Monday, April 21, 2008

Jack's mad skills, likes, and downright studliness!!

Here is some fun new picturess of Jack and some fun things about him. We obviously are very proud of our boy and love him SO SO much! We absolutely love seeing his new, cute personality develop day by day and it is so fun to see him do new things! There are more random pics and adventures with Jack to come!

He holds his bottle like a champ! And don't even try to take it away from him. He has that thing wrapped up in a bear hug that is so, so tight!

He shows some serious focus and determination....especially if he sees something he really wants. In this case, daddy's cell phone. He reaches and stretches and scoots towards things that he wants.

He shows support for the home team and loyalty to the college his daddy works for! (How cute is he in that little hat!!)

Never a dull moment when it comes to feedin' time for Jack-a-roonie!!

And oh my goodness, you should see the way he chews on his toys while making very intimidating roaring and chomping sounds! He can seriously make your finger sore if you dare to let him naw on that for awhile. This kid has got some serious power behind his bite!

While we were on a walk one day, I decided I wanted to see what Jack thought about a slide....So here is Jack going down the fun slide......

And liking it!! It will be fun to take him to parks more often as it gets warmer and he gets bigger!

Can you see Jack? (He is a master of camo! :) )

He still has those oh so cute smiles!! What a guy!

And finally, we think Jack is just plain "dead sexy!" Look at that belly, the legs, the eyes.....Wow! What a hottie! :)

My Sweet Husband

I know I usually just talk about Jack, and that is way more fun to read about anyways, but I just needed to take a minute to say how sweet my husband is. He really makes me feel so loved and lucky! He always tells me I am beautiful, constantly reassures me that I am a good mother, and shows appreciation for all that I do. He treats me so wonderfully! Then, last Friday my sweet husband planned a surprise date, got us some babysitters (2 of the GA's that work for him), and took me out on a date night. He took me to a great play up on the campus, and it was so fun to spend some time with him doing something different than our usual routines. It was very, very sweet of him planning and putting together a fun date night for us. We had a great time and I am sure Morgan and Joanne (the gals watching Jack) had a great time too - even though Jack did pee on and spit on Morgan. Oops! :) Anyway, thanks Dustin! I love you lots! Here is a picture of Dustin and I all snazzy for our date! (And yes, Dustin is sporting a beard right now!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jack's Sweet Laugh

This is just a fun video of Jack laughing! He is starting to do it more and more often and it is SO much fun! Ignore me acting like a nerd.....we will do practically anything to get our little guy to laugh! :)

Jack's New Skill!!

We decided to show a little video of Jack showing off his new skill....Dustin was videoing and we did two takes and both times we missed Jack showing off his screaming squeal by about one second...It was pretty funny! We are very proud of our boy! Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Just a little clarification.....For those of you who already got on our blog today, saw the litte family photos, and think there is nothing new......there is actually an exciting entry (one that I started before that one), that when I finished it got placed below. So don't be fooled....there is another exciting entry from today below the family photos! So read on! :)

Our Little Family!

Here is our family on Easter! There weren't much festivities this year for Easter, but I am sure next year will be much more interesting with a 1 1/2 year old! But here is a funny little story! As you can see, Dustin was sporting some Easter holiday colors in his outfit for church....well in priesthood meeting Bishop said, "And we would like to thank Brother Enslinger for bringing some Easter color to the black and white in the room....." or something like that...It was pretty funny!

A milestone!!

Our little guy has hit some very fun milestones lately! Each new thing he does gets me so excited! (Dustin thinks it is funny how excited I get!) We have thoroughly been enjoying Jack's little laugh for the last few weeks, he is getting better and better at sitting up, but yesterday Jack just hit a HUGE and exciting and life changing (for all of us) milestone - Our little guy finally learned how to roll over!! Gone are the days where I can leave Jack lying on the couch or bed or changing table without constant supervision. He could start rolling all over the place so Dustin and I will need to be watching him very closely! OH I was so SO excited. It all started on Wednesday when Jack shocked me by rolling over in the bath tub. I was very excited but thought, oh that is easier cuz it is slippery....Then later that day Dustin was practicing rolling over with him and he did it several times when Dustin helped tuck his arm under.....But then yesterday I was getting ready and decided to let Jack do some tummy time. I laid him down on his tummy and started to turn away, but what do my wondering eyes behold, but Jack practically instantly rolling over after I laid him down. Fluke? I think not. I laid him down two more times and he rolled over again and again!! I excitedly called Dustin who was on his way home and the little man performed his new trick for daddy when he got home as well! Yippee for Jack!! So here are some recent pictures of our little man that we are oh so proud of! Plus I think he looks oh so cute and handsome in these pictures. (Btw, "Jack's Mad Skills Part 2" coming soon!) Enjoy the pics!

Jack apparently very happy with himself after rolling over in the tub!

Jack sporting some basketball shorts and a mohawk. (I know it is hard to see, but click on it to make picture bigger to see Jack's sweet mohawk!) Sorry it is sideways - issues with my computer today!

Cute, cozy outfit Great-Grandma Belnap sent Jack!

Oh so cute!!

What a little stud muffin!