Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just cuz I LOVE this video!

I absolutely love this video.  Dustin was tickling Jack, and Jack's laugh is just hilarious!  I especially love the crazy deep laugh that he does!  Enjoy!   It will most likely put a smile on your face!  :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jack's 1st Hair Cut!!

I know I have been a blogging maniac lately, so just try to keep up.  We have one more very blog worthy event to record!  As many of you know, Dustin has not let me cut Jack's hair yet, and he is almost 18 months old.  Well on Saturday I finally decided that it was time.  His hair was so uneven, he had a rat tail, and there was just no way I could style it.  So we finally did it last Saturday!
Here is Dustin taking off a long piece with the scissors.  (Don't worry.  We saved all of his cute, fine hair!)  I like Jack's facial expression in this one.  

Here I am having the honor of cutting off the rat tail.  That was all I got to do, but I think it was the most worthwhile part! :) 
Then Dustin took the buzzer to him!  I love how Jack is looking up like, "What the ...?"

There go the sides!  Jack did such a great job of holding still!

"Oh Daddy!  That tickles!!"
Almost finished and over it by the end!
Wahoo!  No rat tail!!
Jack seemed happy about the final results!
And I know Jack is doing his typical scowl like face in this picture, but I think it shows off his hair cut nicely.  He looks like a total little boy now!  I love it!  (I think Dustin does too!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

More randomness!

Here are just some more pictures of what we have been up to!  
Here is Jack playing with his new awesome mower that talks and chomps as you push it.  He got it for Easter.  
Showing off his sweet bball clothes!
Random outfit.  We were trying his new flip-flops on and then the outfit just went downhill but funnier and funnier from there.  Add the cheese, and we had a classic picture!  
So cute!
Jackie Bean and mommy!
Always making messes.  Here Jack dumped out a bag of rice and then he was throwing it around and Chewie was eating it.  Look at that face though.  He totally is trying to look all innocent!
Bath time!!  "Hi mom!"
Smiley Jack!
Some of our friends moved away so on Sunday we had  a going away party for them.  These pictures are from that fun get together.  Here is Jack with all of the other kids.  He loves being around other kids, and they all seem to love him too!
Here is the group of us at the party!
These are some my best girl friends here in Bozeman!  They are an amazing group of women!  Beautiful, spiritual, and tons and tons of fun!  

Good luck to the Banks family with all of their new adventures!   You truly were not here long enough!  We will miss you!   

Snow Day!

Last week, ironically the day after all the ski resorts closed, we got a ton of snow. So I decided to take Jack out to play in it. He couldn't really move in it because it was so deep, other than to crawl backwards, but he had fun squatting in it, throwing snow, making snow angels, and watching Çhewie dig a hole.
Here we are ready to go play in the snow!

Standing in the deep snow but not able to do anything other than squat.

Taking it all in!
Trying to crawl backwards through it.  
Sitting in the snow.

Since this day we have had beautiful Spring weather until yesterday. Let's just say that with about a foot of freshly fallen snow, Jack and I will be having another snow play day today!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What we are up to!

Life is going good. We have enjoyed a few days of nice weather here and there, but today it is snowing like a beast. This week I went on a school trip and left my boys at home. Dustin of course did a wonderful job as Mr. Amazing Dad, but I was certainly happy to get home last night and back to my boys! That was the first time ever I have been away from Jack overnight, and I did not like it. I missed him and Dustin lots. Anyways, we are home again and enjoying our time together. Here are just a few random pictures of what we have been up to lately and some of the many, cute faces of our amazing Jack!  


Cheesy McCheeserton!




And quite possibly my favorite picture of him EVER! :)


It took a few attempts to get the above picture centered, so finally this is what Jack did in the last picture. Apparently he'd had it! :)
Jack's worst "ouch" ever. He fell at day care and had a scratch on his nose and forehead and had quite a big bump that turned into a pretty beastly bruise. Bruises on his head are pretty common with how busy and adventurous he is, but he is very tough!
Lately Jack has been obsessed with shoes. He carries his around the house and leaves them everywhere. He always wants to try to put them on or put our shoes on. He also likes to help us put our own shoes on. Pretty fun.

Two things he loves: being outside and balls!

I have a feeling I will be outside a lot with this little guy as it gets warmer. He always wants to be outside.  That is okay by me!  Now if we could just not have any more snow storms in April!

Jack playing with his doggy in the backyard!  It is SO nice to have a big fenced in backyard for Jack and Chewie to play in!

A funny sleeping pose!  He still falls asleep in the silliest positions!

He is so creative sometimes in the ways he plays with his toys.  Here he is enjoying wearing some random things as  bracelets.

A new game he likes is sticking things down his shirt and trying to get them out. The other day he actually stuck his binky down his shirt for safe keeping while he took a shot on his hoop.

Showing me his hands and the awesome coat from Great-Grandma Enslinger!

Crawling through the tiny place under his rocking chair and cheesing!  So funny!

Jack mowing. He now has a vacuum to help mom vacuum in the house and a lawn mower to help daddy to mow the yard!

Oh and Çhewie got a much needed hair cut. He looked like chop suey after Dustin attempted to cut his hair all by himself. He looks pretty sweet now though, I must say!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Other visitors....the Lukes!

I am a little slow on this post, but yes we had even more visitors between Grandma Enslinger's visit and Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's visit. Our friends, the Lukes, who moved away to Colorado came and stayed with us for a week. Their week was full of play dates, a photography session, and lots of visiting with friends, but Cami still made time to watch Jack for me while I was at work one day, cook us some delicious zippy beef tips and some "toxic" rolls thanks to my rotten shortening :), and visit with me.  We went to Dining Divas and a movie with some other awesome girls in the ward.  Another time, Cami and I stayed up talking for 4 hours until 2 in the morning about anything and everything.  It was great even though I had to work the next morning.  Three adults and three children 3 and under made for a pretty crowded, crazy house, but it was also pretty fun. Jack especially enjoyed having other kids around. He followed Hannah everywhere! Here are some pictures from their visit:
Hannah apparently shocked to find my laundry on the chair.  Sorry my house is livable not fancy or clean! :)

Jacob is such a polite clean eater. In fact, he would prefer his mom to feed him, never gets any food on him, and eats pretty darn well.....  

Jack on the other hand is the exact opposite....he insists on feeding himself, always ends up a mess, and is kind of picky at times.... (Unless I am offering him oatmeal out of my hand...)

In this picture he has decided to not use silverware and is sticking his own hand deep into his yogurt and then sucking it off his hand....Yeah. That is why he usually has no clothes on after meals....he is a little messy.....

And of course when I took a picture of Jack with a spoon in his mouth, Hannah wanted one too! :)

Here is Jacob's awesome trick! He can suck his lips up to his nose!

Jack and Hannah being crazy after dinner. Jack is shirtless because he was a rather messy eater.

Bath time!! Hannah hates when Jack splashes or acts crazy (which is always) so we put Jacob in the middle so that he could be peacemaker. But it didn't work. Jack spashed Jacob instead, and Jacob left the bath time crying. Mean Jack, mean! :)

Pajama time with Dustin.

Jacob and Jack in their twinners! Except for one is a 12 month size and one is an 18 month size. Can you guess who is in which size? :) And they are only one month apart!  Oh, and this rocking chair was a major hit with all the kids.  (It was Dustin's when he was little.)  Sorry to Jacob though for when Jack pushed you over.  But hey, I don't think I have ever moved as quick as I did when I caught Jacob and prevented his face from smashing the floor.  

Happy kids at breakfast: Jack

Cute Hannah with crazy hair! 

And Jacob happily eating.

Hannah was so exhausted after a weeks worth of play dates that she even let Chewie lay on her as she watched movie before bed! She has come a long way with liking Chewie since we first got him!

When Brent flew in Friday night to meet up with the rest of his family, we did a little surprise birthday party for Cami that he had organized from afar. Cami went to pick up Brent at the airport and came home to house full of friends. It was fun to have a bunch of friends over and celebrate Brent's birthday a little late and Cami's birthday a little early.

Here are the kids together the morning the Lukes left!

We are now done with visitors for awhile.....I think.   Three weeks in a row was great, but I think we are finally adjusting to life with just the 3 of us.....