Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part I: Kansas

The week before Christmas I took the boys out to Kansas. We wanted to be able to do Christmas with Dustin's sister, Melissa, and her family since they weren't coming out to Colorado. We also wanted the boys to see their Grandma Enslinger's Christmas decorations which includes lots of different Santas!
Here is Jack on the way out, engrossed in a movie. I had to bring the portable DVD player this time to keep him entertained and quiet. (The kid never stops talking, screaming, singing, etc. And this mommy wanted a little quiet time on the 7 hour drive!)
The day after we got there we went and visited Patty at her school to say hi to all of her students. They all loved baby Zander and cutie Jack, especially when Jack sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" for them! We then went and visited Great Grandma Enslinger at her house. I think Jack ate half a loaf of her delicious zuchinni bread himself! That night Gillian, Shawn, and Melissa got there. Jack and Gillian had so much fun playing with the kitchen, table, and tea set. They play pretty good together, as long as no adults are around.
The next morning, Grandma had left one tree for Gillian and Jack to decorate. They took turns putting on ornaments.
If you notice, they are all kind of clumped together, but they were proud of their work.
We got to celebrate Aunt Melissa's birthday while we were out there too. Uncle Shawn was nice enough and patient enough to let Jack and Gillian help make a bunny cake for Melissa.
Of course Jack had to lick a beater....
Zander hanging out on the floor!
And then they even got to frost the rainbow chip bunny with rainbow chip frosting. (Aunt Melissa and I only snuck a few bites...)
We went over to Great Grandma and Grandpa Enslinger's house for a delicious enchilada dinner and to open some presents...Here is the three grandkids/great-grandkids posing by the pile of presents.
Zander loved sitting with Great Grandpa because he snuck him several bites of lemon pie!
Cute Zander! (Santa Baby! And yes he is wearing the same Santa suit at 7 months that Jack wore at about 2 months!)
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Melissa!
Zander hanging out with Grandpa.
Gillian in her cute Christmas dress!
Jack being a dork with a crown/pillow on his head! :) He was trying to entertain himself. He had to wait for most of his presents until Colorado, and all weekend he had a hard time with the fact that Gillian was opening lots of presents and he wasn't. :)
Jack and Gillian shoveling with their new shovels from Great Grandma and Grandpa!
Then the doorbell rang and Santa made a special early trip and left presents for Jack, Gillian, and Zander on the front porch! This is Jack looking out. He was SO SO excited!
Jack riding around on Zander and his present from Santa.
Jack and Zander with their Great Grandparents!
Great Grandkids (Gillian has no clothes on because at this point she had already puked twice for the night...ironically every time Melissa was about to open her presents!
One of the best pictures I have ever got of Lynn and Patty! I love it!
Kissing! (I did not ask them to do this....) :)
But seriously look at those darling, giddy faces after they kissed! I seriously love this picture too!
Jack and Zander with their Grandma and Grandpa!
Here is Zander modeling one of his Christmas pajamas! I love my little elf!
Love him! Look at those cute feet!
The next morning Shawn, Gillian, and Melissa got to open all of their presents! Here they are with their stash!
Jack making a silly face but showing his "Don't Wake Daddy" game from Shawn, Melissa, and Gillian! We got some fun gifts from them!
Gillian and Grandma modeling their robes. (I don't even think Jack knew what a robe was, but when he saw this he said in a sweet little voice, "I want a robe." So of course Grandma would take care of that later... :)
Gillian got such cute stuff. I love girl clothes...Maybe some day I will get to buy some for my own daughter.....Here is Gillian showing off her cute headbands.
Aunt Melissa and Zander!
Uncle Shawn hanging out on the couch with the kids!
This is probably one of the best pics I have ever managed to get of these cousins!
Grandpa with his Grandkiddos! (Z obviously not happy....probably cuz Melissa, Shawn, and Gillian were leaving soon! It was nice to be able to spend a little Christmas with them early!
The boys and I spent a few more days at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had lots of fun, ate yummy food, and played a lot! Jack got to see the room filled with all of his Daddy's and aunt's old toys. He went into that play room and said, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe my eyes!"
Here is Zander enjoying his first ever Cheeto. Thank you, Grandma! :)
Jack got a little snoopy and went into Grandma's room. He came out with one of his presents and said, "Is this for me?" Grandma just let him have it then, little stinker! :)

It was a great visit! We got some great food, wonderful presents, a fun visit with the Minges, and got to see some of Grandma's fun Christmas decorations! And the best part is that we got to bring Grandma back home with us for the rest of the week! It made the drive easier to have someone to chat with and take a shift driving. Also, it was nice to have her for a longer visit!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at our house!

Before I do posts on all of our Christmas festivities, I have a few pictures of our preparation and house! Here are my cute boys! I made them pose so we could get pictures for our Christmas cards! I love how some of the pics turned out!

My sweet boys!
Our family (posing for our Christmas card too!)
Crazy Jack!
Sweet Zander!
Cute boys!
My little poser.....but those eyes are beautiful!
Cheesy pose!
Love him!
This year I was so excited to get our first real tree! It wasn't the full, lush ones I grew up with, but a guy in town cut down some and was giving them away for free, so we got one. It is kind of a tall Charlie Brown tree, but I actually really like it. We decorated it with the ornaments that I got each year growing up, the ones Dustin and I got the year we got married, and the ones I have gotten Jack and now Zander each year. Here is Jack putting the start on top.
Doesn't his expression just look like pure joy!?
Since lots of family members didn't get to see our house decked out for Christmas, I thought I would post pictures of some of our decorations.
The upstairs nativities! (I realized I have at least 8 nativities! I love them!)
Our Christmas Corner! :)

Top of the TV armoire - My favorite nativity!

Our 4 ft tall tree....and my creative cover up of a box in the corner!
The tops of my kitchen cabinets!

Our very Merry Christmas activities will be posted about soon! :)