Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grandma Enslinger's visit!!

Grandma Enslinger came out for a visit over Spring Break. It was so wonderful to have her here! We got to visit, got out to eat, go shopping, go to the Museum of the Rockies, and we went downtown to see the explosion site. We were very spoiled and very lucky! Grandma is so generous and wonderful! We loved having her here, but we wish that Grandpa could have come too!  Jack really enjoyed his Grandma, and I really enjoyed getting more sleep and relaxing!  It was a great week!  Here are some highlights from her visit!! 
Grandma arrived on Saturday night, and Sunday we went to church. Jack had to wear his darling suit that Grandma had given him. He looked so very handsome!

So Jack and Daddy of course had to dress like twinners to go to church!

Jack ran right to his Grandma at the airport. He was greeted with lots of hugs and loves and also a new awesome book. Jack was pretty loving towards Grandma all week. Here is Jack giving Grandma kisses!

Jack and Grandma were always back seat buddies! Jack loved having someone else back there with him, especially when he threw his balls or binky and needed someone to find it for him.

We went to the Museum of the Rockies. They had a tree house exhibit that Jack absolutely loved. Jack sure does love the museum! Jack usually loves everything about the museum!

Daddy and Jack looking in the different lenses at some Tree house animals!

As you can see, Jack was having a blast in the tree house!

Jack loved running across the draw bridge. (That is after he face planted the first time and figured out how to get across it.) He would never hold still in the tree house long enough for us to even catch a good picture!

Here is Jack with Mommy and Daddy in the tree house!

Here is Jack trying to share his sippy with the Dino!

Grandma did so many fun things with Jack and she taught him a bunch of fun new things.  She played a Where is Daddy? game, she played with Jack's toys with him, bought him a T-shirt, hat, and Dinos at the Museum, and just gave him lots and lots of love and attention.  Here is Grandma reading Jack a story!

Grandma helped Jack with his colors and how to put his colored rings on in the right order on his toy.

Grandma taught Jack how to wink....or at least try!

Grandma got up every morning with Jack and shared her cereal, played with Jack, and let him touch her oh so neat hot coffee cup. They were morning buddies all week long! And mommy and daddy got to sleep in. Thanks for that Grandma! :) (Jack is wearing the hat Grandma got him at the Museum of the Rockies in this picture.)

Another thing Grandma taught Jack while she was here was how to say and do "E.T. Phone home." Jack constantly says E.T. now and wants to touch fingers. Very cute. I think his babysitters were wondering what in the world he was doing and saying for awhile til I explained it to them!

Grandma, Jack (not wanting to pause for a picture), and Dustin at the airport

Here is Jack giving a bear in the airport gift shop a "love." His way of giving "loves" is to dip and snuggle his head into you.

Walking through the airport with Grandma before we had to say goodbye!
Jack and Grandma with the bears!

Thanks for the great visit Patty/Grandma! Thank you so much for everything you did for us while you were here! We feel very spoiled and very loved! And now Jack sure does love and miss his Grandma (and Grandpa)! We love you and can't wait to see you this summer! (Which is way too long before we get to see you both again!!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something new, please!

You are all probably thinking, It's about time she put something else up so that we don't have to keep looking at the sleepy bearded man.....well, I agree. It is time. We have been pretty busy. We traveled to Utah before Spring Break and had Dustin's mom here for Spring Break. We have had a couple of fun-filled weeks of family time!! I will update about all that later, but for now I just have a few more random pictures I want to put up.

Here is our little family, including Chewie. This picture cracks me up because I think Chewie is nibbling on Jack's ear, which is apparently making us all crack up!

Here is my cool dude. He is wearing my sunglasses that he broke.

I love this picture of Jack with his 3 favorite things: his green, soft blankie, his binkie, and his Willie the Wildcat stuffed animal.
I just love this picture! I think it is so sweet. I still think there is nothing better than when Jack decides he wants to snuggle with us. It is pretty rare but so wonderful when it happens!

When Jack was just couple of months old, Dustin couldn't resist buying him his first pair of Jordans. The problem was the smallest size was a 5. Size 5 seemed forever away back then, but we are happy to announce Jack is officially sporting his J's so lovingly bought by a proud new daddy more than a year ago! And they are actually getting use out of them because Jack is a crazy walking fool now! :) Here's our little stud muffin modeling his shoes.

Here's a close-up of Jack's sweet Jordans!

I decided to take Jack out to play in the snow one day. He LOVED it! He didn't love the bundling up in his snow outfit so much, but when we got outside I think it was all worth it. I love these pictures! Just classic!

And yep, Jack still loves to make messes. He still loves dumping out my recipe box and few of his other constant messes are pulling things out of the garbage can, throwing the folded laundry off the couch, pulling everything he can reach (which is quite a bit) off of every table or dresser, and if the balls or rings are cleaned up, the first thing Jack does when he notices is dumps them out. I have just started waiting til after Jack goes to bed to pick things up. Otherwise, I would be cleaning up after him all day non-stop!

For some reason, Jack and Chewie love playing in the corner with the hamper and full length mirror. Jack goes crazy with the mesh laundry bags! Weird, but hey, it is one of his favorite spots.

So with our trip to Utah, our Spring Break and coming up, we are having friends that moved away come back and stay with us for a visit, then the week before Easter, my parents are coming up to visit! We are having a great time with lots of visitors! So until I post more pictures of all our fun times, here is my sweet little Easter bunny!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Bearded Man

Dustin has been growing a beard for the last several weeks. I actually think it looks pretty good, but I am not a fan of kissing those whiskers above his lips. Just wanted to post some pictures for those of you who did not have the privilege of seeing Dustin's amazing beard in person. Because the beard no longer exists. It was shaved off yesterday morning. Only the goatee, which is my favorite look, remains. Adios bearded man! Welcome back kissable lips! :)

*P.S. Try to ignore how goofy Dustin looks in these pictures. He had just woken up! :)