Monday, March 31, 2008

The Many Faces of Jack's First Adventures with Rice Cereal!!

The doctor gave the okay to start Jack on some rice cereal at his four month appointment! (Which by the way, Jack weighed 15 lbs 15 ounces, which I guessed exactly, and his height was 25 1/4). Anyway, so while Grandma Enslinger was here, we decided to give it a go. Grandma bought us the cereal and various feeding supplies. It has been an interesting experience....I thought it was going to be a cake walk because the very first bite I gave him, Jack opened his mouth and leaned in to take the bite......Yay! has progressively gotten worse since then! The next few tries Jack tried to grab the spoon and feed himself. Then recently, he has also learned how to spit and roll his lips, so he gets really excited to have extra stuff on his lips to get to spit. He has sprayed himself and me a few times and ends up with dots of cereal all over his face. He thinks he is really funny when he holds it in for awhile and then spits it out. Dustin and I are discovering ways of how to wall the food in with the spoon or trick him into swallowing by letting him suck on the spoon or our fingers. Anyway, he does get most of it eventually down in his belly and we are having fun with this new step with Jack. Enjoy the many faces of Jack with his adventures with eating cereal!

Highlights from Grandma Enslinger's visit!!

Grandma Enslinger (with a way cute new hair cut) came out from Kansas to vistit for a week! It was so much fun to have her here! Jack and her got in lots of quality bonding! He seemed to absolutely love having her here! She cooked yummy chicken enchiladas for us, let mommy get lots of naps, let mommy and daddy go on a date night (their first date night without Jack since Jack has been born) and took us shopping and spoiled us all as usual! (We let Jack ride in the front of the shopping cart on one of our shopping excursions. He looked so little and cute and big sitting in there! I wish we would have had the camera!) Grandma Enslinger is so fun, wonderful, and generous! We had a fun time chatting during the day and playing with Jack. It was really nice to have her there for when Jack got his shots. She was a great support during, as well as after when we had a sad, sore, cranky baby on our hands. Jack seriously must be completely happy when she comes to visit because when he was 3 weeks old, he gave his first real smiles during a visit from Grandma, and this time he laughed out loud (both in his sleep - oh so cute and awake) while Grandma was here. She must make him a very happy boy! Grandma also bought us Jack's cereal and all his feeding supplies and got to witness Jack's first attempt at eating cereal while she was here!. Anyway, it was a great visit and we miss her a ton already. We do not get to see Dustin's parents and family nearly enough. Next time we will see them will be in July and by then Melissa (Dustin's sis) will have a new baby of her own! We can't wait for that trip! Thanks for a great visit Grandma! Here are some of the highlights from her visit!

Grandma gave Jack these oh so cute spiderman pajamas! (Size 12 months and yes they fit Jack!) We joked that he looked like Great-Grandpa Enslinger in his jammies! We especially like the undershirt/potential chest hairs showing out the top! He looked so cute in them and as you can see he was happy to be sporting them!

Grandma tried to take Jack home in her carry on!! Oh how she wished she could!

Here is Jack and Grandma having one of their many heart to heart chats!

Jack enjoying the monkey Grandma gave him when he was 3 weeks old. (He likes to chew on this monkey and stick its whole tail in his mouth!)

With same monkey at 3 weeks old. (Jack's gotten a little bigger and changed a bit, eh?)

Grandma gave Jack all kinds of cute clothes including this cute camo outfit that Jack looks darling in! Here is Jack with Grandma showing of his new clothes!

One last time letting Grandma feed Jack at the airport!

Saying goodbye to Grandma at the airport! (Jack is not happy about it!)

Jack was all tuckered out after a fun filled week of playing with Grandma! He is dreaming of the next visit!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A drastic change.....

One last fun and crazy thing that I did while in Utah is....I chopped my hair off!! I got 10 inches cut off and am donating it to "Locks for Love." It was a pretty big change and I am still getting used to it, but I do really like it! I think Jack misses it a little bit though.....he used to wrap his hands up in my hair, kind of as a comfort thing, as he fell asleep in my arms.
Here I am BEFORE:

Here I am AFTER:

A ski day!!

While we were in Logan, Dustin and I got to go skiing for a half day up at good old Beaver Mountain. My amazingly sweet and kind sister Lisa said she would love to watcch Jack so that we could go! She had fun with Jack (got a small taste of what it is like to me a mommy) and Dustin and I had a good time up on the slopes. It was a beautiful, sunny day and it was not busy at all. I am proud to say that I did not fall once, and I have not been skiing in probably two years! My dear husband though had some prettty sweet, big bruises to prove that he couldn't say the same! :) We got nice sunburned faces and were a little sore the next day, but all in all it was a fun little day with each other - our first afternoon really away from Jack! Here's some pictures from our day!

Back to Blogging.....

I am now back to blogging, and boy do we have a lot to update everyone on! We have had a fun last couple of weeks. We stayed down in Utah and had lots of fun for Spring Break, then came home and Jack's grandma Enslinger came out to visit this past week. We have had a lot of good times!! So this blog is show the fun we had while we were down in Utah, and there is oh so much more to come!!

Here is our little family hanging out at Kirk and Amy's house after church.

Here is Jack playing in the tub at Grandma's with the awesome rubber duckies that flash lights that Grandma gave him!

Here is Lisa and Dustin discussing their strategies in an attempt to beat my mom and me during one of the many games we played while we were in Logan!

Here is Jack with his fun Aunt Lisa!

Here is Jack with a couple of his fun, cute cousins: Ryan and Drew!!

Here is Jack and me at the Montana State basketball game at Weber. Jack has some fun little streamers on his head that the die hard MSU fans (aka the coaches sons and other MSU staff's children) were playing with during the game. (They did end up losing so Dustin was able to come back to Logan with us and spend a few days!!)

Here is Jack with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen before we came home from Utah the first time!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Random pics of Jack

So we are heading back down to Utah again....Dustin's team didn't end the season too well so it turns out they play the first round of conference play against Weber State in Ogden. So I figured once again we would head on down as well and make a little longer trip out of it this time. Next week is Spring Break for us as well so we will stay down til probably Wednesday. Then next Saturday Grandma Enslinger is coming out to visit for a week for her Spring Break! We have lots of fun with family planned for the next couple of weeks! Depending on how his team does, Dustin will either be staying there with us after the game or heading off to Portland for round 2. So anyway since I will be at home for a few days, I figured I should leave my blog page with some cute pictures of Jack rather than his sick pictures. So here are some random pictures of Jack showing off some more skills and other quirky behaviors that he has! Enjoy!

Here is Jack giving us a smile/giggle! So stinkin cute!!

Here is Jack doing the most darling sleeping pose ever! Notice the hands behind the head and the crossed legs. He literally always sleeps with his hands like that. It cracks Dustin and me up every single night!

This is Jack sitting up...sort of.....We are working with him on sitting up and this is close to the best he can do so far!

This is Jack holding his own bottle. He really likes to do it! I think my mom thought I was a bad mother because I didn't cuddle my son while he ate, but then she tried and realized he wasn't a fan.....He likes to hold his own and he is dang good at it too!

This is Jack looking oh so cute and stylish in a sweet beanie one of my friends up here made for him!

Here is another lovely sleeping pose with his bum pushed up in the air! So cute!

Jack loves to stand and has some seriously strong little legs for how young he is. (Maybe it is because his daddy works with him on things everyday!)

I just randomly put one of my headbands on him one day, but I thought it looked so cute because he looked like a king with a crown on or maybe a shepherd....I probably should stop doing such random things with my son....

Another Sweater Vest :)

The Graduate Assistants that work with Dustin (all young girls) absolutely love "Jack-Jack" (as they call him.) Well the other day they were in the store, saw this outfit and just HAD to buy it for Jack. It is pretty dang cute...especially when him and Dustin are twinners! They also got him a cute shirt that says, "My daddy is my hero" So fun! This kid is getting spoiled from all angles. Here are some cute pics of him in his outfit! (Everyone is probably happy that "Snot-nosed Jack" will not meet their eye now everytime they check our blog!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Jack's Sick!

So we will post more cute, fun pictures of Jack later...but this is up to the date news. These photos were taken TODAY! Dustin has been sick and without a voice for a few days. Jack also has been having a runny nose. Well today while he was eating, he started coughing which led to him throwing up (a lot, but more about that later...) which was then followed by a sneeze. This picture shows what he looked like as a result of all of that! There was even milk coming out of his nose! Poor little guy! I know this is a gross post, but just wanted to show how my poor little guy is with his little sickness!

Not only did Jack throw up all over himself and on my leg, but he also threw up all over our bed! (There was a lot of it! Far more than the 3 ounces he had eaten before the occurence!) It is a sad day!

Our little fish!

We had a lot of fun going on this last road trip with Dustin. When we got to Utah we got to spend time with family! It was great! We had a nice get together with amazing food, games, and good times! In Pocatello, I got to visit with some old friends! It was great to catch up with Trish and Chelsey! When we were in Pocatello, the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool, so we decided to take Jack for his first swim! We went and got some a-little-too-big-for-Jack swim diapers. (Jack has not acquired a swim suit just yet!) Then Dustin and Jack went for a dip. At first he didn't know what to expect because the water was far more cold than his typical bath water, but eventually he really enjoyed it and was smiling and kicking his legs. It was all good and fun til Dustin slipped on the bottom of the pool. However, he, being the amazing father that he is held Jack above water as he slipped into the depths. What a dad! (I sadly missed this little mis-step because I had turned to get some towels, but oh how I wished I could have seen Dustin slip, panic spread across his face (and probably Jack's) and been able to snap a picture....maybe next time! :) ) Anyway, enjoy the pics from Jack's first adventure swimming!

Redeeming Aunt Lisa......

Aunt Lisa has redeemed herself in my book in regards to my amazing son. She said, and I quote, "I like him! He's fun!"

Thanks Aunt Lisa! We love you too!