Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello!! This post and these pictures of Jack are dedicated to all you Kansas State fans out there! I am sure that you are all aware that Kansas State beat the previouslyl undefeated Kansas Jayhawks last night! Jack is showing his KSU pride! Go Wildcats! Isn't Jack cute!? He doesn't look so bad in purple! :)

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet

I have just been thinking so much this week about President Hinckley and the amazing life that he lived! I just wanted to take a minute to talk about some of his amazing and endearing qualities. I truly feel like he was MY prophet because he has been the prophet through a lot of my crucial growing up stages (the good and the bad) and testimony building over the last 13 years. Through it all I have loved this man! He was not only an amazing spiritual leader, humanitarian, and scholar, but he just seems so real too. He was so witty, sweet, energetic, realistic, fun, blunt, and oh so loving to his wife! I feel we have been extremely lucky to have him as our leader and to help our religion become more known and understood. He truly was an amazing man and I will miss hearing his sweet voice and seeing his bright smile when General Conference rolls around again. I know his greeting in heaven was probably amazing and sweet! I look forward to the words of a new prophet in this new stage of my life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little more Jack Jack Attack! :)

I just have some fun random snapshots of Jack that I want to post. I want to remind everyone that every picture that I post, except for the ones in a slideshow, can be clicked on and saved to your computer so you can print them off just like if I sent them in an email. Dustin is gone again for a few days so it is just me and Jack. I always seem to take the most pictures when Dustin is away (mostly so I can update him when he gets home) but there will probably be a few new ones put on here in a few more days.

This first one needs a little explanation...if anyone is familiar with wrestling, there is a guy called The Undertaker. He is quite scary and rolls his eyes back in his head a look even more creepy. Well, when Jack is really sleepy, and fighting the sleep, he tends to do an impression of the undertaker. I tried to get a picture of it, but it happens quick so this is the best I could do. You might need to click on it to make it bigger to see his eyes!

This is Jack in a cute outfit his Great Aunt Jill gave him. He looked so super cute this day for church, but those smiles are for daddy and daddy alone....Dustin had just got home from a 5 day road trip and these are the grins Jack gave him!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack at 2 months old!

What a handsome guy!!

Jack just showing off that beautiful smile of his!!

Jack Fix!!

Can you believe how much they look alike!! So cute!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jack's Blessing

My mom and dad and Kirk, Amy, Madison, Ryan, Drew, and Mylee all came up to Bozeman for Jack's blessing. It was so nice of them to come up and support us and Jack. They even had to drive on some pretty terrible roads to get here. We took them to the Cat/Gri game and they got to see quite a game. It meant the world to us that they chose to come! My father gave Jack one of the most beautiful blessings I have ever heard! The spirit was so strong! Thank you so much dad! It was absolutely wonderful! Enjoy some highlights from the weekend!

Jack's Blessing

Jack on his blessing day!

Highlights from New Years in Utah

Brock and Jack

New Years in Utah!

After being home only a day from our 6 days in Kansas, Jack and I headed down to Utah to spend New Years. It took us about 8 hours to make the usually 5 1/2 hour drive because of snowy, icy roads. We also had a little "blow out incident" at a rest deserves the story....

So I stopped at my favorite rest area between Blackfoot and Pocatello. Jack needed to eat and I needed to go to the bathroom. Well as Jack was gulping down a bottle in my lap in the car, he apparently decided to completely relax, and we know that when babies do that, the poop finally flows! Well he pooped with some extreme power and it blew out up his back. Now, at this point in our journey it was also snowing like crazy. Well I bundled up Jack in some blankets, grabbed the diaper bag and headed into the rest area thinking for sure this nice rest area would have a lovely little changing table. Needless to say it did not, but it did have a very inviting cement bench which I covered with blankets and made into my makeshift changing table. So there we were in a cold cement bathroom with Jack needing every item of clothing on his body to be changed. People gave me some strange looks as they came in. I talked to Jack saying things like, "What a time for a blow out sweetie!" mostly so people would not wonder why I had my baby naked in a rest room bathroom on a cement bench. Anyway, we did the necessary dirty work (and it definitely was dirty), but I still needed to go to the bathroom. So as awkward as it was, Jack sat on my lap as I went to the bathroom. Finally we were able to get back on the road (only after the man who had been shoveling walks and staring at me in the car, on the walk in, and as I walked out of the bathroom asked if I was "doing alright with that little one." Thanks for your concern! :)

Anyway, the trip to Utah was a lot of fun! We were able to spend time with my sister Holly and meet her big little man Brock down in Utah. She was able to come up from Roswell for a visit, and it was lots of fun to visit and see each other's babies. Brock was born in August and is a big guy like Jack. It was fun to see them together. While home we also got together with the rest of the family at my brother's house. That was lots of fun. All of my nieces and nephews loved Jack. It was pretty funny when we tried to get a picture of the four babies that have all been born within the last year as all are at very different stages.. We ate dinner at the OG and spent New Year's Eve with my mom and dad, Holly and Brock, and my sister Lisa and her husband Bryce. It was a fun trip, and my mom loved having her daughters and babies staying at her least that is what she said! :) We had a great time though. It was nice to get home again though after all of the traveling.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jack's 1st road trip!

Even though Jack was just a few weeks old, we decided to pack up and head to Utah for Thanksgiving (and to continue to receive some help from my amazing mommy!) Here are some highlights from the trip!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas in Kansas!

We had such a fun time spending Christmas in Kansas this year! We got to spend time with the whole family and lots of friends. Jack (and we) got very, very spoiled. Jack, I do believe, now has every toy that Bright Star makes! This slide show is some highlights from our trip!

More about us...

So sorry to do a billion posts on pretty much the first day, but I want to get current. So here is a little about us right now, and later I will put up pictures from Christmas, Jack's baby blessing, and some current photos of the little guy!

Well Dustin is smack dab in the middle of basketball season. He is the Athletic Trainer for Montana State. He goes on 5 day road trips with them that Jack and I do not enjoy at all. He is such a cute daddy and Jack adores him. Dustin is always coming up with little games that he can do with Jack...such as the simple game of Jack kicking his blanket off and Dustin telling him he better not! You should see the look on Jack's face as he starts kicking oh so hard to get the blanket off when Dustin says that! Jack definitely looks like and loves his daddy.

I am at home with Jack and loving it. He is fun! I am also coaching a Junior High girls basketall team. It should be an adventure to say the least. Some of these gals have not a clue!! Stay tuned for stories from this experience....I am sure there will be some goodies!

Jack has had a cold for the last couple of weeks and I for one cannot wait for him to get over it. He is stuffy and has quite the cough. I practically burst into tears every time he has a coughing fit. It is hard to watch and not really be able to do anything. Jack gets pretty frustrated and at the end of coughing usually yells out a little with a very emphatic "ERGH!!"

We enjoyed the holidays, but traveled a ton. We are settling back into things finally. Keep checking in on our blog, but be patient with my learning process!!
Heather, Dustin, and Jack

Jack Dustin Enslinger

Take Two

Okay, we will give this blog another go.....Two days after my first attempt to start our blog, our big/little Jack arrived! Here is the story: Throughout this pregnancy, there were a few problems that came up. I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Jack, so the doctor was watching me extra close this time. Then during an ultrasound they discovered that I had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage (the placenta was pulling away from the uterine wall and filling with blood). Because of this, I had to/got to have an ultrasound every 4 weeks. We knew I was growing a BIG baby. Near the end of the pregnancy, it was also discovered that part of the umbilical cord was non-helical, which could be dangerous during birth. For all of these reasons, my doctor (who we LOVE) decided a C-section would be the best idea. So we had one scheduled for the following week. My body had other ideas. Friday night, November 10th, I went into labor. I labored at home, went for walks with Dustin, and tried to decide what to do until about 2:00 on Saturday November 11th. Finally we went into the doctor, they got everything ready for a C-section, and Jack came into the world a little after 5!

Our little/big man weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds 10.6 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long!

He is now two months old and is 13 pounds 1 ounce and is super tall at 24 1/4 inches long! He is so sweet and cute! We are enjoying every moment of being his mommy and daddy!