Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zander LaGrande!!

Introducing Zander LaGrande Enslinger!!
I am a little slow at posting, but we have been enjoying our new little boy for a week and a half now! Our little man showed up much earlier than anticipated. I went to the doctor on last Monday, and my blood pressure was pretty high (again). It made my doctor worried so she made an appointment for me to come back Wednesday to see if I could have a lower blood pressure and to check the amniotic fluid levels. We went back Wednesday and my blood pressure was even higher and the amniotic fluid levels were pretty low. With all of this iffy medical stuff, and my doctor heading out of country on Sunday for a week, she decided it would be best to deliver him. She checked with the OR and the available time was the next day, Thursday, at 2:30. He was supposed to come May 18th!! So here I am the night we found out, stressed and excited and nervous all at the same time!

Needless to say, ready or not, Zander was born at 2:56 pm on Thursday May 6th! He weighed 7 lbs 9 ounces and was 20.5 inches long! He is so tiny compared to Jack who was 10 lbs 10 ounces! and 21.5 inches long! It feels kind of weird to have a tiny baby! Doesn't he just look....more fragile? :)
Holly, my sister also had her baby on the same day! Here she is with her sweet little Raegan!

My mom was a little stressed to have us have babies at the same time. She came to decision. She came up here and stayed with us for 5 days and then headed down to New Mexico to spend a week with Holly and help with her now 5 kids! Mom will fly back here on Tuesday, stay for another day or two, and then head back to her own life! What a crazy couple of weeks for her!
Both of us were excited to have our babies on my Grandpa Belnap's birthday. We decided to give Zander Granpa's name for his middle name because of the special day he was born! :)

Here are just lots and lots of pictures of baby Zander, big brother Jack, and all of us the first week! :)

Here I am waiting to get hooked up to machines, IVs, and taken in for my surgery C-section!
Our little man arrives! I cried when I saw him! He just looked so cute!!
Here is Jack meeting his brother for the first time. He is probably saying in this picture, "I wanna hold him."
And so he got to hold him! I love the way Jack says "Baby Zander" in the sweetest, most tender voice ever!
Me and my second son! :)
Meeting Grandma Hansen (Thank heavens for Grandma and all the time she spent with Jack while I was in the hospital. And she even stayed longer at the hospital one night and gave me and amazing massage. Oh and she got me BEAUTIFUL flowers! She is the best!)
Me and my sons!
Our first family picture!
Jack checking baby Zander's heartbeat! :) So cute!
Big brother holding little brother! Once when Jack came to visit, Zander was in the nursery. We went to go get him and as we rolled him out, Jack started jumping up and down and saying, "YAY!" The nurse commented, "Oh my goodness. That is so cute! It is gonna make me cry!" It was pretty dang cute! :)
Jack, Grandma, and Zander!
My boys!
Our family of 4!!
Jack enjoying the "birthday cake" that Grandma and him made to celebrate Zander's birth! :)
My sweet boys! I love this picture!
This is me and Z hanging out at about 2:30 in the morning...
Isn't he the sweetest?
A proud daddy!
Zander's going home outfit!
Excited to take home his boy!
Me and Zander were excited to head home!
Except Zander did not like his first experience in his car seat!
He quieted down and enjoyed a peaceful drive home!
I got to come home on Mother's Day! What an amazing gift I got to bring home that day! We are enjoying our littlel bundle of joy! He has been a really good baby so far!
Jack has been sweet and naughty! In this picture he is sharing his little Tigger with Zander and he has his big Tigger. Then there have been times like when he bit Zander's toe...
And one more parting shot of Zander posing! :)

As Jack loves to say from the song, "We are a happy family!"