Monday, November 19, 2012

May - Zander turns 2! :)

Really, it hasn't been that hard to look back and remember stuff as I have been catching up on blogging.  Time is seriously flying, but it feels like it was just barely the summer!  
At the beginning of May we were able to head to celebrate a couple of things. The first was Aubrey's baptism!  Isn't she so beautiful!  
After the baptism festivities we got to go to Real Salt Lake soccer game! 

We had fun just hanging out for a few days in Logan, going for walks, golfing, etc.

 We were able to celebrate Zander's 2nd birthday too!  My Grandpa Hansen (with some suggestions and help from my dad and his family) bought an awesome cabin up at Bear Lake. We got to be one of the first to go there and celebrate! We had a great time celebrating Zander's birthday at this beautiful location!
Handsome, sleepy boy with crazy hair on the drive up to the cabin for his birthday festivities!  

Silly Jack on the drive up!

 Loving this view and this picture of me and my little guy!
 Zander enjoying his Batman cake!

Opening his presents!  
Some random fun and planking at and around the cabin!  
Me and my sis!  
Zander had a month of firsts after turning 2!  
First haircut! (And man did he need it!  I was not a fan of the shag, but Dustin did not want to cut his beautiful hair!)  But seriously, check out this pic. If we can put two pony tails in our son's hair, there was a problem! :)  
So yes, a hair cut was necessary and it was given!  
He also got a Big Boy Bed!   
Jack's home preschool group got to do something really neat in May.  One of the moms new a guy that had a little plane and was willing to show it to the kids and even take them up for a ride above Laramie if the weather was nice. It ended up being a beautiful day so each kid, and a few others including Zander and me got to go up!  
Jack was so excited, as you can see!  
 Jack got to ride in the front and be the co-pilot.  They even got to wear the head pieces so they could talk while they were up in the air!

 Now if you know me, you know that I hate to fly.  So a little 4 passenger plane ride did not sound appealing to me. However, it was something I felt I should try, and Z wouldn't have been able to go up without me, so I went. I got a little sick. And Z ended up crying half the time cuz he didn't want to be in his seat belt. But it was pretty cool seeing our house from up in the sky!
Afterwards we went to a park and had a picnic, and the kids all got their little certificates for finishing preschool!  

Here is Jack and his friend Josie at the end of the year celebration at his other preschool, The Ranch!
Oh, and Dustin decided to grow this lovely, beastly beard! :)  
Worst part of May, trying to prep ourselves for our best friends to move away!  Our boys are the same age and best buddies!  Jack and Phoenix and Zander and Dayton!  
And me and my best friend that I miss like crazy, Jessica!  

Here are some pictures from a fun day at Vedauwoo as a family!

 Dustin pushing the rock!
 King of the hill!
 Dustin and Jack pushing the boulder!
 Our family!
A few more king of the rock pics! These boys are in heaven climbing on rocks!  
More posing!  
We always point out this road sign to Jack, but decided to finally stop and let him get a picture by his sign! :)

 A few last parting shots from May:  The boys made masks at the art museum, Zander is obsessed with stickers and decided to put them all over his face, Zander rocking his shades and then his K-State t-shirt, more presents to open, and Jack looking through his binoculars we made at home one day!

We have made it to finally blogging about summer time! Yay!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I keep saying as I attempt to get caught up that I will cut stuff out and just do a few highlights from the month, but then as I look back there are so many fun memories that I want to look back at and remember!! So here is our April:  

Jack did swimming lessons and loved it!  He was very excited to pass Level 1!  It was an interesting experience trying to corral Zander who very badly wanted to be in the water, especially because I was in a knee brace and hobbling around!  One time he made it into the water and I had to hurry and get my shoes off and go after him!!  
Jack spending some quality time with his best buddy Phoenix before he moved away!  
Silly monkey boys!  
We had a great month full of fun Easter activities.  Here is Jack at his preschool Easter program. The songs were so cute!  
The boys at the church Easter egg hunt!  
Dying Easter Eggs!  
We were lucky to have Grandma Hansen out visiting for Easter! Here we are making Resurrection Rolls!  Pretty neat object lesson about the empty tomb!  
Easter Morning!  Those boys were pretty excited as you can see!   
Posing for pictures after church!  
Our little family!
Grandma Hansen and the boys!
 My mommy and me!
 Easter Bunny ears!
 Dustin and his boys!
 Mommy and her silly boys!
 Being crazy! 
Easter Egg hunt in our yard!  
 Jack happy about his loot!

Now for some other fun memories from the month that I just couldn't leave out!  I wanted to show how funny Jack and Zander are playing together!  In this picture they took all the pillows in the whole house to make for a soft landing as they jumped off the couch like crazy men! 

What? A warm day in Laramie, Wyoming in APRIL?  Why yes.  It probably wasn't quite warm enough for swimsuits and sprinklers, but that didn't stop my crazy boys! :)
 1) Put tons of toys into Zander's crib and played for a long time!  2) Z on his rocking horse. 3) Silly boys in bike helmets. 4) Jack always is layering his clothes! 5) Zander's crazy long hair! 6) Jack decked out in bike helmet and elbow and knee pads! 7) Found Z watching cartoons like this! 8)  Jack fell asleep with his soccer shin guards on!
Love this picture of the the boys snuggled together in a blanket and sharing snacks! Love how Jack has his arm around his little brother!  
Crazy pics with Daddy!  
A family trip to Cheyenne and the Children's Village!  

Oh April.  You had some great memories! Now on to May..... :)