Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zander's 3rd Birthday

Our Zander Man turned 3 on May 6th!!  I can't believe he is already 3! My how time flies!  
We started the day by having a bunch of balloons taped to his door to fall on him when he opened his door in the morning!  He loved it!  
We had balloons and a sign up for him and of course, he just had to open a couple of presents before breakfast!  
 Pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast!

We went to the park and had picnic lunch with Daddy. Here is z having fun with Daddy!
 I thought this pictures was pretty cool! :)

That night we had to go to a T-ball practice for Jack.  After we took Z to Burger King for his birthday dinner of choice!  Then we went and got him some ice cream at Sonic. As you can see he was very excited about it! :)

Then he got to open his birthday packages from Grandmas and Grandpas!  He got lots of Angry Birds stuff - new pajamas, a bean bag toss game, and a shirt!  He loved it all!
 On Saturday, we did an Angry Birds birthday party for him!
Here are the kids playing Bird, Bird, PIG!  
  Here are the kids playing Musical Pigs and then we filled green pig balloons with candy and the kids threw darts at them!

The food!

The eating!

The cake and blowing out his candles!  
Opening presents!  His favorite gift by far is a Chewbocca angry bird stuffed animal!  He has been sleeping with it every night since he got it!  It was even left at Old Navy in Logan last visit and Grandma saved the day and went and got it and mailed it back to us! :) 
Happy Birthday, Zander Man! Hope you enjoyed your birthday! :)   


chelseyandmatt said...

How fun!!! I haven't seen him since he was like 1 right, maybe a baby? How did he get to be 3?? How fun!! I miss you Heather, sounds like life is going well for you!

NAT said...

Happy belated birthday, Zander! Your boys are so darling. It was so much fun seeing you guys at Lava. Hope the last few weeks of craziness are over and you're able to take a break! :)