Monday, September 19, 2011

Kelsey and Josh's Wedding!

Yes, I still have some major catching up to do in blogging, but now we will move on with our June activities!  On to the next fun event!  

Dustin's cousin, Kelsey, got married in June, and she asked Jack to be the Ring  Bearer in the wedding!  He loves Josh and Kelsey!  He was especially excited after the rehearsal when he saw that he was getting a present from Josh and Kelsey!  He was very excited about his bat and football bank!  
We were able to stay at Dustin's aunt's house the night before the wedding.  The boys had lots of fun swimming in their community pool the morning of the wedding!
We got to the church pretty early before the wedding and waited around for awhile.  I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of my little man! He looked SO handsome in his tuxedo!  
Him and the Flower Girl got along VERY well.  They played together and walked around holding hands!  They looked darling!  
Seriously, isn't he like the most handsome Ring Bearer ever! :)  
They were quite the cute little pair!  
Jack was very excited when his Grandma and Grandpa, Great Grandma and Grandpa, and cousins - Gillian and Audrie go to the church!  
Here are some more pictures of our family hanging out at the church.  
Jack did a great job during the ceremony.  He looked like he was taking his job very serious up there!  
And he was very proud of himself after!
Besides being a cute pair with the Flower Girl, did I mention she seriously took a liking to him, especially during the picture session after the wedding.  She kept leaning over multiple times to kiss him, practically for every shot!  Can you see her going in for the move?  
And for a little more after the pictures too! Ahhh, young YOUNG love! :)    
They then headed to another beautiful location for some more pictures!  Isn't Kelsey an absolutely beautiful bride!?  
I was driving around a crying Zander, but Dustin captured all of these cute pictures at the photo session! 
 It was then off to the reception.  When the couple made their entrance on the balcony, Jack looked up and said, "Look!  She is a princess!"  
Jack was obviously starving after a day of hard work and picture taking.  He wolfed down his food!    We all enjoyed some yummy food and chatting!  
Aren't my boys handsome?  
Then it was on to the dancing!  
Jack was a punch drinking, dancing, crazy man during the reception!  He absolutely loved being a part of Kelsey and Josh's wedding because he absolutely loves them!  How special for him to get to be a part of their big day!  Here is one last parting shot of our little man at the end of his big, exciting day!          

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Final Day at the "happiest place on Earth!" :)

Friday:  This was our last and final day at Disneyland.  And boy did we milk it for all it was worth.  We got there right as the gates opened, and didn't leave until almost closing time.  We spent 14 hours straight at the parks!  It was a tiring, wonderful day!  After we entered we had to split up:  Dustin was DYING to get his "Star Tours" fast passes.  (This ride had just opened/reopened and was full ALL day EVERY day, and he was NOT going to miss out again!)  I went and got in line at Thunder Mountain Railroad.  It had been closed and was reopening this day.  It still wasn't quite ready to open, but my waiting for a short time paid off, and Jack and Dustin got to go on the first railroad out that morning!  Here is Zander who was in good spirits at the beginning of the day.....and Woody and Jessie just happened to be hanging out right by where the ride exited.  Jack was super excited to see them!
We then HAD to head over to Toontown!  
It was at Toontown where our families got to go see Mickey and Minnie at their houses!  Woohoo! Super exciting!  Here are Kirk and Rick's fams with Minnie!  
Our family went to see Mickey!
We were able to go to a few more great shows on this day over at California Adventure.  Because Jack is obsessed with the Disney Channel we HAD to go to the Disney Junior Live On Stage show.  It was actually really cute and had a lot of Jack's favorite characters from his favorite shows:  Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.   The show was great!  Complete with "gold dablooms" falling from the ceiling! :)    
Jack was entranced, as you can see in the pictures.  Like in this picture...Actually Dustin looks pretty into it too! Lisa, not so much. :)  
Here is our family enjoying the show!  
We also got to see "Aladdin."  It was in a beautiful theater! The show was very well done, and the genie was really funny!  
Jack hanging out in downtown Hollywood!  :)
We had to make sure to hit all the rides that we hadn't hit yet, but also go on our favorites one last time, like Space Mountain.
Tower of Terror! (Wow!  I look special in that one!)
Some of my cute nieces an nephews.  Think any more kids could fit in that teacup?
Oh then there was Dustin's favorite:  Star Tours.  We ended up being lucky enough to go on this twice, and the version that we saw the 2nd time was way better than the 1st so I am glad we got to go again.  Doesn't Dustin just look so happy?  
We, of course, couldn't go to Disneyland without getting this classic shot of everyone.  Here is my amazing mom and dad!  I sure do love them!  
Lisa and Lily!
Holly and her kiddos: Braden, Loryn, Carly, Brock, and Raegan
Isn't this place amazing?  It was so wonderful to share the memories with my amazing boys!    

And here is a cute, classic shot of Rick and Stacy and their kiddos: Riley, Conner, Aubrey, and Wesley. Thanks to Stacy who was most of the brains and did pretty much all of the organizing and researching to make this trip happen!

That final night, Rick and Stacy saved our family a great spot for the Fantasmic show.  It was pretty amazing with lights, fire, water, a huge dragon, Mickey Mouse, and all the Disney characters appearing on boats!  What a great show!  
And yes, through the noise and lights, this is how Zander enjoyed the show!  
We were all still a little unwilling to call it a night after the show.  So we finished out the night going on Splash Mountain a couple of times!  (I love Jack's face in this shot if you can see it!)  
We also went and got the boys and us some souviniers.  The boys got Mickey ears with their names on the back.  Dustin got a shot glass and a photo album to keep all our memories!  I love the delirious, wonderful look of pure joy on Jack's face in the middle picture!  Our boys were SO exhausted at this point as we made it towards the exit!
As we were headed out of the park, this picture shows the extent of how well Disneyland did its job.  Jack is so worn out he actually fell asleep while riding on Dustin' shoulders.  For the first time in Jack's life, he asked if he could go to sleep! :)  
And he did not even wake up to get his pajamas on when we got back to our condo!  

Thank you Disneyland for thoroughly wearing us all out with all of the fun, excitement, and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.  It was an amazing trip, and it was wonderful to share in those memories with my entire family!  Hopefully we will be able to go back again as a family someday when Zander can enjoy it too!