Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Summer Days spent well!

Jack and I had a lot of fun together this summer. It has been sad for me to go back to work. Jack and I were buddies and did everything together. We had many adventures and did a lot of of fun things. Here are some of our main highlights!

Went for lots of bike rides!
We played in the pool in the backyard!
We have taken several trips to the splash park!
Jack just loves being outside. I love that we have a huge back yard to play in! Here he is riding his dump truck!
Jack loves bubbles! He loves his new bubble machine! I also bought a bubble rocket that we haven't tried out yet! :)

Jack and I at the Museum of the Rockies
Jack and the dinos!
Jack loves being outside but hates the bright sun in his eyes. He often requests to wear his shades!
We have taken many trips to parks. As you can see, Jack loves being at parks and loves going down slides head first!
Thank goodness for Skype. Every Sunday we get to chat with and see Grandma and Grandpa. Jack was excited when he showed them his shades and they put on some of their own too!

Now here is slide show with many more pictures from our summer adventures!!

All the things to do in your birthday suit!

For some reason Jack loves to run away and be naked after bath time! I have caught him doing some pretty funny things while naked! Here are some of those! (He will hate me one day if he reads this, but seriously, isn't it so cute!?)
Reading books
Playing in his pool
Pushing around his lawn mower and riding his "bike."
Riding his rocking horse
Cheesing with mommy
Ya just gotta love this kid and his cute little bum!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


We have some great friends up here in B-town, and we have had a lot of fun with them this summer. Here is just some of our adventures!

Jack playing with some animal friends at the fair!

Jack petting some furry bunny friends at the fair!

Abe and Jack playing in the pool!

Little pals - Jackson, Abe, and Jack! (Impossible to get all 3 to look at the camera at the same time!!)

Chelsy and Jackson, Missy and Abe, Jack and me, and Missy and Garrett.

Tucker and Jack at the Splash Park.
Playing with Cooper at the Splash park!
Our good friends, the Orrs, moved away this summer. We had a nice get together to say goodbye! Here is Jack saying goodbye to his buddy Eli.
All my gal pals gathered to say goodbye to the Orr family! I sure do love my friends!
Amy and me! I seriously miss this awesome, funny lady! Why do my fun friends have to move away!?
Well at the Orr farewell party, I met a new friend who just moved here. She has a little guy a few months older than Jack, so a friend for him too! I took them on an adventure hike to the M! And even though our hike turned a litty crazy....uh into a rock climbing excursion, these guys thankfully still want to be our friends!
Jack and I at the M overlook. Isn't our valley beautiful?
It is nice to have hiking, walking, playing friends! Here we areAt Palisade Falls with our new friends!!
Jack's "girlfriend"/favorite babysitter, Morgan, came back for the summer and begged Dustin and me to go on a date so we had to oblige her! Here they are hanging out before we left!
An UNWANTED summer visitor!! I HATE spiders and found this bad boy on our fence in our backyard!
I watched one of my friend's little girls for a couple of weeks. Even though they fought a lot, Jack loved having a friend to play with every day. Here is crazy Jack and Gwyn coloring!
Gwyn and Jack at the Spash Park. Poor Gwyn didn't have her swimsuit, so she wore one of Jack's! :)
Playing in the sand with Gwyn. The other day we went to the park again, and Gwyn and her mom were there. Oh the joy Jack had of getting to play in the sand with her again! :)
With Gwyn at the Dinosaur Park.
Enjoying some otter pops with Gwyn and playing in the pool in the backyard.
We also got a visit from one of Dustin's old GAs/Jack's babysitter/girlfriend, Joanne, who moved away to Wyoming. She was very excited to see how much Jackie Bean has changed over the summer!
It really has been a summer full of friends and fun!

Hansen Visit!

Over Labor Day, we were lucky to have Rick, Stacy, Riley, Conner, Aubrey, and Wesley come up and visit us and hang out. We had lots of fun having a picnic, hiking to waterfalls, eating out at some local yummy spots, playing in the backyard, playing Wii, going to the Dino Park, getting a tour of Dustin's work and the football field, playing games, and chatting. Jack absolutely loved having his cousins here and it was so fun to spend time with them all! We sure do love them! Thanks so much for wanting to spend your visit up here in B-town with us. Here is the highlight reel from their visit! :) Picture overload!

Friday, September 18, 2009

All dressed up...

Yes I am very behind in my blogging.  And yes the next couple of days there will probably be a blogging overload on this blog.  But we have had lots of fun, and even school starting hasn't put a bit damper on our activities, just on the additional time I want to spend in front of the computer!  So enjoy our blogging extravanganza this weekend!  
First, Jack loves to wear our clothes.  Anything really...He wears our hats, shoes, shirts, Dustin's ties, etc.  Here are some of his many dress up moments>

Gotta love the nakiness with a hat, diaper, and slippers!

Wearing Dad's T-shirt!

Wearing Dad's tie!

Sporting his dad's ankle socks, which make nice baggy tube socks on him, with his crocs.

Super Jack sporting his blankie as a cape!

One of my favorites:  Jack is modeling a lime green tie with his darling church clothes.   The outfit is topped off wearing mom's brown heels!

More awesome socks!
And now, well yes...that is what it looks like.  Jack is wearing my underwear and then put it over his head too! :)
And he looks rather happy and proud about it! :)