Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds!

Jack got to play soccer again this Fall! I don't know if it was because he was 6 months older, or because I wasn't his coach, or because this time it was outside, but he was WAY more into it this time around compared to last time.
Here is my cute little soccer player!    
His team was called the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds (creative coach) and it was a great experience.  Here is a picture of Jack with his coach and most of his team!  
 Jack still didn't really like the games very much.  Too many people and only one ball!  But he  REALLY loved the practices.  He had so much fun with the drills, and really loves to kick and dribble the ball.  He did really well at all the practices.
 Please notice how his little tongue is out in like every picture! The kid can't do anything without his tongue out! :)
 Enjoying some drills at practice!
 Another fun practice! His coach was really great and did some really fun things with the kids!
 One of his games!  Even though he never scored a goal, Jack was actually really good at  defense.  He would run back and protect the goal, or even get in there a lot and steal it from people as you can see in these pictures!
 One of his last games, Jack got to play one of his best buddies, Phoenix.
They had lots of fun playing against each other and even more fun goofing off for pictures afterwards!   

Jack had so much fun playing soccer this time and still loves to kick the ball around the house, in the backyard, or back and forth with me or Dustin! I think he may have a successful future with soccer! He really is a great kicker and loves to play!  

Summer Wrap Up

Yes it is December 14th and I am just now doing a summer wrap up and then moving on to all of our Fall Fun. I have not been in the blogging mood apparently for months now.  I need to get in gear so we can document all of the fun we are having in our lives right now!  So here is our summer wrap up!   We really did have a fun filled summer just at home in Laramie, besides all of our fun trips.  

We took several trips to the splash park and wading pool here in town.
Love Jack all ready to go here!
Enjoyed some summer rain storms!  
Worked out! :)  
Snuggled with Daddy any chance we could get! (BTW, Jack's shirt says, Mom:  Like Dad, Only Smarter.)
Z made lots of messes!   
 Played at our house!
Went to a Carnival here in town!  I love Jack's face in this first picture!  
 Went to many parks, many times!
 Jack calls this one the Spiderman park because it has this thing to climb on that looks like a giant web!  

I really am so grateful that we live so close to so many parks.  We just hop on the bike or in the car and there are many parks to choose from!  

Jack and Dustin went on a Father/Son outing to "Cars 2."
 Painted toenails! :)  
 Here are my boys looking so handsome after church one Sunday!
 And one more final set of pictures that make me smile! My goofy, cute boys! :)