Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few more pics!

Here are some pictures of Jack lately.  I will have lots more coming soon of our Memorial Day in Utah and some other fun, random pics!  

This is my favorite picture of Jack lately.  What a handsome little man he is! :)

Bath time fun!
Jack being sassy and giving us some attitude! :)

Jack eating some steak!  Oh yeah.  We are introducing him to the good stuff early in life! :)

More Daddy time and trying to wake up from a nap. 

Enjoying some flowers.....finally!

He sure loves his daddy!

And Snuggle time with Daddy!

Jack loves reading books, magazines, etc.  His favorite book right now is "Dum Ditty Dum Ditty Dum Dum Dum!"

This is serious business trying to pretend to drive the Gator at Daddy's work!

Taking time out to cheese!

Jack always has a ball or a bat in his hands!

In Daddy's Shoes!  So cute!

Late I know...but Happy Mother's Day!

I know I have been a slacker blogger lately and now I have a ton to catch up on.  Mother's Day was fun.  I truly am so thankful to be a mother and especially thankful that I have such a wonderful son and an amazing man to be a parent with!

Jack is super excited about the bike trailer that we got for Mother's Day/Father's Day!  He can't get enough of it.  He asks to go for a ride every day, and we pretty much have gone for a bike ride every day since we got it!

I am super excited about it too!

Testing out my Mother's Day present!

Dustin testing it out!

My two handsome boys that make this mommy happy to be a mommy! :)

Jack and Mommy getting ready for church!

Here is Jack running around with my Mother's Day balloon and loving it.  Sadly, we didn't think it would have enough air to float away, but Jack let it out one day and we watched it float away into the sky! :(

On Mother's Day I cooked dinner for two of the Graduate Assistants that have worked with Dustin this year.  They have also saved us many times in watching Jack for us, especially when I was coaching.  They are such great girls.  They even brought me over a card, a balloon, and flowers for Mother's Day.  We will definitely miss Joanne and we are glad that Morgan will be back.  
Here is Jack saying goodbye to his two girlfriends/babysitters!
I am so thankful for all of the examples of amazing mothers that I have in my life.  I am especially thankful to my wonderful mother, my mother-in-law, and my grandmothers.  I feel truly blessed to have such incredible women in my life!  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cheese and other stuff....

Just thought I would tell you a bit more about what we are up to.  I am counting down the days until summer break.  I officially have 11 more days of teaching and 29 days until work is totally done.  Dustin is less busy and gets home earlier at night which has been wonderful. Now for some updates on Jack at 18 months old:
*Jack loves his day care and all the kids he gets to be around.  He is so social.  Recently he has been walking around the house saying, "Kiyah" all day.  She is the little girl of one of the ladies that watches Jack.  Oh and Jack officially gets to start nursery at church this Sunday!  YAY! 
*He is constantly saying "mommy."  I don't feel too bad for Dustin, even when he gets called Mommy, because all Jack used to say was Daddy.  
*He is going through a hitting phase, and we are seriously struggling at trying to get him to stop.  He has a time out spot, but now he will just hit then walk over and sit there all by himself.  Yeah, that isn't working.
*He does his version of counting to 3 and saying go, but his sounds more like, "2, go."  He especially likes to do leap frog between me and Dustin as we hold his hands.  But he just keeps saying 2 and letting his legs give out from under him over and over.  
*When I tell him to sing, he says, "La, la, la."
*I try to teach Jack good things usually (but I think I accidently taught him how to say "Crap"  Oops!)  But Dustin has taught him this:  He asks Jack to show him what he does when he poops and Jack squats, grunts, and makes a strained pooping face.  
*We are working on animal sounds, but Jack's favorites are roaring like a dino or bear and making monkey sounds.  He says pretty much every animal makes one of those two  sounds.  
*Jack loves balls, shooting hoops, and being outside.  All day he says, "side" asking to go outside. He loves to go to the park, climb on the toys, and slide down the slide all by himself.  
*We are amazed at the new things he learns each day.  He is constantly cracking us up with how he acts and things he says.  The other day I said, "See ya later, alligator."  Jack replied, "Bye, bye."  Another time Dustin said, "Jack, did you know I love you?" and Jack said, "I know it." 
*Jack is still obsessed with eating dog food.  Sad, but true.
*We have gotten rid of the binkie!  Wahoo for that!
*Jack's favorite foods are hot dogs, cheese balls, fruit snacks, milk, juice, and candy.  Oops on that one too! 

Here are some pictures from recent good times with Jack!

Jack turning off the TV. Look what is on it. Apparently Jack was as disgusted by the Jazz's performance in the playoffs as the rest of us were. 

Jack's typical wide-eyed look of innocence. (Trust me. He is never ACTUALLY innocent!)


Jack was definitely enjoying this perk of helping mommy make Homemade Oreos.

Still blissfully enjoying his chocolate mixers. He was a mess after, but it was worth it to see how much he enjoyed it.

Hey Jack looked at the camera for once! (Ignore my strained, awkward neck. I was just excited to get a semi-cute picture with my son for once!)

The Spaghettios Incident: Jack decided to throw his bowl full of remaining sphaghettios on the floor and it splattered EVERYWHERE....on the floor, the window, the rug, Jack, chairs, the table, Chewie, etc....It was NOT fun to clean up!

We were trying on summer clothes on Jack and we put these overalls on without a shirt, and we just thought it looked so cute and funny we let him walk around in it for awhile. Nice look Jack!  Yee-haw!

Playing with Chewie and a ball in his awesome white trash outfit.

I don't know why Jack has so many toys because it is other random things that keep him the most entertained. Here he is having lots of fun playing in, around, and with boxes. It is really funny sometimes to watch him discover ways that entertain himself.

Hanging out with mommy!

Just chillin on the chair eating some fruit snacks

Cruising the house in his hard hat

"Helping" mommy make banana bread. Jack's contributions: poured a few ingredients in and also threw in a couple of goldfish crackers. :)

Cute boy playing on the chair. He loves playing on chairs and has had two spills recently off of them, but that does not stop him from climbing on them anyway.

Showing off our tongues!  Dustin has recently taught him "tongue kisses."  They lick each other's tongues. Totally disgusting. This mommy DOES NOT like to participate in that new game.


Jack walking around the house with his horse

Jack is still obsessed with shoes: his, mine, Dustin's, anyones really...Here he is with my tennis shoes on. The other day he put a pair of my shoes on Dustin, and he will try to put on any and all pairs he can find.

One of Jack's new favorite games: He pulls out Chewie's bed and sits in it, which of course freaks Chewie out. Chewie starts pawing at his bed like crazy trying to get it back and Jack just laughs and rolls around on it. They are pretty hilarious to watch together.

Me and my sweet Jackie Bean!

And one last CHEESE! :)
Congratulations if you made it through this novel of an entry!  You must really love our Jack-Jack too! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time Out for Women

I know I don't write very much about myself on this blog, but I had a great, fun experience this weekend that I wanted to write about.  A bunch of ladies from my ward and I all went up to Billings this weekend to attend Time Out for Women.  I have some of the most amazing women in my ward, and they are such fun, wonderful friends.  We drove up Friday afternoon, did some shopping, and ate at the Olive Garden for dinner.  We then went to a hotel and stayed up until 1 chatting.  The next day we went to the conference.  There were some amazing speakers and Hilary Weeks sung some beautiful songs and gave some great messages as well.  Here are some things I took away from the speakers:  1)Time is valuable!  We need to fill our time with not just the good things but the better things of life.  As my family grows and gets involved in more and more, we need to be careful to not over-schedule.  2)  Everything that has happened on the earth, even the discovery of the Americas, have all been inspired by the Holy Ghost and happened according to God's plan.  Even though a lot of the world is becoming dark, evil, or troubled, we can individually stand strong and be a light in the darkness.  Don't become disheartened or give up.  Just live my life the best I can.  3)  Heavenly Father loves me so much!  4)  No matter what trials we encounter, with Christ we can get through them.  Also, it doesn't hurt to find joy along the journey, no matter how difficult it is.  The last speaker was a woman who has lost her sight.  She was so funny and inspirational!  It was a great weekend.  I was uplifted by the messages of the conferences, strengthened and appeciative of the stories of my friends, and felt complete gratitude for the amazing friends and women in my life right now. Oh and don't worry - Dustin was of course Super Dad again while I was gone, and he and Jack had a great time without me going to Yard Sales, lots of stores, and to a Scout Spaghetti Dinner and Auction.  (Dustin bought a babysitter so we can have a date night soon).  Here are a few pics from the weekend:  
Eating dinner at the OG.  Mmmmm.....Me, Amy, Meagan, Chelsy, Alicia, Erica, Julie, and Missy

The gals in our Hilton hotel room - Chelsey, Missy, Julie, Amy, me, Missy, and Alicia.  By the way, some of us learned the hard way that the Hilton does NOT have a complimentary continental breakfast!  

Me and Amy - She is the one that got us the hotel rooms.  She is seriously one of the funniest people I have ever met!

A bunch of us at the conference - Chelsy, Amy, Missy, Julie, Missy, me, Marissa, and Darcy

This is Meagan the amazing lady that watches Jack for me. She is so fun and wonderful!

The wonderful girls I got to ride with. We had some great chats and they were so nice to deal with me and my crazy car sickness I was having! Missy B., Chelsy, me, and Missy M.

The other car full of amazing women! Julie, Amy, Alicia, and Meagan

Me and Missy B on the drive home.