Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

For Spring break we all got to head down to Utah for a little break! Even Dustin got to come. I must say, the 6 hour drive is much better with him in the car too! :) We had lots of fun in Utah with Lisa, Lily, my mom, and my dad. We also got to see lots of family, and I got to go to lunch with my long, lost high school pals, Tana and Amos! It was a much needed and very relaxing trip!
Jack travels really great, and so does Chewie, but we did stop and buy some 25 cent toys at a gas station that kept Jack pretty entertained in the home stretch of the drive!
Jack was absolutely obsessed with Lily while we were there. I think he is gonna be a very (maybe too much so) helpful big brother!
We all really enjoyed hanging out with cute little Lily!! Dustin and I got to babysit her while Lisa was at work and school. We got a little taste of what it will be like with two little ones....
Lisa, Jack, and Lily
Me, Jack, and Lily
Seriously, the cutest! :)
Lisa and Lily at the Willow Park zoo.
Our little fam wit ha sweet peacock behind us! We actually had some cool experiences at the zoo. We got to see a peacock with its full feathers spread, heard coyotes howling for their food, and saw some bobcats.
Jack and Daddy playing on the slides!
Lisa and Lilster!
Jack having fun swinging!
Jack hopping around with Peter Cottontail! :)
We got to spend some time with cousins and celebrate Aubrey and Ryan's birthdays. Here is Miley, Jack, and Ryan on the horsie! (And yes, my son is a cheeseball!)
The cousins gathered around the cakes!
Getting ready to go on a walk!
Another cute pic of Lily! Hey, I am having sons...I gotta enjoy the girly girl when I can! :)
Jack and me at the park we stopped at on our walk!
Our fam! :)
Grandma and Grandpa Hansen were nice enough to come up and take us out to lunch!
Jack and Dustin cheesing!
Us. And notice the new bright color of my hair! :)
Lily showing off her dead sexy fat rolls! :)
Super Jack!
Bath time fun!
Me, Lisa, our kiddos, and my wonderful mom!
Dustin saying goodbye to Lily!
Jack entertaining himself on the drive home. The kid did not sleep the entire drive home!
Oh and probably the best and most important part of the trip for me was visiting this beautiful place!

I was able to go to the temple and receive my endowments. It was an amazing experience! My mom, dad, Grandma and Grandpa Belnap, Lisa, Rick and Stacy, and Kirk and Amy all joined me for my first time going through. It was overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time! I am thankful for my family who was there, a husband that loves me and supports me, the blessings that this experience will hopefully bring to my family and me, and for the faith that I have that one day I will be sealed to Dustin and my kiddos there for eternity!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Boys!

Lately I have just been feeling so blessed for my boys. Dustin is an amazing husband, and Jack is such a funny, energetic, and smart non-stop little boy! He makes Dustin and me laugh so much everyday! So here are some pictures of my boys lately!
Just a picture I took of Jack and Dustin! I love it! Don't I have some handsome boys!!
Jack, Chewie, Dustin, and Abe playing when we had them over for dinner before they moved.
Dustin says my son is OCD and a little me. Is it weird that he lines up his toys in perfect rows?
Apparently Jack is having way too much fun learning how to go potty!
This night he kept trying to shut the door for some privacy and would laugh his head off every time I opened the door again!
Jack and Dustin building a marble tower! I had been trying, but was failing miserably...Thankfully Daddy came home for lunch and took over in the building department!
It's always lots of fun when Daddy gets home!
Jack showing off the snake he made at school. The snake comes off and the ruler becomes a sword! :) Such a boy...
This was the outfit I threw together for Jack for his "Wacky Clothes Day" at pre-school!
Complete with rain galoshes!
Last night we got dressed up in our Kansas State clothes and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the KU vs. K-State basketball game with some other local K-State fans. It was a yummy Chicken Tender Tuesday. Too bad K-State lost...

Today Jack had some fun playing in the snow/mud....Spring snow is pretty yucky if you ask me!
Jack had fun though!
Here he is sliding down the "pile" Dustin had built for him after he had been king of the hill!
Oh and Jack has a little message for everybody....

In case you didn't catch that, or got confused by Jack's confusion, yes we will finally admit to all.......We are having ANOTHER BOY!! Now I will have one more darling boy, and I am getting extremely outnumbered around here! We can't wait for May for our little guy to get here!! :)