Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know it is July and I am still blogging about November, of last year. But I am determined to catch up!  (Slowly but surely it will happen!)  Anyway, here is November:

Gotta love discount Halloween costumes:  My cute little ninjas!  
 Oh the fun with Jack's home preschool.  Here they are turkeys! :)  The kids actually dug a song I totally made up about turkeys to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot."  Went a little something like this:  "I'm a little turkey, fluffy and brown.  Here are my feathers and here is my beak.  Oh no! It's Thanksgiving day!  Quick!  I better run away!"  Kids loved it.  Yeah. I am awesome like that. ;)  

One of the main events of November:  Jack's 4th Birthday! (Anyone else having a hard time believing I have a kid this old?)  Here he is getting a sang to and getting a free dessert at Applebee's.
 He decided he wanted a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" birthday party this year.  It was actually really fun to plan a Pirate Party!  Here are the little pirates in their bandanas they got when they arrived! Simeon, Braedan, Eli, Phoenix, Dwayne, Jonah, and Jack.  
It was fun!  We played Pin the Treasure Chest on the Map, colored pirate masks, played Musical Pirate Dots, ate pirate themed food, did a treasure hunt and collected gold dablooms and fount Pirate's Booty at the end, and I attempted a treasure chest cake and a pirate cake.  Good times.  
My cute little pirate!  Opening presents, eating, and checking out the cake and treasures!  
 Opening his gifts and super excited about Monster Trucks!  He also got a Monster Truck launcher stadium, Hi Ho Cherrio, and some other fun gifts!
Here he is opening his birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger!  As you can see he was SUPER excited about his Monster Trucks, Shake and Go Lightning McQueen, train, church clothes, and MONEY! :)  
Hope our cute little 4 year old had  a fun birthday! :)  
Our other silly little pirate! :)  
 Just a fun picture! Yes I came in one morning to find jack and Zander both asleep in the crib!  Please ignore the ghetto diaper box and bungee cord thingy we rigged on the end of Zander's crib to prevent him from climbing/falling out of his crib! :)
A fun cheeser of Z-man!
 Fun with pics after church one day....My handsome boys.  Doesn't Z look like the Nutty Professor!?
 Another church pic of my handsome boys!  (Jack in his new birthday outfit!)

And our final big event of November - THANKSGIVING! I took the boys, yes by myself, and headed to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with the Enslingers because we would be in Utah for Christmas. Here are some highlights from the trip.

Jack having some chat time with his amazing Great Grandpa Enslinger!
 Both boys really enjoyed drinking out of fancy cups for Thanksgiving dinner.  And the food was DELISH!  It always is when Great Grandma Enslinger cooks!

 The boys had so much fun playing in a big box of leaves with Grandpa in the backyard!
 Some other highlights:  Hugs from Great Grandma, eating at Greg's (Oh how I love the yummy fried spicy cheese balls!), hanging out at Enslinger lumber, riding the toys, and playing Hide N' Seek behind carpet samples, seeing Aunt Melissa, Uncle Shawn, Gillian, and Audrie, a fun parade and meeting Santa Claus after at the park where we also got hot dogs and hot chocolate,, and playing at Grandma's house with cars and cooking sets.
 A few more fun things from the trip:  Going and watching the La Crosse High School leopards play in the State Championship game, watching everyone open our Christmas presents from us early, and Jack and Z opening a couple too.  I love how my homemade presents for Gillian and Audrie turned out! Glad the fam agreed to open everything in front of us so we could see, and glad I was actually done with Christmas shopping by November! :)

And looky there. Finally to December! :)