Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Sorry for lack of blogging, but get ready for an overload! SO,the weekend before we went on our BIG trip, Dustin had to go to a conference for his job up at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort by Butte, and he was able to take Jack and I with him. We said goodbye to Chewie and left him with some friends and their kids. (They fell in love with Chewie and practically cried when we picked him up!) It was a fun little weekend - We played in a park, went and saw some strange, random animals (one of which looks like Tina from Napoleon Dynamite and some girls next to us where saying, "Come get your food, Tina!"), we hung out in our room while Dustin went to his meetings, and went swimming. We got Jack a baby tube thing and he absolutely LOVED it! He was waving his arms and kicking his legs and having a grand old time! Here is some highlights, and I tried to put a video but it didn't work, so enjoy the pics for now!

So I am finally posting a little bit about our last trip to Utah before we leave again for our Family Reunion in Utah and our trip to Kansas. (Because I will have lots more to update when I get back.) Jack and I enjoyed our time but missed Daddy lots! We went to the wedding, hung out with Lisa and her new puppy Gordo. We helped her move into the new little house she is renting, we spent time with my mom and dad, went to dinner with my mom at the OG (delicious), did Weight Watchers while home and lost like 7 lbs, had our adventure at Willow Park Zoo that was already discussed, and then went to my Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's 60th wedding anniversary. This was really neat and fun. There was a video about them and their posterity with lots of fun pictures. They were so cute and happty! They really are amazing. It was a great trip. Here is a little slide show with some of the other high lights that I haven't blogged about yet!

Oh! And we decided Jack needed a puppy to grow up with as well! So meet the newest member of the Enslinger family: Chewie (Chewbocca) Enslinger, 4 lbs 3 ounces. He is a pomeranian-shitzu mix! Our little fur ball is super cute and pretty fun! Who would have thought Dustin and I would ever become dog owners! :) Yay!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to my best pal, Lisa!!

I am over a week slow writing this tribute to my sister, Lisa, but it still needs to be done! Lisa, AKA: Leathal, AKA Greasa, celebrated her 23rd birthday on June 15th! We are sort of the second family in the Hansen family. (Five and half years separate me and the next oldest sibilng!) Because of this, this duo has been pals since chubby Lisa Lou came into the world! (When we were little, we used to joke that it looked like she stole my food and ate it!)

Oh there have been good times and there have been bad, but through it all she is by far my best friend! A few of my fondest? memories include the time we thought I had broken Lisa's arm because I hit her so hard with a shoe, or when I blamed Lisa for my car battery being dead because SHE hadn't noticed there was a light on, or when I tattled on her to my mom (when we were teenagers) because she swore at me. (She DOES have quite the potty mouth :)!!) Or the time I slapped her across the face during a basketball game because she didn't box out, or when I had the name on her soccer sweatshirt changed because mine already said "Hansen" and she wasn't "worthy" to wear the name yet, or how I used to go in and bug her when she was asleep just so I could hear her talk all crazy and delirious like, or how I am now posting this AWESOME picture of her on my blog...

.....Wow! I am so lucky she is still my friend! :) Truly though we have had some amazing memories together! One of my favorite memories ever was the opportunity we had to play basketball together in high school. Since then it has been fun to play together in city leagues, pick up ball, and we both enjoyed seeing each other play in college! (She is an amazing basketball player. To the outside eye it may look like she doesn't even look before she flings the ball up, but that is her SWEET move and it ALWAYS swishes through the net! She is AWESOME even still, 2 years removed from her college days.)

And there is no one else I would rather call now just to chat with when I am bored, lonely, or have something exciting to share! I loved our late night chats growing up; I love that we can relate to each other on so many levels; I love how she can make me laugh and how she laughs SO loud! (She is so stinkin funny!) I love how she is so REAL, BLUNT, LOUD, and HONEST! She tells it like it is! I love how she sends me text messages when she has mullet sightings or sees knights holding court in the park, or just plain sends me the most random text messages ever that ALWAYS make me smile or laugh. Lisa really is amazing in so many ways and so beautiful. (Truth be told, I covet her hair, her eyes, her bball skills, her gutsiness, and her humor!) I love her so much! I just wanted to let her know that! Now nothing can better illustrate the good times Lisa and I have together than a little story from when I recently went to Utah:

We decided to take Jack and Lisa's new puppy Gordo to the Willow Park Zoo and yes she named her puppy Gordo because he is fat and she liked him the best out of the litter because he is a bully like her....That is Lisa for you! Anyway, we pretended not to see the "No Pets Allowed Sign" as we entered the gates. (And just for the record, other kids at the zoo were more interested in Gordo than the other animals. Maybe that is why cute pets aren't allowed....) Anyway, as we walked around we noticed a couple of turtles in some very dangerous, life threatening, and precarious what do Lisa and I want to do? Well of course save our hard little shelled friends on the other side of the chain link fence. So we found a stick and flipped over one turtle and boosted another one back to safety that was stuck between the fence and a rock, but then right after completing our heroics a park worker came by and said rather beastly, "Don't tell me you have a dog in here." He didn't buy our story of saying he was just a wee puppy and we didn't know and it was a hot day so we couldn't leave him in the toasty car...The krusty man told us to leave and come back another time without the dog. Rude! Lisa and I did get a kick out of our adventures at the park! Those are the kind of memories I create with Leathal! Here are some pictures from recent visits to Utah of Lisa, including our park adventures! Lisa, I love you tons! Happy late Birthday!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I definitely cannot let Father's Day pass without saying a few things about the amazing father's in my life! Dustin is an amazing father! I loved him before, but seeing him as a daddy has made my love grow for him even more! He has been so helpful to me and so involved since Jack has been born. He absolutely loves spending time with Jack! He is such a fun, sweet, loving, daddy! Jack is very lucky to have him for a father. I am so excited to watch their relationship continue to grow over the years. Dustin truly is so caring and fun with Jack. I love seeing Jack's eyes light up and a smile cross his face every time he sees his Daddy! It is so fun to see how much they love each other ( and how much they look alike!) Dustin, thank you for being such an amazing father to Jack! Our kids will always be lucky to have such an awesome, fun, and loving Father! Happy Father's Day!

Jack is excited to wear his shirt that says, "Daddy is my hero" for his daddy for Father's Day!

Here is a slide show for Dustin in honor of his first Father's Day!

My father is an amazing man! He is such an example of hard work. He has always taken his role of provider very seriously and has done a wonderful job! He and my mom were always my biggest support and my biggest fans through sports and school. The most amazing memories with my father came when I saw tears in his eyes at moments in my life when he told me he was so proud of me and dancing with him at my wedding, crying in each other's arms. My dad can always make me laugh, even if it is at his expense sometimes! We know that his family truly means everything to him! He is sensitive, loving, caring, supportive, and fun! Jack loves him and his face lights up when he sees him! He loves to snuggle with his grandkids, and Jack loves to snuggle in his chair right back! Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you tons! Thanks for all you have done and do for me still! You are such an amazing Dad!

My father-in-law, Lynn, is such a self-less, loving, hard working, funny, easy-going guy! He has made me feel comfortable and welcome in the Enslinger family from my very first visit. He is fun to joke around with, but also has a very sweet, sensitive side! He truly shows such great love for his family! He is amazingly talented with wood - he has made our dressers and headboards in our room, Jack's dresser/changing table and crib, and also a beautiful, black decorative table for our home. He is amazing and I feel very lucky to have his beautiful work in our home. He is always so willing to help us in any way he can! Jack loves having such a fun Grandpa! He has not seen Jack since Christmas and it has been hard for him and us! We can't wait to see him in a few weeks! We love you, Lynn! Thanks for everything and Happy Father's Day!

Dustin and I also have 3 amazing grandfathers as well. They truly are amazing, exemplary men! We love them dearly!

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful fathers in our lives!!

3 Year Anniversary!

On Wednesday, June 11th Dustin and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! I can't believe it has already been that long! It has flown by, and it has been absolutely wonderful! There is no one else in the world I would rather spend my time with and no one else I want to take each new step of life with! He is the most amazing man, husband, and father (more on that later!) I am so lucky to be married to Dustin! He treats me so well, and we have so much fun together! I love our relationship, our life together, and the little family we have become! Plus he gave me the most amazing gift of Jack this year! :)

For our anniversary we (along with Jack) went and had dinner at a fancy little restaurant downtown. (Thanks to a nice gift card given to us by the doctors Dustin works with.) The food was delicious. I even attempted cracking open crab for the first time by myself. Dustin got a kick out of my rookie mistakes at that. I could just picture me flinging the crab leg across the restaurant and beaning some old lady in the head, just like a scene out of a movie! :) Jack was the only baby in the place but he was so good and smiled at everyone around. He especially made one lady's night and she was sad when her "boyfriend" (as she called Jack) was leaving! It was a fun little night! I enjoyed spending the evening with my two boys! They are my everything and I love them both beyond words! Thanks Dustin for 3 wonderful years and I am looking forward to many more years and forever with you! Here we are on our anniversary:

Baby Gillian Elaine

I am super behind in updating my blog. We have had a lot going on since I last updated, but before I actually get totally updated there are 4 events that I need to acknowledge and talk about! The first one is that on June 10th, exactly 7 months since Jack was born, Dustin's only sister Melissa gave birth to a baby girl named Gillian Elaine! She only weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces (4 pounds and 4 ounces less than Jack weighed!) She is a cutie, so small, and we cannot wait to meet her in person in a few weeks when we head out to Kansas. I cannot wait to actually hold this tiny little baby since my guy was 2 month size when he came out! :) Anyway, we are way excited for Jack to have a new cousin and excited to have a new baby in the family! Congratulations Melissa and Shawn! Here is baby Gillian: