Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zander's 1st Birthday

Our little Zander turned 1 on May 6th! (I seriously cannot believe it! This year FLEW by!) We are so thankful for this little man in our lives!

We didn't have a very exciting day planned for him, but he still found ways to enjoy himself on his birthday. Here are just a few of the activities, AKA naughty things, he did throughout the day:
*Helped organized the bathroom, aka tore toilet paper into tiny bits
*Helped clean the toilet, aka threw shredded TP in the toilet and played in it
*Helped feed Chewie, aka dumped Chewie's food in his water & everywhere in the laundry room
*Helped do dishes, aka took things out and sucked on them and shared them with Chewie
*Played a little golf, aka whacked lots of things, including me with a golf club
*Cracked himself up in a bath that he was able to enjoy all alone without his brother
*Enjoyed a nice bottle and a nap
*Flashed mom a few of his big blue-eyed, toothy grins (LOVE this picture of him!)
I made Zander some ball cakes. That night we had a few friends over for cake and ice cream.
Watching Zander dig into his cake was a very different experience than watching Jack at a year. Zander was very timid, slow, and eventually wanted a fork.... :) If Zander could speak, this is what he was probably saying in these pictures (Start upper left and circle around):
"Really, I get this whole cake?"
"Hmmm...." (As he barely touches it.)
"Oh yeah!"
"Gotta stretch to make more room"
"Gonna just put my arm back and relax for a minute"
He really wanted a fork, since everyone else was eating with one. Once he got the fork, he started shoveling it in a little faster.....Then of course just started crumbling it, smearing it, and throwing it.....
Once Zander started discreetly and then not so discreetly chucking cake onto the floor, it was time for a quick bath to rinse off....
Because he looked like this.
Here is our crazy family celebrating his birthday.
Jack and Zander in their festive party hats (that Jack loved, but Z...not so much)
Party hats! (See how much Z enjoyed having his on?)
We eventually got around to having Zander open his birthday gifts...oh about 2 weeks after his actual birthday. He also got to open a present from Dustin's cousing Kelsey, which you can tell he absolutely loved! :)
Yes, we wrapped his gifts in newspaper. We didn't have any wrapping paper, and he doesn't know the difference! :) Jack got to pick Z some presents at the dollar store. He was excited about the dinosaurs he got.
I will write a little more about our little Zander man later, along with his 1 year stats!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jason and Kristin's Wedding

A few weekends ago we got to go down to Dustin's cousin's wedding. Jason married abeautiful, fun girl, Kristin! Jack especially was very excited to go to a wedding, get lots of attention, dance, and stay in a hotel.
Here is the happy couple during their ceremony.
Zander by one of the cool windows in the church.
The boys, neither of which wanted to look at the camera apparently.
Dustin's whole family! :)
Zander hanging out at the reception dinner with Great Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger.
Jack and I enjoying the delicious food!
The cute couple sharing their first dance!
Jack getting his groove thing on.....he was a crazy man out on that dance floor!
Dustin and his mom out dancing with Gillian and Jack!
Jack even asked Great Grandma to dance!
Jack with his two new favorite people: Dustin's cousin, Kelsey, and her fiancee, Josh!
Jack and Gillian dancing the night away!
Jack is so excited that there will be another wedding to go to soon! He can't wait to go to and be in Kelsey's wedding in June!
Jack loved swimming in the pool with his Aunt Melissa, Gillian, mom, dad, and Zander! :)
Both boys got absolutely spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa and Shawn and Melissa: Both boys got some fun Easter gifts and Zander got some cute and fun, noisy birthday gifts!

It was a nice little getaway for the weekend. Good company and good times. I was still sick, and sort of antisocial, but the boys definitely had a great time with family, at the wedding, and staying a hotel! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wow! I am so behind in blogging, but I will try to get caught up. I have been slacking lately (and blogger has been annoying....). Anyway, it is time to tell about all of our Easter festivities, and there was A LOT! So here we go:
Play Group Easter Hunt
The boys had a lot of fun (especially Jack) finding Easter eggs hidden around the church. They both had even more fun eating the treats out of the eggs later! Here is pictures from the hunt:
Sharing the loot after.
Jack and his best pal Phoenix eating some treats.
Jack and his best gal pal, Milan. :)
Making Easter Sugar Cookies
Jack and I love any excuse to make cookies and decorate them! Earlier in the week Jack had two of his friends over to make cookies and decorate them. Other than a "Sprinkle Fiasco" where Jack and Milan decided to throw sprinkles all over the kitchen floor "for Chewie".... it was pretty fun! Of course Jack and I had to make and decorate more later in the week too! :)
Easter Egg Hunts
Jack had fun doing a couple of Easter egg hunts around town. There was not really any exciting ones. I think he got a total of 6 eggs (just 1 egg from one of the hunts!) but he still had fun. Oh and he got to meet the Easter Bunny! Here are some highlights of his hunting, him with his friends at the hunts, and Zander NOT enjoying the grass again.
My boys and I waiting for the hunt to start.
Snuggle time with Z.
Attacking mom!
Daddy and the boys after the hunts!
Coloring Easter Eggs!

Jack and Daddy opening a package from Grandma Hansen!
Jack was very excited when we got "egged" by someone.
While the boys finished dinner on Saturday night, the Easter Bunny must have stopped by. He left the boys pajamas, a bedtime story, and a note telling them to get to bed so he could come by later. He reminded them if they were awake he couldn't leave them anything... :)
Daddy with two crazy boys trying to read them a bedtime story! :)
Jack finally actually got the story read after Zander got down!
Easter Morning
Here is Jack with his loot. (The Easter Bunny got some good deals after Christmas on clearance toys!) So Jack was VERY excited to finally get a Buzz Lightyear and Woody from "Toy Story."
Here is Z checking out his loot.
Z wasn't so sure about his dinosaur that stomps and roars. He would kind of crawl away or push it over if it got too close. Now he likes it though.
Here is our family after church on Easter Sunday.
We had a great Easter full of fun activities, treats, and lots of family time. Most importantly though we are so thankful for our Savior, for what he went through in Gethsemane in suffering for our sins, for the ultimate sacrifice on the cross, and for the Him rising from tomb. The Atonement in our life is so important, and we are so blessed. Happy Easter!