Monday, July 27, 2009 last thing!

On the way back home from Kansas, we decided not to drive all the way (like we did on the way out!)  So our friends, the Lukes, who now live in Greeley, Colorado let us stay with them. We had fun playing, doing ring around the rosie, and visiting.  Jack liked following Hannah around and wrestling.  We had fun visiting and laughing through episodes of Wipeout with Cami and Brent! Thanks friends for letting us stay the night!  

Here is Jacob, Hannah, and Jack!
Ring around the Rosie!

Fun times with the Lukes!  

One more of the cute little friends:  Jacob, Hannah, and Jack!

On the road again.....And here is our amazing traveler sticking his toes in Chewie's cage while eating a snack!  What a guy! :)

The last and final random pictures from Kansas!

We had so much fun in Kansas!  I know I have been a blogging maniac lately, but I really wanted to document all of our good times and friends and family from out there.  Here is the last Kansas installment of pictures!

Jack and Daddy on the front porch!

Jack with Rachel and the fun toy balls she gave him!

Jack and Gillian with Rachel.  She totally spoiled them both!  You can really tell she loves them!

Cute Jackie Bean showing off the outfit that Rachel got him!

Jack with Great Grandma!

Jack with Great Grandpa!

Jack stomping on pop rocks!

Dustin, Melissa, Shawn, Jack, Gillian, and me.  (We had to bribe the kids with Cheetos in these pictures to get them to be happy!)

Jack and Gilliand with Shawn and Melissa.  

Yes we all look goofy in this picture, and sadly it was the best one we got.

Jack sneaking some cheetos.  I love the look on his face, checking to see if he is in the clear! :)

Jack trying to stomp on the laser. One of the funniest moments of the trip is when we pointed a laser at Jack's stomach and he got the scared most panicked look ever on his face. It was hilarious!  It was fun watching him chase the laser pointer, hit it, stomp on it, etc.! And Lynn and Patty just thought that was fun with a cat! :)

Jack and Daddy standing outside of Enslinger Lumber!  Future employees??

Watching the rodeo!

Jack riding the ride at the rodeo.

Jack before saying goodbye to Great Grandma and Grandpa!

Jack with Grandma and Grandpa!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kansas Adventures Part 3: First Happy Meal and the traumatic museum! :)

Dustin went golfing one day with his dad and Dean, so Patty and I decided to head to Hays to go to the Sternberg museum and do a little shopping.  Before we headed to the museum, Patty took us to eat at McDonalds.  She decided to give Jack his first experience with a Happy Meal.  Patty and I were quite shocked as this is how the meal progressed:
Chomp, chomp, chomp......(The cheeseburger was almost gone by the time Patty and I started eating!  No more of this break up Jack's food for him business!)

"Hey Grandma, Can I have a bite of your Big Mac?"
"More fries, please!"
"Mmmmm.....these apple dippers are good!"
The result:  This is the full, content face of a little boy who just ate almost an entire cheeseburger, some fries, some apple dippers, 3 chicken nuggets, a couple bites of a Big Mac, and some milk.  What a kid, what a meal, what an entertaining experience for Patty and me! 

Then we were off to the museum.  It was a really neat museum with lots of stuffed animals, fossils, a fun science education center with little animals like snakes, frogs, and lizards to look at, and the most amazing dinosaur area!  It has lifesize dinos in their natural habitat, and lots of dino noises.  It also has this....
Very cool looking, but then it starts moving and roaring at you.....and the result is a little boy who screams, cries, and backs himself against some rocks in pure horror and a mom who jumps, just about pees her pants, and gets shocked close to tears!  

Jack screaming and crying.....

Backing away in horror into the rock wall....

Still screaming in terror....In fact, when I wanted to keep going back to check out the cool moving, roaring dinosaur, Jack cried even harder.  I think he thought the T-Rex was going to eat his mommy!  (I think Grandma got a kick out of watching Jack and I get scared!  She laughed pretty hard!)
Grandma and Jack checking things out in the dinosaur area....
And later, we had a happy boy to be away from the scary dino....(However, you could still hear the sounds of the dinosaurs around the museum, and Jack looked a little nervous each time he heard them!)
Grandma, Jack, and Heather

Jack getting ready to go on an African Safari!

Another one of the cool dinosaurs!
Grandma petting the dinosaur!  

Jack not sure of the of the stuffed animals.  (Maybe he thought they were going to move or growl at him!)

Grandma teaching Jack about the Fish Within a Fish!

 Jack and me by a dinosaur that actually moved and looked like it was eating a plant!  And notice the cool terodactyls behind us too!

Jack with Grandma by the huge Wooly Mammoth!  He also enjoyed a stuffed tiger in this entry way and kept roaring at it!
Thanks Grandma for a good meal at McDonalds, a neat trip to the museum, and a productive day of shopping! :) 

Kansas Adventures Part 2: The Zoo

The first day after we got to Kansas, Patty decided to take us, Shawn, Melissa, and Gillian to the zoo in Great Bend.  We got to see a bird show, feed ducks, swans, turtles, and fish, and saw lots of cool animals like lions, tigers, bears, (oh my!), alligators, leopards, fish, monkeys, buffalo, etc.  It was a fun little outing!  Here are some pics:

Jack and Daddy checking things out!  

Jack and Mommy by the tiger.  (Notice the sweet white tiger in the back!)

The spider monkey who apparently resembles what Dustin looked like when he was a baby! :)

Jack and Daddy by Nemo's fish tank!  

Gillian and Shawn and Jack and Dustin: Cute daddies!

Jack and Daddy checking out the bear that was walking back and forth right in front of us!

Jack eating snacks in his stroller and sitting so nicely! :)

Jack and Mommy petting the goat.

Gillian and Jack with the pony.

Gillian and Jack in their strollers!

Dustin, Jack, and me at the zoo.

Melissa, Shawn, and Gillian at the zoo.