Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bloody Thursday

Today I had probably one of my scariest moments in mommyhood yet. Me and the boys had just gotten home from getting the car's oil changed. Jack was playing with his "scary teeth" and decided he needed his "scary mask" too. So he went up to his bedroom to find it. I was feeding Zander downstairs and next thing I know I hear Jack crying (and not even that hard...) so I brought Zander upstairs and put him in his bed then went into Jack's room to see what was wrong. This is the shocking sight that met my eyes:
I, of course, freaked out a little. He told me that he was trying to pull his mask out of the bottom toy drawer and it was stuck. As he pulled, it made the Jack in the Box fall off the top and a corner of it must have hit Jack's head just right. I frantically called Dustin and told him to come home. Jack's head wasn't bleeding anymore, but I couldn't even tell where the blood had come from. I got a towel and washed his face off. My sweet boy was apologizing to me for him having made the toy fall on his head, and I was crying so he kept asking me if I was alright. His sweetness, and the ridiculousness of him thinking he needed to apologize in that moment, made me cry even more as I was wiping oodles of blood from his face! When everything was cleaned off it was just his little cut that made all that blood:
And Jack was feeling fine and excited that Daddy was now home early for lunch! However, the tiny little gash looked pretty deep so we headed up to Dustin's work to let him put a little glue on it to hold it together and let it heal. Here is the tough little guy with his head glued back together.
We then took him for a Happy Meal at McDonald's. The rest of today, I don't think he even has given his head wound another thought. I have been a little shook up all day with the image of my bloody baby in my head. It was a scary incident, but all is well!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The faces of Zander! :)

I can't get enough of the smiles of this little guy! He was my first subject with the new camera, and I thought some of these turned out great! So, here are many fun faces of Zander!

Seriously, isn't he the cutest? I just wish sometimes that he wasn't wide awake, laughing and talking to himself, in the middle of the night and ALL morning! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A new camera!

We got a new camera, and I have been having lots of fun taking pictures!
Here is Jack showing me his rings!
Once again he was supposed to be taking a nap! But thinks it is okay to get out of bed to show us cool things!
Zander Man!
Sunday we took the kids, and the new camera, for an outing at the park. Here are some shots from our time there!
Here is Jack playing Tball. This kid seriously can hit! Way coordinated!
Playing with Daddy!
Zander! Our camera is has red eye detection/reducer, smile detector, and all kinds of fun features!
Me and my boys!
Zander and me were snuggling while Daddy and Jack played Tball.
My snuggle bug!
Ready to smack it!
My sweetie and me!
Oh yeah! Double stroller! This is how we work it these days! :)
Jack sleeping in my bed. This is what happens when I go to work out, and Dustin is in charge in the morning.....I am out a bed to fall back into! :)
My boys watching cartoons in my bed!
I just think this pic of Z is funny! :)
Where's Zander? (Thanks to big bro, Jack!)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Over Labor Day weekend we took the 8 hour 45 minute journey out to Kansas for a visit to Dustin's sisters house. We had fun riding lawn mowers, 4 wheelers, and horses, attending a family reunion, and just spending time with family. I managed to get a few pictures before the camera completely died. We are waiting for some fun pictures from Dustin's mom to completely document our fun!
Here is Jack and Gillian helping Shawn pick up sticks around the yard
Good workers!
Playing in Gillian's sandbox
Uncle Shawn letting Jack drive the mower.
Jack was kind of a crazy driver.
Coloring with chalk on the driveway.
Playing T-ball!
Gillian's first try with T-ball!
Playing in Gillian's bouncer!
And the camera starts to go, but I had to document this picture. This was seconds before Jack pushed the gas and rammed the 4 wheeler into a big metal tool box and almost the deck! It was scary and Dustin felt awful. But really all was okay!
This is the result (a few days later). Jack got an awesome black eye!
One more crappy photo catching a tender moment though - Grandma snuggling with Zander! She held him the whole time we went on a horseback ride.

It was a fun visit! Hopefully we will have more pictures to share from the time out there soon!

*Pictures below added 11/8/2010. They are from G & G Enslinger's camera.
Jack and Dustin on the 4-wheeler before the incident...
Uncle Shawn playing in the sandbox with Jack and Gillian
Gillian loving on Zander!
This picture is awesome! It totally looks like it could be on a calendar. This is Jack telling Gillian that she needs to go potty on the potty cuz her dad said..etc. Classic faces, poses, and it could have been Dustin and his sister Melissa 25 years ago! :)
Jack and me riding the horse
Horse riding!
A bunch of the kids at the reunion sporting K-State football T-shirts!
Jack wearing Gillian's coconut bra and grass skirt.
Jack and Grandpa sleeping! Such a funny pic!
The grandkids!
This is what you get when you try to pose them when they are tired and right before you get on the road..... :)