Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Boys!

The day after Jack's birthday, both boys had their Well Check-ups at the doctor. Jack had his 3 year check up. He is doing awesome, super healthy, "muscular," (as the doc said) and smart. He was a great patient. Here are his stats:
*38 inches (3'2" tall!) which is around 70th percentile
*weighst 31.5 pounds, which is 50th percentile
Here is a little about Jack right now - He pretty much never stops talking. He likes to paint, color, draw, and play with stickers. He is still our big blue eyed, handsome boy!

He LOVES to play with cars, trucks, dinosaurs, tools, stuffed animals, and Legos. He likes to sword fight, wrestle, and watch TV.
His toys are constantly all over the house, often where they don't belong or in random places. (I found a toy lion in one of the wipe containers the other day!) He has an amazing imagination! Just listening to him play makes us laugh and smile!
He wants to do whatever I am doing a lot of the time and likes to follow me around the house. Here he is trying on one of my sweaters.
He is ever so helpful with his brother. He likes to get into bed with him, help him roll over, give him only certain toys, feed him, and push him in his Johnny Jumper.
He loves to visit Daddy at work and "help" wrap and tape people up. He even wraps himself up!
Our big boy went to the dentist for the first time and was a perfect patient. His teeth were healthy, and he had no cavities. Phew!
And wahoo! Our big boy is potty trained! Thankfully can say he was potty trained before age 3, even if it was just a week! He has done so well. All it took was for me to stop being a lazy mommy and to buckle down and focus on it all day one day and be very attentive for a week! He really is doing amazing!

Zander man also had his 6 month appointment. He had to get some shots and wasn't too happy about it. He let me know too for a few days after. Here are his stats:
*He is 28 inches long which is the 90th percentile.
*He weighed in at 14'1" which was barely 5th percentile. Surprise, surprise. He is tall and skinny, kinda like his parents were as babies!
Here is a little bit about Z - He loves to be in his Johnny Jumper, though he hasn't quite got the jumping down yet. He absolutely loves his walker and cruises around the downstairs. He also likes being in his exercauser.

He has to sleep on his tummy or his side. He pretty much refuses to sleep any other way. And boy is he a crappy sleeper. He still gets up at least twice a night!
He sure loves his Daddy! And Chewie.
His brother likes to help him do things. Like wear cowboy hats for example. (Love this pic of him!)
He doesn't really like foods yet, but he at least is taking a bottle.
He is kinda a mama's boy. Especially in the middle of the night.
He is so curious. He wants to grab anything and everything he can get his hands on. He smiles a ton, has a cute belly laugh, and is getting more and more vocal.
Both boys LOVE bath time, so I thought I would end with some bath time fun pictures!
Zander now likes to lay on his tummy in the bath and "swim."
This kid always wants to stay in the bath for at least an hour, playing pretend with his toys.
Smiley boy!
I sure love my boys and they are growing so fast! Both are tall and skinny, but personality wise, they are so different. It is obvisous that they love each other a bunch! I sure do love spending my days with them!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack!

On November 10th our Jackie Bean celebrated his 3rd birthday! (Dustin and I can't believe we have a 3 year old! Where did the time go!?) Jack got more of like a birthday week this year. On his birthday, we went and picked up Dustin and took him to Burger King for lunch so he could play on the play place. Here he is in Dustin's office showing off his "birthday crown."
He got to open one present during the day (which he ended up doing on his own while I was upstairs getting ready!) Here he is showing his new toy to Daddy!
Well, weather Monday was awesome, then Tuesday it snowed, and it snowed again on Jack's birthday. So that afternoon, I let him open one more present before we headed out to play - A Spiderman hat and gloves!
He had lots of fun playing in the snow!
That night when Dustin got home from work, we took Jack to Applebee's for dinner. Here is Jack and me trying to enjoy our food. (Z was kinda a stinker all night!)
Jack with his chicken fingers!
And the reason we went - Jack getting sung to by the waiters! He loved his birthday dessert!
Even though it was late when we got home, we opened some more presents! Jack was SO excited!
A new Spiderman umbrella!
Chutes and Ladders (and a super cool outfit) from Aunt Lisa!
Very excited over a Burger Builder Play-doh set from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen. They also gave him some cute pjs!
The next day Jack had fun playing with his new stuff! Here he is showing off his hamburger!
Saturday morning was Jack's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday: Part 1. Here is Jack coloring Mickey Mouse pictures with his friend, Phoenix.
Playing pin the bow on Minnie. (If you notice, Jack was pretty darn accurate. I wonder if he was cheating...)
Playing Musical Dots.
The kids then watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, "Happy Birthday, Toodles" and then played LIMBO!
Here are the kiddos: Phoenix, Jack, Dwayne, and Brynn enjoying their lunch. On the menu: hot dogs, apples with carmel dip, carrots with ranch dip, chocolate milk, and Sprite with Kool-Aid ice cubes.
Here is the Mickey Mouse cake I made. Thankfully, a friend here had a Mickey Mouse pan. I just had to bake it and decorate it. I think it turned out alright, and it was delicious!
Jack with his cake!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Blowing out the candles!
Opening the present from Phoenix! Monster Trucks - he loves them and Phoenix was very excited to give them!
Blowing his birthday horn! (And notice the dots! He loves playing with those silly foam dots I bought for the game!)
Modeling the Mickey ears we handed out at the party.
Then Sunday night we had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party: Part 2. Jack's two best buddies from across the street couldn't come on Saturday, so we had them and their families over Sunday night for another party. We played the same games, ate mostly the same food, and Jack was in heaven! Here he is with his best friends, Emerson, Eli, and Braeden. He was so excited about his presents from them too! A book about trucks with stickers, a very cute outfit, and a art set!

Overall, Jack had a wonderful birthday week. All this week he keeps saying he wants to have another birthday...Ha! Too much fun! As for me, I had fun planning a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, buying decorations and party favors, the music, coloring books, previewing episodes, etc. Thanks to everyone who made Jack's birthday special! Happy Birthday to our sweet Jack! We love you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three Days of Halloween

I love Halloween! Dustin really dislikes it. However, I think I am winning out with Jack! Jack really seemed to enjoy Halloween and everything that goes with it: the cookies, the treats, the decorations, the dressing up, the Halloween shows, etc! Anyway, we had fun doing lots of Halloween activities. Here is Jack making some sugar cookies. He would get a little crazy with the sprinkles, but we made some fun, yummy cookies!
Just to show some family how our little place was decorated....

Jack actually got to have two costumes this year. From the beginning he said he wanted to be a lion. There was NO changing his mind. Well, we couldn't find a lion costume, and to order them on ebay was too expensive...but finally we found one, or at least a vest and mane on So we ordered it a week before didn't come all week so I bought him the bee costume he found at Kmart that was 50% off. The lion did finally arrive Saturday afternoon, so he got to wear each costume to two different events!
Here is my cute dragon and bumble bee! I love Zander's face in this one!
Cute boys!
Our first activity was Friday night. We headed to the Union building on campus to do a Safe Treat! Jack went with is friend Phoenix. His mom also has a new baby, so we had fun trying to control our boys and maneuver our strollers in the madness! Here is Jack doing one of the activities!
Jack and Phoenix, the Monster Truck (His mom made his costume...amazing!)
Jack and Phoenix pumpkin bowling!
Trick or Treating with my boys at the Union.
This is Zander hanging out while Jack ran around like a maniac.
Jack at the Safe Treat with Frankestein.
Our next activity was Saturday morning. We met up with our fun neighbor friends for some Trick or Treating down town at the local businesses. Here is Jack with his buddies: Eli, Simeon, and Braedan.
Me and my boys downtown. (Did I mention Dustin was out of town at a basketball scrimmage in Sheridan, so I was alone to do all these activities.)
Bees! Jack with our cute neighbor, Emerson.
Jack with his self proclaimed "best friends" Eli and Braedan. We are so thankful we moved where we did and found instant buddies that live just across the street! I love their moms too! How lucky to find great friends! I love this pic of them!
Jack and Eli playing in a pile of leaves! (This is where my kid has to have fun in the Fall leaves....he can't play in our dirt yard!)
They were having lots of fun jumping and rolling in the leaves!
Jack and Zander in the leaves.
The lion costume was waiting on the doorstep when we got home from Trick or Treating downtown. Here is Jack trying it on!
That night we headed to our stake Trunk or Treat. Here is Jack and Zander with some friends, Dwayne and Brynn.
I decided to dress up for the Trunk or Treat....I love dressing up and hardly ever get the chance, but I may have been a little too scary for a church event... :)
The boys got to stay up extra late that night because we had to go pick up Dustin when he got back into town. We had fun frosting some cookies and leaving some on people's porches and running away! :)
Halloween morning we got up and made some Monster Pancakes! Here is me and Jack showing of the breakfast and our monster faces.
Jack and me in our fall colors after church!
Halloween night we got invited to our friends' house for some delicious chili, cornbread, and cupcakes and to do a little Trick or Treating. Here is Jack coming back from a house.
Dustin and Zander (once again sleeping in the stroller through the excitement)! (It was kinda cold, but thankfully, no snow!)
Me and Jack
Dustin and Jack

All in all it was a busy and fun Halloween weekend! And we have altogether TOO much candy around this joint now! Happy Halloween!