Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Lisa and Lily Delight! :)

A couple of weekends ago my little sis, Lisa, and her darling baby, Lily, came up for a visit and to meet Zander! It was lots of fun! We ate yummy food, went for a hike, and laughed a lot. It all started when they got here and Lily kept making this face...

We got to go downtown a couple of times and eat at yummy restaurants. I had gotten several Downtown Bozeman Bucks from parents and we ate well while Lisa was here!
Here is Lisa and Lily at Montana Ale Works
Lily was very entertained my Jack and he was very entertained by her!

Look at those looks they are giving each other...
Here is Jack testing out the water thing before our hike.
Lily all ready in her pack. Yes Lisa carried her solid child in this thing for a 3 mile hike!
I had a much lighter load with Zander...
Getting ready to begin the hike! It was absolutely beautiful. This is one thing I will DEFINITELY miss about Bozeman!
Dustin and Jack getting ready to head up the trail.
Here is Lisa and Lily and Zander and me by Grotto Falls
Lisa and Lily by the rock tower Lisa built! And yes this was June and yes that is snow EVERYWHERE!

Cheesing on the trail!
Our little family!
Jack, Daddy, and Chewie!
Lily, Lisa, and me! I sure love my sis!
Lisa and Lily by the falls! They were raging this time of year!
The Enslinger family by Grotto Falls! (And yes Dustin is holding us up. It was scary to travel some of the paths in the slippery snow!)
A better view of the falls!

Jack and Dustin by the field of towers.
Our boy scout building us a fire. He is still such a pyromaniac. I don't think he will grow out of it....:)
Jack enjoying his roasted hot dog. (Nice face, Lisa!)

This is me enjoying meltdown mode with both sons after church on Sunday. Dustin and Lisa just stood there and laughed! :)
Okay, that is a little better....
We had a fun night playing games at a friend's house one night. Here is Lisa and Lily and Dustin and Jack, in his sweet outfit, walking over.
Thanks Lisa and Lily for a fun visit. And thanks for babysitting my kids while I went to work, making me laugh, and turning my hair orange...:) I love ya!

Friday, June 18, 2010

G & G Enslinger meet Zander!

When Zander was about 2 weeks old, Dustin's parents came out for a visit. It was wonderful to have them here. Here are some of the highlights:

Jack of course wanted to wrestle with Grandpa.

Grandma having a chat with Zander (probably about letting ME get some sleep at night!)
Grandma and Grandpa were so wonderful to watch kids for us, take us shopping, and out to eat, etc. Here they all are hanging out.
Grandpa and Jack snuggling to watch a movie.
Then of course some snuggling with Grandma too!
Jack sleeping in his new Big Boy Bed that Grandpa made and brought out with him. (It is AMAZING!)
Jack and Daddy in the bed. (It has been pretty interesting transitioning to a big boy bed...)
Zander in the tub
Jack was in there with him and he still looks that peaceful.
After baths
Story time with Grandpa
Our little stud!

Jack with Thomas and his BIG BROTHER shirt!
More snuggles/sleepy time with Grandma.

Yes, Jack is licking Zander's head....
Jack making a tower.
That of course had to be in the picture with Grandma, Grandpa, and Zander.

Jack sleeping crazily in his bed.

Grandpa was only able to stay about 5 days. Grandma stayed another week after that. But here is Grandpa saying goodbye to Zander.
Dustin snuggling with his boys!
More boy bonding time.

Jack looking all handsome for church!
Our family!
Jack having a meltdown....
And another one...
Sitting in Zander's chair
Jack and Daddy licking off the beaters.
Jack and Grandma enjoying their chocolate dessert.
Jack helping in the yard.
Mowing the lawn.
Showing me his worms. He had a whole bowl full of them and kept saying, "They're so cute!"
Zander's big yawn!
Zander crying and Jack imitating it! Ha! Ha!
Grandma getting ready to say goodbye.
Grandma, Zander, Jack, and Dustin
Eating our traditional farewell breakfast at IHOP. Doesn't Dustin look like his mommy?
Jack saying goodbye to Grandma at the airport. This time goodbye is only for a month, and now that we are moving we will see Dustin's family a whole lot more!
And just a few more fun pictures....me getting some snuggle time with Zander!
Jack and Zander having a stare down.
Zander loves to watch and listen to Jack. There already seems to be a brotherly bond!