Braden, Britney, Carly, Conner, Aubrey, Riley.  

Mom decided to be brave and take all these kids over to the pool.  Jack and Dustin were napping so I decided to go with her.  What a cute Grandma she is!

Striking a crazy pose!

Jack absolutely loved being around the other kids.  Especially the kids close to his size:  Brock, Mylee, and Wesley.  Here he is chilling with Wesley.

My mom got T-shirts for all the kids to decorate, paint, do iron-ons, etc.  Since Jack couldn't decorate his own shirt, Dustin was really excited to do it for him.  Here they are showing it off.  It turned out pretty awesome! 

Cute Mylee and Jack.  Mylee is over 6 months older.  Can you tell?

Mylee giving Jack a hug.

Here are all of the grandkids showing off their T-shirts.  There are now 15 of them with Lisa having one on the way.  Madison, Dillon, Conner, Riley, Ryan, Braden, Britney, Loryn, Mylee, Aubrey, Drew, Brock, Jack, Carly, and Wesley.

Jack, Wesley, Lisa, Braden, Riley, and Conner waiting to leave.

Here is Jack begging Wesley for more of his rice crispy treat.  Kind of a funny pic.

Before we left we took pictures of each family that was there, with a few people missing.  So here are some pics:  
Here we are, blurry, but better than the pic I looked too fat in! :)  

Clint's family (without Clint!)

Kirk's family (without Kirk)

Rick's family!

Holly's family (without Brad).  I only get to see these guys like once a year, and that is not nearly enough.  They are such a cute little family!

Thanks fam for a way fun family reunion! We sure do love you all!